Sony Brings Its Jokes Spokesman Back Online

Highly entertaining but fake PlayStation executive Kevin Butler was notably (and understandably) quiet during Sony's recent PlayStation Network downtime. But like the PlayStation Store, the cocky PlayStation mouthpiece has returned, showing that Sony is willing to laugh again.

Mr Butler joked about his sabbatical/hibernation on Twitter today, ending his weeks-long silence and allegedly shaving just ahead of E3 2011. Will he make an appearance? Has enough time passed for this tragedy to become good comedy? We'll find out next week if "Kevin" makes an appearance at Sony's E3 2011 press conference.

And for those wondering about the status of that beard hair, Kevin Butler offered this follow-up: "Sorry, the KBeard has already been donated to the local chocobo rescue as a nesting habitat."


    Tragedy? The whole PSN thing was the biggest joke ever! They can't top that.

      ... Hackers infiltrated a gaming network, stole credit card details and butchered the service... how is that a joke? Its cyber terrorism you idiot.

        If Sony's security wasn't such an outdated joke, it would never of happened. Then the way they hid the issue and finally warned us users weeks later is another joke. Then when the whole welcome back to PSN week occured enabling users to relog back into their accounts via a website that once again had security issues continued this joke. But the biggest joke is how some PSN users who are blinded by fanboy love, cant see this whole mess is Sony's fault and no one else...

          No, the mess is the fault of the hackers and no-one else. Sony should've had better security, sure. But that doesn't make this their fault.

            If I left my car door open and then someone took my car, it's my fault the car got stolen......Sony left their front door open and our private information that we trusted Sony with was taken..... Dude it's Sony's fault...

            I have left my credit card and private info with Amazon, EB, Game, MS, Nintendo, Sideshow Collectables the list goes on and guess what no problems with their security....Maybe it's because the hackers only attack Sony...a bit of sarcasm on that last line there...

              You leave the car door open and someone steals the car? Yes, you are somewhat responsible. But so is the person who steals the car. You can't fully excuse wrongdoing with the stupidity of the victim.

        They didn't take the credit card numbers. Just names and such.

    My theory: Everything Kevin Butler says is actually produced by a random text generator, seeded by activity on PSN. Without anything going on, all he says is the debug material - quotes from Sony's 2006 E3 keynote.

    Somehow I think Sony will get KB's return right. They're due to get something right, after all...

    Apparently, Sony may have been hacked again - this time it was the Sony Pictures and BMG websites. Lots of user details have been leaked by Lulz Security, along with unencrypted and unhashed passwords. Some more upstanding users have tested the legitimacy of these details and they have been tentatively confirmed as being The Real Deal.

    Oh, Sony~

    Sony can't be ready to laugh about anything, they are part of one of the biggest screw ups in video game history

    I don't think this is the E3 that Sony should aim for funny.

    If I was them I would make "Sorry" the first word out of my mouth at the conference.

    Then move reasonably quickly onto the games and stay on the games with a steely, sombre, businesslike, laser focussed resolve.

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