Sony Gives Us A Little Taste Of The NGP In Action


    Hell maybe I can convince my folks to buy it just for the GPS :D

    Soooo sloooow. There better be a proper Phantom mode for Wipeout. And I'm getting really sick of hearing about the mountains of gimmicks in this thing. Can't wait for it to take stupid "glory shots" every time I win to waste battery, and download everyone else's to waste more battery! And for what? Some dumb feature that's going to be entertaining once, maybe twice.

    There seriously just better be a way to turn all that crap off and keep it off. All of it. PSP had about 6 hours of battery life while gaming, I don't think this is going to be able to equal that when it's spending so much power dicking around with cameras, touchscreens and GPS'. :/

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