Starhawk's Multiplayer Looks Like Space Madness

Starhawk has transforming jet fighters, and real-time strategy-esque base building, and also, lots of killing. If that sounds like fun, well, it looks like fun too.

I saw some people when the game was first unveiled reckon it looked like Battlefield: Macross. I'm nodding my head in agreement (and anticipation) with that, and doing so more and more as time goes on.


    And yet it's $100 on PS3, and not $30 on Steam. Hurr.

      Durp, durp...

      ps3 exclusive. Hurr

    Yeah you can't just buy games from steam with a proxy anymore. So now I'm mad about prices again.

      yes you can, you just have to be even more devious :D

    huh?? this is a ps3 exclusive why are you guys going on about steam?

    Starhawk looks awesome!!

    Looks cool.

    I so loved warhawk so this is going to be awesome!!!

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