Roving Hackers ‘LulzSec’ Take Down Minecraft, EVE Online

Roving Hackers ‘LulzSec’ Take Down Minecraft, EVE Online

According to their Twitter updates, LulzSec has launched DDoS attacks – either on purpose or as a side effect of a mass hack attempt – that has taken down EVE Online, Escapist magazine and Minecraft, proving conclusively that they hate everyone equally.


  • I wonder if hacking is as glorious as the hackers movie made it out to be? I hope so… I hope so weedy lookin dude is nailing an Angeline Jolie type over this!

  • Now I don;t mind anonymouse… Iview the DDOS as the internet equivilent of a picket line, so they are just protesting things they think are wrong, I can understand that, but LulzSec just seem to be about breaking stuff

  • Dear Hackers,

    Please f*** off and die. Slowly and painfully. Preferably in some part of the world where pain relief is unavailable. Thankyou.


  • Oh yeah, they’re the Robin Hood of the net taking down evil… indie developpers? Really, Minecraft? *sigh* These guys are pathetic…

  • Well that explains why I couldn’t check out The Escapist this morning… these guys won’t be making any friends if they keep targeting popular geek sites for no apparent reason other than the lulz.

  • Lulsec will never realize their actions thinking they’re this amazing group of hackers. In reality they’re a bunch of idiots.

    We’re not impressed, go away!

  • Probably a bunch of Chinese guys who were unhappy with all the players from the main Eve Online server figuring out how to create accounts and play on the Chinese server and kick their asses…

  • Why are they even bothering, they don’t even seem to have a purpose. All they’re succeeding in doing is pissing people off. Taking down Minecraft is just bloody low, last I checked, Notch didn’t go around shoving his boot in gamers’ arses.

    Could we have a mass internet uprising against these fools?

    • Presumably people know who they are. They must have friends and family. Well… family, at least 😛

      The point is, SOMEBODY knows who they are at least individually. Perhaps we should have a day (say next Friday?) when everybody who knows a member of lulzsec, anonymous, etc will punch that person in the face and/or kick them in the balls.

      • I find it very amusing that they think they are smarter and better than everyone else. It’s beyond sad that they think the Interwebz is so damn important. The harsh reality is that it’s just a tool and there is a real world out there where they most likely have no friends, no prospects, no future and are destined for a sad, insignificant existence.

        It’s all a misguided attempt at trying to find some meaning in their sad lives. Ultimately, they’ll end up in gitmo being waterboarded and stacked into naked human pyramids.

  • Ah yes, “lulzsec”. The group of pro hackers allegedly helping people test their security. We have dismissed that claim

  • Anyone else worried that those morons in government will see this happening and declare the internet unsafe and ban us all?

  • These guys are making me think fondly back to that one time when some black hat was murdered for completely unrelated reasons (might have been a botched home invasion, but I’m not sure where to find the original news article).

    It’s rare that I wish specific ill upon people, but it would be nice to read of a similarly random karmic counterweight occurring – like reading “37 members of LulzSec hospitalised in bear attacks, rethink their strategy of hunting down bears to kick repeatedly in the testicles”

  • I suspect most of their members will soon be receiving DDoS attacks on their arses in prison.

    • DDoS = bunch of retards thinking they are “hacking”

      Large BotNet + DDoS = actual hacking.

      (by Large BotNet i mean 500,000+ networked computers launching the DDoS from and too a single host address)

  • Seriously. What are these failures trying to achieve?
    They certainly don’t get any recognition from me, that’s for sure.

  • Seriously!Seriously! These people are internet terrorists of some sort,need lots of jail time, to realize it is not cool messin up peoples fun online!

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