Sony’s Xperia PLAY Hits Australia June 8

Sony’s Xperia PLAY Hits Australia June 8

Sony’s Xperia PLAY Hits Australia June 8We’ve just gotten word that the ‘PSP Phone’, now know as the Sony Eriksson Xperia PLAY will be available in Australia from June 8.

It will come pre-installed with six games: Star Battalion, FIFA 10, Madden NFL 11 and SIMS 3, Bruce Lee and Crash Bandicoot.

The Xperia PLAY heralds an attempt by Sony to bring a more traditional type of gaming to the mobile sphere, and an attempt to move their own PlayStation 1 back catalogue into the android space. So far, in other regions, sales of PlayStation certified titles haven’t really taken off, but there’s no doubt that the Xperia PLAY could appeal to folks in need of a more sophisticated mobile gaming experience.

The Xperia PLAY has access to over 200,000 apps via the Android marketplace, and features more than 60 games specific built to work with the unique Xperia PLAY control system.

“We believe that the Xperia PLAY is a game changer and now we’re able to provide Australia with the chance to make its own mind up,” said Brendan Johnston, Managing Director, Sony Ericsson Oceania, in a statement released this morning. “XperiaTM PLAY provides a first of its kind gaming experience on the latest version of Android. What more could you need or want?”

We don’t have any pricing details as yet, but the phone will be available via Optus and Telstra. We’ve been informed that the phone will be available on Vodafone at some point in the future, but there is no timeline on precisely when that will occur.


  • Kind of want to check this out, but not until next May because that’s when my plan expires and I’ll be due for a phone upgrade.

    Guess it’ll depend on what Telstra’s offer on this thing is and whether or not it’s been substantially superseded by then.

  • Don’t worry it has already been superseded so that isn’t something to think about.

    The biggest worry of yours should be, will it be supported or not. Knowing Sony they could treat it like PSP and ruin it. Also considering that the Xperia has had terrible sales so far, it won’t be a surprise if this happened…

    • Even worse they could treat it like the X10 in which case you only ever get one update and even then it is over a year late and is already outdated.

  • They have pricing up on the Optus and Virgin web sites. $5 on an $59 Smart Cap at Virgin or the same price for the optus cap.

    I want to try one out in store, but 90% sure I will get one in the next two weeks.

  • I’m curious as to what king of games you’ll be able to play on there (Jailbraking, Emulation, PSONE etc)

    • I don’t think you need to jail break it. You can just download an emulator app and play games.
      I’ve seen a few reviews that show this. Although
      I read they have pulled the emulator apps from the official android store, so you will have to get it else where.

      They are officially porting some ps one games too. Like crash bandicoot.

  • If my work didn’t supply me with a juniper berry I’d definitely consider getting the newer model.

  • Unfortunately I have another 6 months left on my current plan, otherwise I’d be interested in picking this up. Still, I’m interested enough to wait until around this time next year to see what improvements a “version 2” has.

  • I’ve previewed the Xperia PLAY for about a month, while I no longer have the phone with you, feel free to ask me any questions about it if you’re considering in getting it. : )

    • You won’t need it since you won the GSII from Gizmodo right?

      Two main questions

      How smoothly did the games play? i.e. Any freezing or crashing the phone while playing?

      Did you try any of the android games optimised for the Xplay?


      • I was lucky for the Gizmodo SGSII comp : )

        If you’re considered the Xperia PLAY as some sort of substitute for a PSP, I don’t think you’ll get enough gaming satisfaction out of it. I’ve only tried the free games, so perhaps the paid games made by Gameloft optimised for the device may be better. As I checked, the paid Xperia “HD” games are usually around AU$5. While they are much cheaper than PSP games, they cost more than regular paid games in the Android Market, which are usually AU$2.

        The controls work fine, and I like the two d-pads, but I think the main game buttons (triangle square circle cross) are placed too far right for comfort.

        The game most tried out by my friends was FIFA 10, which was a complete let down because it does not use the controls but rather mostly the touch screen and graphics were disappointing for a gaming-mobile hybrid device.

        There was no lags or freeze ups at all during games, but they do eat up a lot of battery, making it not ideal if you plan to use it for web browsing, making calls and other things you would do on your phone.

        This thing is also a fingerprint and dust magnet. I’m not sure if there are any cases made for it, but it would be good to get one as soon as you get the Xperia PLAY.

        On the other hand, I think it’s a very solid and well-polished Android device, just the gaming side of it is a bit hyped up for me.

    • i got one yesterday and cant get crash bandicoot or a few of the other games to play it starts to load and then it says error the sd card cannot be read , , can anyone please help . (sd card is in and media is saved to it ,seems to work

  • honestly i’m not to worried about the specific built games. I want one because I want an Android device and will be perfect for GBA and SNES emulator

  • i got one yesterday and cant get crash bandicoot or a few of the other games to play it starts to load and then it says error the sd card cannot be read , , can anyone please help . (sd card is in and media is saved to it ,seems to work)

  • Well, the Xperia play has been out before june 8 as Optus has been delivering 2 weeks or so ago!! I would advise you honestly get it! the quad core is gonna get demolished as the Tegra 5 will come out in 2013 which would allow the 24-month contracts to end + by then xperia play 2/3 will be unbeatable!!
    Screw those reviewers who compare it to iphone “4”..the 4 means 4th gen as in remodelled four times!! ><! Xperia play is the thing in OZ this year will hopefully get in 2 days!

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