Sony: 90% Of PSN Users Have Returned

At the Sony shareholders meeting today, the company said that 90 per cent of PSN users have returned since the service was hacked. Have you? [AV Watch Impress via はちま起稿]


    Logged in, downloaded Wipeout HD and LBP, played a bit of Wipeout, turned PS3 off and unplugged it again. Good times.

      Exactly the same for me, although instead of LBP I downloaded Burnout :) Played wipeout for an hour then went back to the 360

      Have removed all my credit details though, no more online purchases from me Sony

        Similar case as you guys, except I never have credit card detail with PSN. All buy PSN purchases in the past was via PSN gift card.

    I wonder how big that number would be if people weren't able to download more than 2 free games if they had multiple accounts? lol

    I have to assume that sony are lying about the number of people returning given that the password reset page has been consistently offline.

      You know that (in the vast majority of cases) you can reset your password from the console, right? So most people wouldn't need to use that page.

    Do you guys mean PSN as in online gaming, or using the store?

    I use the Network every day. The store? Well they do have a special on Undead Nightmare and the new Killzone 3 DLC looks good, so I might get those...

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