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    reading TAY gets me through my week at work lol. I dont normally post but I just wanted to say BRING ON THE FUNNIES :D

      You expect us to be funny?

      Oh dear...

        A female deer!

          Uh-oh... didnt expect to get any replies..
          I have nothing witty or amusing to say :/


    I was thinking about ordering Portal Wombat from play-asia. Does anyone know how the dlc works in Australia?

    Also, are we on the same region as asia for the 360?

      From what I'm hearing, I believe that you'll need to get a UK Live account to activate your online pass, as well as purchase any additional DLC in future. However, once you've used the online pass/purchased the DLC on the UK Live account, all online functionality (as well as any DLC) will also be accessible via your Australian Live account.

      FYI, our region is considered PAL, which is the same as the UK. However, the 360 store is set by country, which is why you can't activate the online pass or download Mortal Kombat DLC from an Australian Live account.

      Man, I had no idea what you were talking about for ages. Why didn't you call it it's TAY approved name, Chortle Cumsplat?

  • Need some advice. Looking to get some decent headphones for movies gaming etc to keep the noise down now that bub no. 2 has arrived. I'd prefer wireless and have around 500 to spend.

    Been looking at the sennheiser rs180. Anyone had any experience with these or any other suggestions?

      you should definately look at buying those from ebay if you want to save a few hundred, my friend just got them and while he had to wait a few weeks for it he does say that they're near to orgasmic. You should also look at the new turtlehead ones that have come out apparently they're meant to be pretty good

    Just beat my first PS3 game, Uncharted 1, though was embarrassed to discover, rather late in the game, that there is a 'blind-fire' function, and it's a better aim than I am...

    Looking forward to trying Uncharted 2, and have been trying all weekend to get some time on it, but family is being a timesink... ah well. :)

    In other news, I dropped out of my PhD. Moved all my crap from uni into our garage today, so all in all feeling a bit crappy.

      You dropped out? That sucks. This might make you feel better:

      In regards to Uncharted, I don't know what it is, but I just cannot aim in that game. I think I was slightly better at number 2, but I'm not sure.

      If I had a PS3, the Uncharted games would be the first thing I'll get. Sucks that you dropped out, hope you have better luck in the future.


      What huppind?

      Can I even ask?

      Im torkin aboot the Pee aytch Dee...

      *hugs* It's hard to focus on study when you've got a family to look after. I hope you'll get back to it in a year or two when things are easier. You'll probably do a better job of it then anyway after having had a break to think it all through.

    Feels awfully quiet here today. Maybe people are too busy gaming/sleeping to post here right now?

      I'm thinking gaming. That's what I've been doing all day.

        I blame Mark, apparently he was too busy with his "Public Holiday" to constantly moderate the posts on TAY. Pshhh, silly Mark.

    A big shout out to LeBron right now, you totally deserve it buddy!!

    All together now:


      Which one is it?

      I hope it's gay-tites! He's my fave!!!

        I'm praying it's Jason Todd.
        I'm going to let him get beaten by every thug out there.

    Damn you Eastern State public holidays!!!

    I have to be at work, but you stop Kotaku being updated!

    Been to work twice today.
    Sometimes public holidays are more depressing than normal work days...

    So ages ago, our almighty lord and master Serrels organised a Halo Reach get-together with some of the wonderful people here, and much fun was had by all. However, I was stupid enough to not keep track of peoples' Gamer Tags at the time, and unfortunately fell out of contact with pretty much everyone because of it.

    Seeing as I've had a death in the family recently, and video games are helping to keep me relatively sane, I figured I'd see if anyone was up for some multiplayer of anything, now or in future? I don't bite, I promise!

    Multi-wise, I tend to play teh Haloz (3, ODST and Reach), Black Ops, Street Fighter IV (vanilla and Super, potentially AE in future), Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of 2 Sentinels, BlazBlue (Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift), Red Dead Redemption, and even the mess that is Duke Nukem Forever's multi, plus a few that I've probably forgotten.

    If anyone is keen for some multi, a hand with obscure multi achievements, or just to shoot the sh*t, feel free to add my Gamer Tag: 'AshuraMGS3Sub' (without the apostrophes), or feel welcome to post yours here and I'll add you.

    Thanks all. ^^

      You are on my list but ivalways forget who you are. I'm keen for RDR halo 3 or street fighter I'm no goof at any but happy to play.

        Oh hey, that's right! I completely forgot that I have you on my friends list. We'll definitely have to have a bash at something soon. :-)

          GT: Stamperrific

          Always looking for new CoD pals, I have Halo Reach but never really play it - will jump in a sesh if there's enough interest.

          Also have MK if you're interested in some online sparring!!

            Great, I'll add you next time I jump on!

