Shadowloo Showdown Will Feature The Best Street Fighters In Australia, Nay... The WORLD!

Shadowloo Showdown is Australia's premier Street Fighter tournament, and it's about to move into 2011 with Shadowloo Showdown 2k11. This year's event will feature not only the best players from Australia, but some of the best from the global scene. If you have any interest in competitive gaming, this will be well worth your while.

The Traveling Circus team will be there - TTC Tokido, TTC Gamerbee, alongside their new Australian team mate TTC Toxy and Mago.

But that's just some of the top players who are expected to turn up - head here for a more detailed list.

The event takes place over two days, beginning on June 25, ending on June 26 and will be held at the CQ Hotel in Melbourne. There will be casual tournaments in addition to the pro competitions, and if you aren't able to make it in person, you can watch a live stream here.

I won't be able to make it, but I'll definitely be taking the time to check out the live stream.

Good luck to all the competitors.


    Hopefully going to this.

    Cower in fear at my scrubby guile!!

    I wish I was both good enough to compete and in Melbourne.

    This thing is insane, the amount of top quality players from Japan is ridiculous. Last year they got Tokido, Mago and GamerBee (who is from Taiwan, but shush) to show up. This year, they have a list of big name players as long as any other major.

    Practically everyone but the EG and BLG guys seems to be coming.

    Toxy got into TTC? :U

    I was going to show up just to help the pot but $60 is a bit rich for my poor ass these days, and not being able to play is no fun. Here's hoping the Murderface continues his awesome trolling streak.

    Holy crap I only have to a week to get good at SSFIV!!

    Time for a motherfkn montage BOOM!

    Toxy is not part of TTC no more

    Toxy is no longer part of TTC.

    Daigo and Mago are now sponsored by Madcatz.

    I will be going :)

    Oh man I can't wait. I'll be there from start to finish scrubbing out. If you go, just look for the Dan Hibiki. XD

    You're a beast Mark, thanks for the plug for Shadowloo Showdown. Really hope plenty of the Australian step out and step up for what is no doubt going to be an insane event.

    Remember guys, a movie these days is like $16, add in drinks, popocorn, etc, and you've already paid an arm and a leg for 2 hours of entertainment. Now with SS, it's 2 full days of high level gaming, socializing, casuals, etc. So consider that when thinking about the price for the weekend.

    Thanks guys and thanks again Mark!

      I second this. Sup Exc355um!

        Thanks Harli and Hi! :D

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