Tales Of A PS Vita Ninja Trailer


    Pretty crap quality. Looks like PSP quality.

      Yup. Looks like a port.

    The PS2 original was a fun, highly addictive game, but the PSP iteration was crippled by the lack of shoulder buttons and a second analog nub. Fingers crossed for this sequel!

    The graphics are pretty sub-par, but then the original was no looker.

    More importantly, the original was a really fun game with some serious, massive flaws. Like the MGS habit of having an awful combat system and then forcing you to use it.

    Even if this doesn't look great, here's hoping it plays great.

    When the footage first popped up during the montage I thought it was a port of one of the Tenchu games on Ps2... Never heard of the Shinobido games. Are they decent?

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