            I sadly don't have MK as of yet, but it is definitely on the cards. It'll be good to have people to play with once I manage to get on board myself. ^^

    Let me regale the TAYbies with a tayle (see what I did there)

    At my school, the entire list of Alure Media sites are blocked, save one (no points for guessing), but only the AU servers.

    However, due to my school's Draconian blocking of nearly everything, I am left with a no formatting version of Kotaku AU, though the worst part is when sponsor ads have a black background, since the text is black as well, I cannot read Kotaku, at least without pressing ctrl+a, and this totally sucks

    tl;dr - KotakAU at my school sucks, but is still readable

    Hey guys - just a quick heads up

    Big W has Red Steel 2 with motion plus for just $15

    Of course, this is if your store still has it.. i can confirm they still do at Geelong and Southland

    So Kotakuites, how did us lucky bastards (if you are one) spend your day off? I drove from Dubbo to Campbelltown and got stuck in traffic for 2 hours. It was times like those that I needed driving to be like Mario Kart, how good would it be to just blast people with red/green shells and bananas? Seriously some people drive like they're lagging on Mario Kart online sometimes.

      By lounging about, obviously, playing inFamous as a heroic Cole, my little bro played aa Evil Cole

      I live in campbelltown. Just cool to see you are(were) here.

        Holy crap really? I didn't realise you or anyone was so close! I'm kind of on the border of Campbelltown and Leumeah, what about you? Also mind blown

          Well then there is at least 3! I'm from there too!

            LOL. AmbroseIV is from mt annan and Im from Rosemeadow!

            Oh yeah! C'town meat up !!!!

    okay Everyone
    i have a idea, so brilliant your eyes might pop out and roll on the floor. If you are A newbie to tay and want a moment so that you can comment to say who you are please reply to this thread. i'll start

    Hi I'm Rocketman
    I'm a big fan of a lot of different media including indie rock music, dc comics(thanks to Jimu and Jamesmacusedmy handle. I like but suck at platforming games and really enjoy television. I am also known for sounding like a women on teamspeak and mispelling every third word.

      Silly Rocketman, you're not new to TAY.

      *Sits here obliviously*

      Hi, I'm Ninety-Seven Eighty-Three (four names, be sure to take a deep breath), but just use 9783 for brevity,

      I'm a kinda quiet guy, a gamer (no duh, I'm posting on Kotaku), but if you and I get onto a good subject I could talk for hours.

      Hit me up for a game of TF2, I'll be the guy who moves in bursts (gawdamn lag), or mayby Black Ops on PS3.

      Looking forward to hearing from ya!

        Hey 9783, are you good at TF2?

          Why are you not called Eats-A-Lot?!?

            It's a long story.. one that I shall never divulge.. except on every second and fourth Friday of the month.

          I'm ok at TF2, but as I said, I lag quite a bit.

          I mainly play Medic, with a little Pyro, Soldier & Scout on the side

          My Steam profile is avaliable through my handle, and my PSN is also there (If you have a PS3, if not, oh well)

            P.S. Did you go on a diet, Miss Eats?

              A diet?! Why somebody would ever subject themselves to such horrible torture is beyond me.

      Hey im defkon,
      I usually just lurk as i live in NZ and therefore am to laidback (lazy) to comment usually. I spend most of my gaming time on my PS3 playing black ops. Will be purchasing Orange box, protal 2, infamous 2 at the end of this month for my bday. any other reccomendations?

      Thanks to all for welcoming us :D
      gamertag: defkon02

      Oh anyone else from NZ here?

      Great idea, Rocketman!

      While I wouldn't go as far as to say that I'm new here (I was around when the Wildgoose ran the Kotaku AU ship), but since it's pretty rare that I post in TAY (which I'm making the effort to change), I figured I'd jump on board with this.

      I'm Neil Williams, although I tend to go as some variation of AshuraMGS2Sub or AshuraMGS3Sub online (really stupid story to this, actually). I'm a massive Sonic fan and have been since Sonic 1 in the early nineties, and a fairly avid gamer. I love my fighting games, and I tend to play a lot of shooters and old-school platformers. I'm predominately a console and handheld gamer, as my PC is a piece of crap.

      I'm currently very slowly knocking off a Bachelor of Software Engineering at University of Canberra, and I've previously completed a Diploma of Software Development (Programming stream) at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I'm looking at getting into games development in future. In fact, I'm currently working on a Puyo Puyo/Puyo Pop (initially released as Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche here back in the nineties) clone with net play and customisable rulesets, just for sh*ts and giggles.

      The only real things of note on Kotaku AU that people may or may not recognise me for are the shopped pictures of Batman from Arkham City rocking out on a guitar that Mark was kind enough to post up a couple of months back, and the extremely long Alex Kidd coming-of-age story that was one of the winners of the Sega & Sonic All-Stars Racing comp during the Wildgoose era.

