Sega Exec Says Wii U Out (Northern) Spring/Summer 2012

Nintendo has only said its new Wii U console will be out in 2012. Former rival Sega, however, has been a little more specific.

In an interview with GameSpot last week during E3, Sega executive vice president of marketing Alan Pritchard said "the Wii U is coming out next (northern) spring/summer".

Blunt! It's not, however, confirmation of a release date, as he's a third-party representative speaking at a busy, hectic trade show.

But as a general idea from a guy who knows more about it than you do, it's one to file away for the future!

E3 2011: Sega's Pritchard talks Aliens: Colonial Marines, used sales [GameSpot, via VG247]

Top photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty


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