Skyward Sword Dropped Wii MotionPlus (Then Brought It Back Again)

According to an interview over at IGN, current Zelda Director Eiji Aonuma was unsure about implementing Wii MotionPlus into the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - to the point where it was dropped from the game for two months of development. It took a little motivation from Katsuya Eguchi, a developer working on Wii Sports Resort, to convince Aonuma it was a feature worth having.

"Mr. Eguchi came to me and said, 'Look at all these things you can do with Motion Plus, why wouldn't you use this in a Zelda game? It would be strange not to!'" Said Aonuma.

Being that I've never been entirely convinced with the benefits of Wii MotionPlus - Red Steel 2 is just about the only game I've enjoyed using the feature - I'm keen to see if Skyward Sword has the potential to sway my opinion. According to Aonuma, the extra time Skyward Sword has had in development has been used to refine the Wii MotionPlus features.

"This last year we've been testing those ideas, flushing them out, and integrating them into the game, bringing the whole package together," he claimed. "Tying all those elements together has been a big part of what we've done in the last year."

Zelda: Skyward Sword Dropped Wii MotionPlus [IGN]


    Hope it comes bundled with b/c I don't have motion plus!

      You can get wiimotes with it built in now and with the free shipping, ozgameshop are good value for them.

      I hope so too, because I don't want to pay $60 or so for a new wiimote on top of the game!

    Redsteel 2 happens to be the ONLY Motionplus enabled game I own. And it was great! I'm really looking forward to Skyward Sword =)

    I think its easy to say motion plus has got to be one of the worst hardware roll outs of all time. Got mine with motion sports that I played once and a spare for all those games coming out and.... zippo.

    "It took a little motivation from Katsuya Eguchi, a developer working on Wii Sports Resort, to convince Aonuma it was a feature worth having."

    Something like "Dude! Imagine how much extra profits we can make fobbing off this attachment to all the people who haven't bothered upgrading!" I guess?

    I liked Sports resort, for a while

      Was there any other games other than Sports Resort and Red Steel 2 that used motion plus???

        V. good question...

        Red Steel 2 was awesome though. I really loved it.

        Lists all the games and whether it was optional or required.

    The only motion plus game I enjoyed was Tiger Woods. That game was great. Red Steel 2 was ok, but I never understood why it took 15 minutes for the main character to open a door. Wii Sports Resort was fun until my controllers started going out of sync 5 seconds into every sword fight. Hopefully Zelda doesn't have that problem.

    I think the main reason the wii motion plus didn't sell was it was a hardcore gaming app on a casual console.
    The casual side of the wii wasl already leaving the more in-depth games in the dust by sheer force of numbers when the wii motion plus was released.
    I got it for Red Stell 2, which I loved, even if the final boss was weaksauce.
    The precision the wiimote became capable of was astonishing and it really amplified the enjoyment.
    However, the broad spectrum of wii customers weren't interested in a shooter, no matter how good it was. Monster Hunter suffered a similar fate.

    As long as I can sit on the couch and play Zelda without waggle, I'll be happy.

    Don't mean to start an argument - that's just how I prefer games. Waggle killed Mario Galaxy for me... which is a shame because otherwise it played really well! Personally, I'm hoping that any Motion Plus functionality still allows me to keep my hands relatively still (as opposed to pointing at the screen or waving my arms around).

    I loved Red Steel 2, but I also thought it was fantastic in Wii Sports Resort. I have only ever played Wii Sports when friends came around and demanded to play it, but WSR actually had me playing it on my own and sinking a whole lot of time into it. You could just feel the difference, particularly in the games that had Wii Sports counterparts.

    It's just shame that basically nothing has supported it since. Other than that Fling Smash game, which we're apparently not getting.

    I never got the motion plus adaptor and now you cant get them seperately. So I'll have to get a brand new controller to play Zelda...

    Everyone: Remember that the Wii U will still use the Wiimote Plus (in addition to the new controller,) so don't write it off yet.

      Agree. There are many years to enjoy Wiimote Plus controller + Wii U games :) !

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