Soul Calibur V’s First Gameplay Footage Is A Sword To The Face

Soul Calibur V has been kept under lock and key since its unveiling. No longer! Here’s a ton of gameplay footage, showing swords and souls aplenty.

The game, slated to appear on Xbox 360 and PS3, won’t be out until next year.


  • “What do you mean it looks just like the last game? Look at it! There’s a ‘V’ on the end of the name!”

    • Well we are talking Roman numerals here so the last game also had a V, this game lacks an “I” so I think ill stick to the superior IV

  • I wonder how loose Sophitia’s boobs will be this time? The amount of material holding them has been decreasing steadily for the past few games. Additionally, I think Ivy’s has now hit an asymptote, and now will just get infinitely close to zero as time goes on.

    That said, I am kind of looking forward to it. I loved SCII on the GC, and while I didn’t like SCIII as much, I didn’t play IV to see if it had improved. I might get it when it comes out… or, at least, a few months after it comes out.

  • Take out the stupid catch cries and phrases the fighters spew out constantly and I’d be much more interested. Seriously it has the graphics of a modern game but the design of a 10 year old one.

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