Sony Wants Vita Making Cash Money In Three Years

In a Reuters interview, Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Kazuo Hirai said that he hoped the PS Vita would turn a profit within the next three years. He also added that wants the Vita to outsell the PSP. [Reuters]


    Got's to have yo merchandise making yo money from day one homie.

    As expexted. 3 yeats isn't to long I guess if it mean its going to out sell the 70mill psp sold like i've heard. This just shows Sony must be dedicated and are planning on taking care of there investment.

    You know, they probably just say it doesn't make money to get some "awe, I'll buy one because they're trying so hard!"

    I never owned a PSP because I couldn't justify the cost of the machine to the amount of games I wanted for it.

    Sony make the ratio of exclusive titles for it far far better than the PSP and I'll buy one, I don't want a bunch of PSX games and copies of games I own on other systems.

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