Sony: 90% Of PSN Users Have Returned

Sony: 90% Of PSN Users Have Returned

At the Sony shareholders meeting today, the company said that 90 per cent of PSN users have returned since the service was hacked. Have you? [AV Watch Impress via はちま起稿]


  • Logged in, downloaded Wipeout HD and LBP, played a bit of Wipeout, turned PS3 off and unplugged it again. Good times.

    • Exactly the same for me, although instead of LBP I downloaded Burnout 🙂 Played wipeout for an hour then went back to the 360

      Have removed all my credit details though, no more online purchases from me Sony

      • Similar case as you guys, except I never have credit card detail with PSN. All buy PSN purchases in the past was via PSN gift card.

  • I wonder how big that number would be if people weren’t able to download more than 2 free games if they had multiple accounts? lol

    • You know that (in the vast majority of cases) you can reset your password from the console, right? So most people wouldn’t need to use that page.

  • Do you guys mean PSN as in online gaming, or using the store?

    I use the Network every day. The store? Well they do have a special on Undead Nightmare and the new Killzone 3 DLC looks good, so I might get those…

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