Silent Hill Also Getting HD Collection; NGP Silent Hill Teased

At its pre-E3 event today, Konami revealed that Silent Hill 2 and 3 also would be getting the HD collection treatment, and a new entry in the series is being built for Sony's NGP handheld.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is the NGP title; a disclaimer shown with the game's logo noted that the concept was not yet approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

The Silent Hill Collection was not given a release date.


    HELL. YES.

    I thought that SURELY this series would get the HD "remaster" as well and here we are! Awesome.

    PLEASE release these on 360. Would love to play through those again!

    I'm all for a Silent Hill collection. Shame that, unless you got really lucky, Aussie PS3 owners don't have Silent Hill 1 on their systems. A full collection would be better, but I'll still buy it. Hoping we get the extended version of SH2 with the added story thing that was on the Xbox

    Seems like its too hard to remaster ps1 versions so we get these half complete hd collections

      its unfortunate that they're not doing it...
      a collection release like this doesnt feel complete when it starts with the second game of the series. :(

        I'd have loved to have seen an SH1 remaster too. I still remember being scared stiff by the demo disc that came with MGS1.

    Yahtzee from zero punctuation will be happy. He's always banging on about SH2

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