      My 360 Gamer Tag is ‘AshuraMGS3Sub’ (without the apostrophes). There's a post a little bit above this post listing all the games I tend to play (I'm also hoping to get in on what Blaghman refers to as Chortle Cumsplat soonish), so if you're keen for a bash at any of those, or just wish to fill out your friends list with like-minded Kotakuites, feel free to hit me up. :-)

        "University of Canberra"

        I'm sorry, I don't believe that anyone else lives in Canberra (please, nobody point out the truth to me).
        I myself dropped out of a Bachelor of Software Engineering at ANU, but that's because I'm really really lazy.

        Want to make a game? (I have a running joke with a friend where we want to make a game, but never actually get around to it) I have an idea, it's called "Shooty McSpaceMarine" and I think it will be a genre-defining shooter, unparalleled in its field.

        I really need to stop rambling...

        Oh, I know, I blame Q-bo for that name, it was all his doing, I AM NOT A CROOK!

      That reminds me, I've never fully introduced myself.

      I live in Melbourne, and I'm a 360 and PC gamer (not a very good gamer btw). I like my Halos and JRPGs. My favourite music genres are R&B and Hip-Hop.

      I am also an aspiring 3D character artist, so when I'm not gaming, I am pushing polys or drawing crappy concepts.

      An excellent idea indeed!

      I'm Cakesmith. I enjoy long walks on the bea...whoops wrong site!

      As you can tell by my above statement I enjoy lame jokes. I live in a small-ish country town in south west Victoria. I'm 22. I work 2 jobs. My Monday to Friday job is as an IT Technician. I also work the odd shift at my local cinema doing projection (a job I started back when I was at school). It's good pay and easy work.

      As for gaming, I mainly play PC. I own all of the current gen consoles but they don't get used too much. My Wii was last turned on when Donkey Kong came out, my 360 used to get a decent workout but not so much anymore now I have a new-ish PC and up until Infamous 2 my PS3 has been mainly used as a Blu-ray player and for PlayTV. I recently invested in a 3DS and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Zelda. I have a PSP...somewhere. Most likely caked in dust. I enjoy RPGs (both Japanese and western), puzzle games and the odd shooter.

      Apart from gaming I'm a huge film buff and play the drums (to my neighbours dismay).

      tl;dr - I work lots and play games.

        Why no mention of cakes? I am disappoint.

          I am sorry to have let you down. *commits Seppuku*

            /casts lvl 4 resurrection

              I'm surprised that that comment chain didn't involve Bish.

    • I'm from the gold coast and am mostly a PS3 player a my PC consists of a box with a rat and a calculator on it. I play anything thy even looks half good and not particularly picky with what I do play. Get online as much as I can working around 2 younglings schedules.
      PSN is MikeyW if anyone wants to play with a semi okay gamer who doesn't get uptight or too competitive.

        For some reason I was thinking of this guy:

        I am dissapopint...
        Can we call you Bill S. Preston Esq. anyway???

      Howdy all,

      Long-time lurker, first time poster - have been loving kotaku au as a break during work as a programmer/web dev up here in sunny Mackay (coast of central QLD).

      Mainly a PC gamer and have recently converted a room under my house into a dedicated lan room (the local lan place frowned upon my preference to play games whilst drinking).

      Apart from gaming I'm keen on my rock music, rugby league and pushing the limits of alcohol-fueled gameplay (guess thats gaming also :P)

      Nice to meet you all!

      I haven't done a proper intro for mahself either..

      So my name's Jake aka Stamperrific or just "Stampy" or "Stamp".

      Im 30, living in Sydney and been gaming for about 20 years. I work in the building & facilities management industry as a BDM (relatively boring M-F 9-5 gig) and in my spare time if I'm not gaming, I'm on some sort of musical adventure attending gigs in Sydney and beyond!!

      Been a reader and semi-frequent commenter on Kotaku AU for a few years now - I must I'm loving this community even more since the terrible reign of Serrels began :)

      Gaming-wise - first console was a Master System, then Mega Drive then I focused on PC gaming for years, before it got too expensive and too fiddly to maintain the fun! More recently, I'm an expat from the Sony PS camp (proud owner of the original PS, PSOne, PS2 and then PS 2 slim) before making the switch to Xbox with the advent of the 360! I'm happy to say I had an original release model 360 and it lasted me until the end of last year before RRoD!

      Musically, I'm relatively eclectic but my core tastes lie in heavy metal - Pantera, Down, CoC, Motorhead, Machine Head to name a few - and more recently (and strangely) I've become a massive fan of dubstep! Strange I know! Keep an eye out for my random "Dubstep Interlude" posts (need one for this week's TAY!)

      Anyways, add me on Xbox Live: Stamperrific or email [email protected] (facebook, MSN) - just let me know who you are otherwise I might ingnore!


