Scientists Close To Creating A New Memory Card... For Your BRAIN

To be perfectly honest, this story belong in Gizmodo more than Kotaku, but I can't help but think of the possibilities of brain augmentation in gaming. Scientists at USC have created a memory card that can replicates the brain functions created by memories. And they can turn them on and off with the flick of a switch, reports PR Newswire.

Scientists managed to find a way to specifically restrict the ways in which rats convert short term memory to long term memory.

"Flip the switch on, and the rats remember. Flip it off, and the rats forget," claimed Theodore Berger, one of the scientists involved in the experiment.

"The rats still showed that they knew 'when you press left first, then press right next time, and vice-versa,'" Berger said. "And they still knew in general to press levers for water, but they could only remember whether they had pressed left or right for 5-10 seconds."

Interestingly enough, the end step of this research is to create a memory prosthesis that helps stem the flow of Alzheimer's.

Shouldn't making Total Recall-style memory implants be the priority here?

USC: Restoring Memory, Repairing Damaged Brains [PR Newswire]


    Hell yes. Now I want to go and watch Total Recall again!

    Waaaaggghhhuuaaaagghhh! (Arnie yelling)

      Its already playing in the background on my TV!

      "Get your ass to Mars...Get your ass to Mars...Get your Ass to Mars..."

    "I wahnt to go to Maaahhhhhs"

    "You think this is the real Quaid?..... IT IS!"

    I get too excited by this......

    I thought the two thing to the side of his head were Move controllers. Derp.

    I look forward to being able to learn something by inserting a chip.

      Except then when you take out the first to learn a second new thing you forget. I can just imagine carrying a little container full of skill cartridges.

        I imagine you wouldn't have the skill set on the chip, but would have the instructions and documentation with which to learn the skill set, like a tutorial.

        I also think that an open port would be far to risky from health standpoint, so we'll probably have short range wifi happening - but this brings up major security concerns, considering it's already possible to robotically control a person with delicate enough spinal implants.

        I do think people need to step back for a moment, and think about what would actually happen here: Any AUGs that can feed or can be accessed from consiousness would overload the brain. Know when you get too much stimulus you go cookoo for a few moments? Yeah.

        This project hasn't given any knowledge that wasn't already present in the rat - the rat had this knowledge already learnt, then they disabled the hippocampus and the rat couldn't access it. They didn't make it unlearn the knowledge, and they didn't implant anything to make it learn aforementioned knowledge. In the second set of rats, they basically performed a swap, replacing the part of the brain that knew how to use the switches with an artificial version - the rat had already built up the access path to the knowledge itself though, which would not be present in a rat who had never done the learning.

        That path is kind of a key issue, given how everyone brain layout is different, that path will be different too - in order for this tech to work, you would have to give up something you already know, and that's just to get the first card. It's not an addon, it's a replacement, and until we can get around this, I wouldn't get excited.

          I think you'd be surprised at how elastic your brain is. There have been experiments done, including on humans, that show after a while playing CoD or something your brain isn't thinking about say moving your thumbs on a control stick. It thinks about pointing your on-screen gun at someone. With electrodes in the brain, researchers could switch off the controller, and have the person play just from measuring brain activity.

          I guess what I'm trying to say here is that our brains are exceptional at adapting to stuff.

          Google matthew nagle if you want more infos.

    E3 2020 - Sony announces Playstation Neuro

    E3 2022 - Sony appologizes to the families of Playstation Neuro users after the recent deep memory hack and pledges 38 billion to fund assisted living programs for the survivors.

      Oh wow, laughed out loud. +1 internets to you, good sir.

    I'd like to see them move a memory from one rat to another, that'd be hardcore.

    Being able to use technology to repair the brain is an incredible leap forward, absolutely amazing.

    Also, cyberpunk skill chips here we come!

    Interesting. But how long till we just get straight to micro chipping babies at birth. I see that as more usefull then extra memory.

    Shouldn't this be using a screenshot of Johnny Mnemonic?

    Bloody sick people hogging all the cool advancements. I want my memory chips!

    Melina Please! Someone is trying to kill me!

    "see you at the party Richter!!!"

    I don't even know anything about Mars!

    No more need to study yay. very matrix like.

    i like it.

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