Some Details On The Wii U's Graphics Chip

Some specific details on the graphics chip powering the upcoming Wii U console have been reportedly obtained by Japanese site Game Impress Watch, who say that while it's running on "old" hardware, it still packs more of a punch than its current competition.

While the exact name and nature of the Wii U's GPU are under wraps, according to AMD insiders the site reports that the chip at the heart of it is similar to the R770 unit found on existing, "outdated" (as in, from 2009) cards like the Radeon HD 4890.

It'll also support Direct X 10.1, and interestingly considering the "two screens maybe" line being trotted out at E3, is capable of beaming up to four standard definition streams of the console's content.

While the GPU may be "old", and the Direct X not capable of going (literally) all the way to 11, remember that the Xbox 360's hardware is even older, and for the most part it can't go past Direct X 9.

西川善司の3DゲームファンのためのE3最新ハードウェア講座 Wii UのGPUはDirectX 10.1世代と判明。 PS Vitaを触れてみての考察 [Game Watch, via Engadget]


    I doubt a non-Microsoft console would be using DirectX anyway...

      Thats not the point . Direct x is a feature set. chips capable of direct x 11 can do a lot more stuff even if running Nintendo OS.

      OpenGL all the way :D

    This sounds fairly accurate, affordable hardware is in line with the wii design method to avoid going into hock just to sell the console, like Microsoft and Sony did with the 360 and PS3.
    While Microsoft and Sony have other industries to fall back on and support their console efforts, Nintendo is pure console gaming, and if they're losing money whith every console sold, they're going to be in trouble.

      Thats why Nintendo can release a new console and sony and microsoft are forced to do 10 year lifecycles. Both the playstation and xbox division have yet to break even (ie profits>money invested).

      The fact that the GPU is clearly superior to either ps3 or 360 should put any ones doubts that the Wii will have significantly better graphics then either competing consoles.

        They'll have the tech advantage for two years at best, and then PS4 + XBox 3 will blow it out of the water. A half step, for the amount they're likely to charge, is a bad move.

        Dreamcast 2.

          Wheres your proof? Have you by any chance seen the financial situation of either sony and microsofts gaming divisions? It aint pretty. Only the Wii has been profitable from day one. ps3 and 360 NEED 10 year lifecycles to profit. Its not a choice. Unless they want to go further into debt with no guarantee of them being the number one console (Wii is the No.1 selling console brand) especially if current gen is any indication

          A developer from THQ has gone on the record confirming that neither ps3 or 360s successors are on the horizon and your claiming that in 2013 they will come out? yeah i'll take a developers words over a random kotaku poster.

          Finally they just released new hardware (kinect and move) which no doubt cost alot of money and resources to develop and market. They would need time to recoup those losses then start making a profit again to break even (Profits>money invested). If they plan to release a new console so soon they would affect the profitability of the new controllers to make way for the new console. That doesnt sound like good business sense.

          New console means either developers shift resources entirely to the new console, or it means kinect or move development still gets support but then splits development resources between the new console and the old one. Neither is ideal for either sony or microsoft in the position they currently in (havent broke even). With such a lack of Wii software these days its obvious Nintendo are shifting all of its resources to Wii U, with Zelda being the Wiis 'swansong'.

          Also. If the new playstation and xbox are so soon to launch why did they not wait till those new consoles were released before introducing move and kinect? That way the tech is available to all consoles?

          Remember the rhetoric. Sony touts 10 year lifecycles Microsoft calls kinect a new launch. Sounds like they are locking customers in for the long haul. No one before has used rhetoric like that. Nintendo on the other hand said nothing. They dont have to talk it up, they just let the sales do that talking.

          You know how much the Wii U will cost? i dont bl00dy think so. So dont talk about things you clearly have no clue on. Besides the ps3 launched a year late and costing an awful lot is not that far behind the sales of the 360. ehhh wrong again.

          sorry try harder next time

            Heres some FACTS since you cant come up with any.


            proves my point on why sony and microsoft does 10 year lifecycles and Nintendo does not.

            Paul here are even more facts, to support my comments.


              That's right, the amount of money Nintendo make is directly proportional to how good their games/system is.

                Wow thats all you got? Obviously no response since i blew your unsubstantiated argument out the water. You even change the point of argument. No way did i claim that the amount Nintendo makes correlates to how good their games systems are. Thats real desperate redirection right there. Next time comeback when you have some facts and not fanboy drivel ok.

                  You got the reply you deserved. You = care very much about Wii U. Me = think it's a bad joke.

                  U mad?

    I thought something maybe a little more recent but I can't say I'm disappointed. I will be dissapointed if you can only have one controller at a time. I'm keeping myself pessimistic so that I will hopefully be surprised but I fully expect Nintendo to find some way of hobbling their system, it's just what they do.

      I believe that reggie stated that the Wii U can take 2 controllers.

    As somebody who got a NES for my 5th bday, and have owned each console since, I am underwhelmed so far.

    ...still struggling to see and useful application for this, regardless of how powerful it's graphics are/can be

      wow really? You mustn't have a good imagination.

      The touch screen can have many uses. The main thing is the TV just displays graphics and not any HUD. It will give games a cinematic feel. All the health, ammo menus can be displayed on the controllers screen. Also you will have instant access to Maps and Inventory because its there on your controller. you dont have to press start. You dont have to lose control of your in game character either as you can go through the maps and inventory screens with a touch on the touch screen. Thats just the start of whats possible.

