Soul Calibur V's First Gameplay Footage Is A Sword To The Face

Soul Calibur V has been kept under lock and key since its unveiling. No longer! Here's a ton of gameplay footage, showing swords and souls aplenty.

The game, slated to appear on Xbox 360 and PS3, won't be out until next year.


    Meh. Still no reason to convince me that Soulcal is a fighter that can be taken seriously.

    "What do you mean it looks just like the last game? Look at it! There's a 'V' on the end of the name!"

      Well we are talking Roman numerals here so the last game also had a V, this game lacks an "I" so I think ill stick to the superior IV

    Can't wait! Big Talim player myself, wonder if she will have bigger breasts after 17 years lol

    Goodbye mother?

      I loled, but excited I played the hell out of 3 but missed 4

    Can't tell breast size from video, thus can't tell wether to be interested or facepalm and walk away.

    I wonder how loose Sophitia's boobs will be this time? The amount of material holding them has been decreasing steadily for the past few games. Additionally, I think Ivy's has now hit an asymptote, and now will just get infinitely close to zero as time goes on.

    That said, I am kind of looking forward to it. I loved SCII on the GC, and while I didn't like SCIII as much, I didn't play IV to see if it had improved. I might get it when it comes out... or, at least, a few months after it comes out.

    Take out the stupid catch cries and phrases the fighters spew out constantly and I'd be much more interested. Seriously it has the graphics of a modern game but the design of a 10 year old one.

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