Ruin Is An Impactful RGP

Ruin is built on the notion that other players are your rivals: you can help or hinder them.

Heading to the PS Vita, Ruin is a real time game and compatible with the PS3. It appears to be an interesting take on the well worn role-playing game genre.


    The best part about this E3 presentation is the fat black guy who's obviously struggling to breathe while standing absolutely still. Dude's a beached whale.

      *Wipes spit from computer screen*

    RGP = Red Green Purple

    Just doing my bit to make sure you're all in the know ;P

    I was thinking more 'Role Gaming Play'

    Bizzaro World Broadway show?

      That's IT!

      It's a stage play in Bizzaro World called "Console Side" which is about two gangs: the Hardcores and the Casuals; intertwined with love, dance and drama. (mostly drama)

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