Stay Tuned For Our Nintendo Conference Live Blog Tonight At 2am

Hey folks, just a quick note to those staying up for the Nintendo E3 conference. We'll be live blogging the event from 2am. Hope to see you guys there - may our collective body be ready.



    so, what are we doing to pass the time? For starters i'm playing chrono trigger on the wii.

      I'm going to be playing some Baldur's Gate II while I wait. Hopefully, I won't get sucked in and forget about the blog.

    If only I didn't have an exam in the morning. Stupid bettering oneself through learning!

      Ha! Exams come twice a year! E3 only comes once!

      Uni exams... Always getting in the way huh!

    I'll be there, so what to do for three hours?

      Challenge: Get 50 Streetpass hits between now and the start of the Nintendo Conference. Go!

    Informed my boss I was still "unwell"
    Thankfully no one is much of a gamer, else they'd be on to me.

    Don't know whether to stay up or sleep and wake up to a bomb of news :D

    Probably the only good thing to come from having a car accident yesterday, writing my car off and off work with a bad back until at least Tuesday.. I was about to go to sleep but fuck it, what's the point, I'll hang around with my Kotaku family and watch it live ;)

    Considering the last Nintendo console I bought was a N64, not even a DS, I'm actually more excited for this conference than I was for MS or Sony.

    I just wanna see what this console looks like. I never bothered with the Wii from the start, but if this is actually to compete in terms of hardware level with the 360 and PS3, then I SHALL PAY ATTENTION!

    I just hope this means a 3D (no gimmick 3D) HD open-world RPG of POKEMON! Yeah BOI, casual game on a real mans machine.

    Ah man, didn't know it was gonna be so late. Goodluck all, keep the coffee flowing, I'll have to see what new money printing machine nintendo comes up with in the morning.

    This cold weather and heater on is no good for helping me stay awake.
    So what stream will everyone be tuning in to?

    Love these, 12am Perth time :D

    Nice, using the old Nintendo logo... it's grey now.

    I cant wait! This is gonna be the shit...

    It starts at 2:30am from what the GameTrailers stream is showing. I'll watch it in the morning

    Got a bottle of Trail's End Merlot, bag of Doritos, a space heater; ready to do this. Predicting a Zelda Anniversary ports package for the Wii or new console!

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