Some Star Wars Galaxies Players Aren’t Taking The End Of Their Galaxy Very Well

Some Star Wars Galaxies Players Aren’t Taking The End Of Their Galaxy Very Well

Star Wars Galaxies, a game that’s probably more notable for how disappointing it was rather than its moderate success, is closing down later this year. For most, it elicits a shrug, but for some fans, it’s grounds for a lawsuit.

According to a report on VentureBeat, a band of long-time players is putting together a class-action suit to file against Sony Online Entertainment. It’s not, as you’d expect, calling for the game to be left open. It’s instead in response to calls they’ve already made.

Ever since the original announcement, players have been petitioning Sony to leave the game’s servers open and turn Galaxies into a free-to-play title, but those doing so on the game’s forums have seen their posts locked down because “promoting an online petition causes disruption within the community and does not provide gameplay feedback that our development team can use”.

Sounds rough, but when you sign up for a game and its forums, you sign up to their end-user licence agreement, and if Sony’s says it can delete stuff that “causes disruption” then it can do what it likes. That being the case, I say the possibility of the class action suit succeeding is approximately 3,720 to 1.

Exclusive: Star Wars Galaxies players intend to file class-action lawsuit against Sony [VentureBeat]


  • i would of thought all of them would of been dying to play SW: The old Republic…
    Also does it have a release date yet, if galaxies has an offical “end” date?

    • Its hard to explain to someone that hasn’t played the game before.
      The term sandbox gets thrown around so much these days, but when you look at the core of what galaxies let you do, it really was the most sandbox like mmo out there.

      While it may seem that TOR will be everything star wars fan want, at the end of they day it really isnt.

      Many Star wars fans find the original trilogy time line far more interesting that the old republic and clone wars eras that are literaly being forced down our necks these days.

      In a way, swg was the only place for fans of the older time line to play a game in a star wars universe that let them explore and do just about anything they wanted.

      The idea that TOR republic will provide such a world looks bleaker and bleaker with every game play video they release.

      It will essentially be Mass effect, in an unfamiliar star wars galaxy.

      • I never played SWG, it did look interesting though. I agree with some of the criticism of The Old Republic game, but I am curious if it isn’t possible to run private servers and keep the game alive that way? It seems like most MMOs have some form of private server, whether approved by the game company or not.

        If not, isn’t this be what you should be campaigning for?

      • Sure, the Old Republic is set thousands of years before the Galactic Civil War era, its tone is, to a fault, exactly the same. The smugglers are all basically Han Solo, their class ship even has the Millennium Falcon thing going on, the Trooper class are stormtrooper stand-ins, etc.

        Basically if you like Star Wars, I’m sure it’ll still be very familiar even if character names aren’t familiar.

    • How’s this a dick move? Star Wars Galaxies is becoming increasingly unprofitable to run. It can barely keep up its server costs with subscription fees already. Switching to a F2P model is a novel idea, but it might not work as the game has a fraction of the population of more popular MMOs.

      If fans want to continue playing in the SWG universe, someone will have to foot the bill. Best case scenario has been mentioned. Sony lets private servers to run legally and without legal repercussion.

      • I think they actually lost the Star Wars licence (LucasArts didn’t renew it because they don’t want Galaxies competing with The Old Republic). So they couldn’t keep running private/free to play servers even if they were inclined to do so. Not unless they took out all of the Star Wars stuff, which would kind of defeat the purpose of the game.

        • Exactly they lost the license.

          But its sony they must be evil and doing it because they hate us.

  • What they should be doing it putting forward a request to allow the game to be hosted on non-official servers legally and to allow for character transfers between these official and non-official servers.

    If they’re serious about having the game free to play as long as Sony are still hosting. Why not just have Sony push responsibility onto the fans if they want to keep it so much.


    This has been around a while. They are trying to do a Pre-screw-up server (AKA Pre-CU and Pre-NGE). Its apparently hard because they did not even have combat at first too…or a lot of other things.

    SWTOR I think is partially the reason for its license not being renewed after Dec 15. People in charge of licensing don’t want the older StarWars game to step on the toes of SWTOR. Makes sense. Would be cool if Sony gave SWGEMU a helping hard weather it be officially or unofficially. I would love to have a stab at SWG like it was when I subed.

  • So let me get this straight. . .
    The game is not making any money for Sony so they are shutting down servers and ending the game.
    Players instead want Sony to make it free to play? Yeah, thats going to make Sony more money. . .

  • I played it for a while, and quite enjoyed it, but I’m really looking forward to TOR now.

    I dont’ see what they are on about though, from what I’m reading, they don’t have a leg to stand on

  • It’ll be interesting to see how this bears up given freedom of speech rights in the US. I’m assuming the onus would be on Sony to establish that the petition actually would be a disruption and that the players did indeed break with the EULA.

    Mind, by the time the case is settled, the servers will be long-closed and we’ll all be playing SW:TOR instead, so it all seems kinda irrelevant

  • Man, I didn’t realise people were still playing Galaxies. Mind you, it is a kick in the gut if you have been playing it all these years and all of a sudden it’s being shut down. It feels like all that time has been wasted. Can’t they run it off a smaller server due to not a high amount of users to keep it running with minimum costs. Their subscription should be able to pay for something like that.

  • I have played SWG for over 2 years. I have looked at the new SWTOR game and I like what I see, but I love SWG. SWG has some things for me that SWTOR does not. 1: it has player built citys where The houses in these citys belonged to the players and your guild mates and your house could be decortaited with all sorts of things, so the inside of each persons house was to suit them. Maney hours are spent by the fans decoraiting the inside of thier houses and same with your larger space ships. This gave us a feeling of comuity. Not only that. If your character was a trader you could turn your Home into a shop with NPC vendors selling the things you made or looted. Other players could visit your shop and buy from you. 2: Is the pets. Goin out hunting for DNA from differnt monsters and then incubating them is realy fun. 3: Is the time line. I am 46 years and as a teanage girl I went to see Star Wars when it was first showen. While SWGTOR has a star wars feeling to it, it is not the Star Wars I crew up with. So for me SWG is as close as it gets to been part of the star wars I love.

    There are privet SWG servers out there but they are a watered down verson of what we have in SWG today. Most are pre NG.

    The thing is I would have played both games. Yes I do have the time to do that.

  • As the drafter of the petition, and an active member in the Save SWG community, I never heard of anyone speak about a lawsuit against SOE. In my observation this could be one of two things.

    Either some highly negative and militant members of our community banded together to discredit the cause, or SOE themselves are attempting to discredit the cause. I’m leaning more towards the former, but the latter can’t be ruled out either.

    It’s sad because while some people who want to save SWG are insanely passionate, the majority of us are more reasonable.

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