Rumor Has Microsoft Announcing TV Service At E3

Rumor Has Microsoft Announcing TV Service At E3

I love the weekends before E3. I’ve worked four. You get everything in the tips jar—yesterday we got one that said Half-Life 2: Episode 3 would be a Wii 2 launch title. It was too earnest to be a troll.

Anyway, this one is in heavy circulation and Microsoft has issued a no comment, so let’s go ahead and discuss: Microsoft will reveal an Xbox Live subscription TV service at E3 on Monday, or so the rumour goes.

WinRumors got the ball rolling on this one yesterday afternoon, citing unidentified sources familiar with the plans. But Xbox Live “Diamond,” an IPTV service, has been chewed over by insiders for a few months. GameSpot notes that Reuters reported, six months ago, that Microsoft had designs of becoming a “virtual cable operator,” through the Xbox 360. Of course, this would all come as an additional monthly fee atop Xbox Live Gold’s $US59.99 annual subscription.

WinRumors said Microsoft is still in the process of nailing down agreements, so certain demonstrations and details may be held back from the Monday presser. I suppose that means the whole thing could be held back, too, who knows. Asked for comment, Microsoft told GameSpot the usual no-comment on rumours and speculation.

Xbox LIVE Diamond subscription TV service to debut at E3


  • Depends what content they have I suppose.

    I’m pretty sure they had been working towards this for some years now -I’m sure I read articles on it. Anyone else remember seeing anything?

    Maybe they could include it as part of Gold, even if that means a slight Gold price increase, and make online play free for everyone -like Sony. Oh, on second thought!….

  • since it will probably be US only, bit of a yawn factor for a lot of counteies

    of course, they may do the “other regions will be coming soon” thing, and then not deliver it (kinect voice for aus, I am looking at you)

    • “Cable TV” is only really big in the US, but then when you get offered something like 150 Channels there is a reason why it is popular there.

  • Does anyone else think that MS is moving away from the XBOX as a games console, and making it an ‘Entertainment console’, If all they announce is Kinect titles and IPTV content, then it’s going to be a boring E3 for MS……

  • People people people i bet you all $10 dollars if this tv service comes to light it sure as fuck won’t come here. We have the worst tv laws and thats why we can’t have access to stuff like hulu… people still wonder why people download tv shows…..

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