Some Aussie Babe Sings A Song About Me, Duke Nukem

Wow. I've been in Australia for, what - four hours? And already there are Australian girls trying to serenade the Duke. Surely this is testament to my babe attraction powers. Hail to me, the King, Duke Nukem.

Congratulations Elizabeth Danger. You just got the Duke's attention. The only question is - what are you gonna do with it?


    Isn't Elizabeth Danger the perfect accompaniment to Duke Nukem?

    Holy hell. Is anyone else sick of all this Duke Nukem crap yet? IT'S OUT. IT'S AVERAGE, AT BEST.
    Let's move on, please?

    I hope Kotaku is at least getting paid a decent amount to flood us with this shameless plugging.

      You were born in the 90's - right?

        I'm 30 years of age, and grew up with the likes of Doom, Duke 3D, Rise of the Triad, etc. Duke Nukem 3D was great - it was highly playable, and highly relevant at the time - it was also one of the first serious contenders to Doom as well.

        While I was dubious from the get go as to whether DNF was justified or was going to be any good, I more than understand why it had to be done.

        I'm not suffering a lack of humour here, just sorely sick of all this DNF crap. Especially with it being plastered all over one of my favorite websites.

          It's just a bit of fun man, nothing to get too upset about. Pretty sure Kotaku will be back to normal tomorrow. Chill.

      Those without a sense of humor are encouraged to wait outside ;)

      I believe the answer to your question is no.


      Hail to the king!

      No one is making you click on the links...

        You haven't noticed it plastered all over page 1? Or the Kotaku being logo modified? Or that every 3rd article is about Duke Nukem? Don't need to click on the links to get bombarded with it.

          Then by all means come back tomorrow or Monday when it's all gone. You have the option to not go to those sites for the day.

          I'm already sick of the Wii-U but guess what I do? I ignore it!

          I'm sorry that all this DNF has ruined your day. I'm sure complaining on the internet more will make you feel better.

          Wow dude, settle kettle. Duke's taken over Kotaku for the day, notice the writer? Most of us know this is a gag just for funsies. Not only that, Dukes (no offence Duke) been a pain in the arse for developers, so they need to recoup some monies some wheres. I'ts just a once off gag, live a little and smile pal :-)

          You haven't heard of AdBlockPlus? It might lower that blood pressure of yours.

          Also you haven't noticed that when something big happens there are a lot of articles about it on Kotaku such as E3, LA Noire, Wii U, PSVita.

          Popular topics are going to have a lot of articles and advertising is something they need to do to keep this site running. DNF isn't the first thing to appear on banners on this site and it won't be the last.

    Ignore the hate. DNF is an awesome blast of retro fps action! Got my copy yesterday & think its great. Its challenging too, much more than others fps games of late.
    This game is right up my alley:)

    Well I was right at the age for Duke Nukem but never got into it either. I can barely imagine being a fan of such a derided franchise, but whatever.

    Other people enjoying it doesn't affect my own of other games one bit.

    Hey Duke! You suck, you're old, ugly and fat!

    YEAH! How dare this gaming news site do something a bit out of left field for the release of a game 14 years in the making? I come here for serious gaming news! Gaming is serious business! My self-righeous whining will be heard despite nobody giving a shit!

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