Sony 'May Never Know' What The Hackers Stole, Who They Were

The Sony PlayStation Network is back online, but it was hacked back in April. Sony's servers were breached and over seventy million accounts were compromised. Sony still doesn't seem to be any closer to nabbing the individuals who carried out the attack.

"We do know that the information was accessed," Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai said in an recent BBC interview. "We don't know what part of the accounts were taken from our servers." The hackers might have stolen first names or just the last four digits of telephone numbers.

"It could be the entire account information," Hirai added. "We just don't know."

That's not all Sony doesn't know. Hirai said that the intruders were "very good" at covering their tracks on their way out of Sony's servers.

"We may not know for a very long time or we may never know," said Hirai, who added that Sony's learned it needs to be "very vigilant" with credit card info. That's comforting.

Watch the interview in the link below.

Kaz Hirai [BBC]

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    Oh Sonys learnt... That's awesome... It's not like it was a bloody obvious thing beforehand...

    Cyberwar is no different than war in real life. Get enough people geared up and informed, and you can do anything. Brute strength overcomes finesse every time.

    What Sony should take from this is not to be such massive tools that people want to attack them in the first place.

    You're idiots if you think Sony or the FBI don't have a lead. This is a standard diversion tactic designed to let the perpetrator believe they've gotten away with it. There will be an arrest before the end of the year. Naive to think otherwise.

      Shut up and play along! You're gonna blow the entire tactic!

    Sony allows (through negligence) thousands of sets of personal details to be stolen: Sony compensates thousands of people with a ONCE OFF payment consisting of a pair of games (purely digital copy). Meanwhile, the user details are permanently in the wild, being propagated forever.

    Individual shares songs: Individual gets sued hundreds, even thousands of dollars per a song, typically bankrupting the individual.

    Sony BMG knowingly and willfully steals AND PROFITS from the sale of artists' work ( Sony gets a slap on the wrist.

    Think twice before opening your wallets next time.

      Yeah, but they make some damn good vidyagames.

    I hope they're caught. Bastards.

      What cause you couldn't play some games for a month. Boo hoo.
      It's the internet, there is no such thing as privacy on here ya know?

      The details that were stolen are probably just as easily accessible some other way from hackers or companies like Google or Facebook. Such just Sony was hacked, everyone is creating such an uproar over it. One individual or a certain group can't have access, but it's okay for major corporations to spy on our activities, sell it off for their own benefit. Sure!

    isn't it funny this was released the day before 3 suspected hackers got caught?

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