      Think of it like a touch screen GPS in the car. You use the touch screen to point to where your going. Its easy right. You can use the Touch screen GPS whilst your driving and dont have to stop (although its safer to do so). Also the GPS dont block your windscreen vision so you can have an unobstructed view of whats infront of your car. Thats what its like to use the Wii U controller. Imagine if you had to stop the car (ie press start on a standard controller) and had to manipulate the GPS on your windscreen (thus blocking visibility infront of your car) using the steering wheel. Thats what its like to use standard controllers - Now you get the picture.

      Maps can be more interactive now that it can be displayed all the time and with touch controls it can be used for on the fly battle tactics and waypoints. You want your team to go to a particular point. Touch the position on the map. Its that easy. No need to wade thru menus. Excellent for intense online FPS shooters.

      Aliens game will already use the Controller as a motion tracker like in the movies. No longer will that motion tracker have to hog the screen. it will give you a sense of immersion other versions of the game just cant do.

      Inventories can be more easy to access so having the right item/weapon is only a touch away. You dont have to stop the game to get the gear you want. These days what your character can use is limited by how many buttons there are. The touch screen means much more are available at the touch of the touch screen.

      RTS will be more accurate and precise thanks to the stylus and touch controls and will be much better to play then using dual analogue. It will be faster too. because its stylus you simply point where on the screen you want to move units. Think about it. point to one corner of the screen. Now point at the opposite side of the screen. Fast right. Now try to do that with an analogue stick. You get the picture. Touch control can give you instant, precise and pinpoint controls.

      Racing games will look fantastic with all the dials/speedometer displayed on the controller and the TV screen displays pure uncluttered graphics.

      also we can imagine all the DS games getting the Wii U treatment, and there are plenty that have interesting ways of using the touch screen.

      These are but a few ways the Wii U controller can be used. There are many more and i hope developers fully explore those possibilities on the Wii U.

    Jesus... true believer much?

    "Racing games will look fantastic with all the dials/speedometer displayed on the controller and the TV screen displays pure uncluttered graphics."

    There's a reason why the speedo in a real car is just under the windshield - taking your eyes off the road is a bad thing.

      I think you'll be playing with the controller in roughly the same position as the dashboard anyway, so it shouldn't make a difference, really.

        I don't know about any crazy vehicles you drive, but my dash isn't in my lap.

        And before you suggest it, I'm not about to play games with my controller straight out in front of me in my peripheral vision.

        Seriously, why are people so desperate to justify this?

          First of it was only an EXAMPLE. Second if the controller uses its motion control it itself can act like a motion control steering wheel (not the best control but still playable) if thats the case a person can hold the controller out in front as if the controller was a steering wheel, which then places the controllers screen about the same position as that of a cars dash. See was that so hard to imagine? Must everything be spelled out for you?

          If you want absolute realism go build a car cockpit and mount all realistic dials etc. Its an attempt to SIMULATE a race car. Sheesh sounds like you want nothing less then complete realism down to the last detail. Sorry NO console currently can do that. So quit b!tching when Nintendos can try something new & different.

      Yeah well the speedo aint on the windscreen. Thats so you can have a full unobstructed view of whats infront. If the controller was rested on your lap it is very easy to eyeball down to the controller screen (you dont have to move your head just your eyes). People do it every day when they drive looking down on the dash (thus taking the eyes away from the road ahead for a split second) to check their speed. Add to that most people have GPS these days. Maybe thats too much complication for you, but the rest of the population its not hard.

        Yes, looking at something in your peripheral vision is EXACTLY the same as looking at something in your lap.

        And SMS'ing or programming a GPS while driving is completely safe and sensible.

          I never said SMSing whilst safe and the car example was that - an example. Im in no way saying its the same concept, similar but not the same. I have no problem with doing some manipulation of the GPS whilst the car is moving. Its relatively safe and legal. As long as the interaction is for a split second its no more difficult then turning the volume down or turning on the airconditioner. Dont make it sound more complicated then it really is.

    All I can see about the damn thing is another gimmick, yeah nintendo might use it well but everything third parties are going to release for it will just be ps3/360 ports with an inventory screen on it or some crap, then youll look down to use your inventory and get pwned in the face by some random monster you didnt see because you were too busy looking through your inventory in real time.

    Christ I wish gamers were people that cared about games. The ps1, the ps2, the ps3, the xbox, the xbox 360, the gamecube, the wii, the wii u were all fantastic consoles all of which played host to a vast arrary of imaginative, awesome, fun games. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony all make fantastic hardware are all innovative in their own unique directions, and have thankfully all learned things from each other.

    I loved Zelda FSA and the first FFCC, so I'm very interested to see where they go with the console. If it can support up to 4 SD screens, that's good enough for me.

    And it's not the only reason, but the primary reason to bump yourself up to DX11 is tessellation. Consoles don't really have any reason to support that, fortunately. Games are already tweaked to max out polycounts for consoles, as their hardware is always a fixed set (unlike the PC market).

    Seriously the thing about Early adopters especially of consoles is your the minority. It's not a matter of when the PS4 & X-Box Double Circle release it's when their price drops low enough for them to be mainstream.

    The year the PS3 was released was one of the best years for the PS2 in terms of sales.

    I don't buy my games machines for $1000.

    Nobody is saying the PS4, X-Box next won't be more powerful than the Wii U, but their what 2 years away from the shelves minimum and a good 3-4 years after that away from being $400-ish.

    And to be honest I don't expect to see them at the Next E3, How long between the Wii and Motion controls was there? Sony and Microsoft usually spend a year or two deriding Nintendo before they act.

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