Sony Apologises For PSN Outage (Again!)

Sony Apologises For PSN Outage (Again!)

Moments ago, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Jack Tretton took the stage at Sony’s E3 event. The frist thing Sony wanted to say was sorry.

Tretton called the PSN outage an elephant in the room and told the assembled gaming press “You’re welcome” for all the controversy and news.

“I know the network outage was costly,” Tretton told third party publishers. “What’s been incredibly inspiring is your support. We wouldn’t be where we are without you.”

To PS3 players, Tretton said, “You are the lifeblood of the company. Without you there is no PlayStation. And I want to apologise personally and on behalf of the company for any anxiety we’ve caused.

“I know we’ve taken you away from what you really enjoy doing,” said Tretton. “It’s you who cause us to be humble and amazed at the amount of support you give to the PlayStation brand.”

This isn’t the first time Sony apologized for the PSN breach. Sony Japan orchestrated a big press event earlier this year. What stands out about this latest apology from Tretton is that his words did not appear on the teleprompter. Pre-written, maybe, but it was apparently extemporaneous, and seemed to be from the heart.


  • Any apology is worthless without apologising to the innocent jailbreaker who they harassed with legal action and set the whole thing into motion.

    I wish EVERY article published on the hacking attacks mentioned that. Instead, everyone just ignores it and acts like the two aren’t even related.

    Then Sony says sorry and everyone publishes that and thinks it’s over.

    It’s not over.

    It’s not over until they come crawling on their hands and knees begging forgiveness and making corporate change so they never harass an individual with pointless legal threats again.

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