      So, I definitely wouldn't say I'm new here, but I haven't really commented much in the past, something I'm aiming to change. Side note, it's actually been incredible the change that has happened in this community since Serrels took over. Not to take anything away from the Goose, but it did seem like the comments were mostly about a possible three-way between Wildgoose, Chuloopa and Qumulys.

      Anyway, gaming-wise I'm pretty much down for anything, though I mostly stick my PS3, except for the odd exception like Minecraft. I'm always up for a bit of multiplayer action in whatever is being played, so feel free to hit me up, I'm pretty chill when it comes to competition.

      Musically I'm all about Australian hardcore and metalcore, a lot of American hardcore bands take too much of a punk influence for my liking. Other than that I'm a big fan of Skrillex and Pendulum, as well as stuff like The Wombats and Darwin Deez. It's a pretty wide spread in my iTunes.

      PSN: B-G-S-
      Hit me up for a game some time, I'm always down to get schooled.

      P.S. Sorry if I misspelt your name Qumulys, I had to try to remember it. It hurt.

        Do you have a problem with comments consisting almost entirely of the threeway talk?

        That was the main reason I started talking in TAY! (says the guy who only started posting in TAY the week Goose left...)

          I most definitely do not! I do have a problem with there being no follow through, however.

            I was almost as disappointed as Chuloopa.

      Hello all! I'm Gusman. While I am predominantly a Nintendo fan, I own all current gen consoles and handhelds and really enjoy playing them all. I LOVE Doctor Who and am just getting into Minecraft...finally. So atm I'm playing Minecraft, Pokemon White and CoD:BO with my fiance :D

      P.S. I'm good friends with Harli IRL lol, maybe that will get me more comments...?

        Being good friends with Harli ALWAYS gets you more comments!

        Try posting on later pages to get more responses though. Most people don't go through old comments.

        Welcome to KotakAU! :D

    My weekend was very eventful.
    Really! It was!

    I didn't just spend it rolling about ob my bed, mesmiresed by both the 3DS's 3D juicyness and Link's Awakening retroness inbetween bouts of inFAMOUS 2.

    Didn't happen.

    It was a lot more interesting than that.


    What? Why are you looking at me like that?

    Okay dammit! I did nothing!

    I didget my FIRST streetpass hit at GAME in Penrith! I NEED MOAR!

      Streetpass is a huge obsession, getting your first one is a good feeling. You start to get into crazy habits though to get em! Like for me I go to the shopping centre thats further away and is always really busy just to get hits. I take long ways to get to places and go into every game store. Its addictive!

      My weekend was rather eventful too. I had an old friend from my uni days come and visit and we watched Dragonball Z all long weekend.
      We did nothing else except play a couple of hours of co-op portal because we felt guilty about watching all that Dragonball Z.
      It was insane, I can honestly say there was nothing else we did from saturday lunchtime to Monday arvo.
      I am now sitting here at work and all I can think about are Super Saiyans and Kamehameha Waves.

        wow, you guys are hardcore. Was it DBZ or DBZ Kai? if it was the former, YOU ARE WAAAY HARDCORE. *fistbump*

          DBZ Kai? Bah, Bah I say!
          The only true DBZ is OLD SCHOOL DBZ!

            I was tired and in a hurry today, so my hair resembles a DBZ character...

            *strains and tries to go SS*

    I played Infamous for the first time last night. Interesting game, I didn't know an open world game could have such floaty platforming.

    For the record, I shall be playing as an evil character in this for several reasons. First of all, it's called "Infamous" and villains are the ones who should be living in infamy. Secondly, you have lightning powers in this game. Do you know who else has lightning powers? The Sith. Thirdly, I get to cause mayhem and destruction and be rewarded for it. That should make the game slightly easier and I'm all for easy right now.

      Re: floaty platforming
      There's also this weird magnetism to things you can latch onto, so if you ever want to drop off a building, you've got your work cut out for you because the game is all I MADE YOU LATCH ONTO THAT LEDGE ON THE WAY DOWN, I HELPED!
      Also, for all this climbing magnetism, I can never seem to jump towards a pole and start climbing it.

        The magnetic latching on mechanics are just plain odd. Most of the time, it works, especially when you don't want it to (like trying to drop down like you said) other times it just decides not to bother. Particularly in that section right at the start where you have to return to the city by going along under the bridge. I don't know how many times I had to redo that simply because at one point Cole decided not to grab on to a pole.

        Prince of Persia he is not.

      "Do you know who else has lightning powers? The Sith"


      Also Zeus has lightning powers, so you know... Olympians and all that.

      But I, for one, applaud your choice to play as a bad guy. Mini Spoiler, the evil ending is the better of the two. The good ending is real depressing.

        Good to know I made the right choice then, because I don't plan on playing this game twice.

        Also, Zeus is kind of a dick. I don't think he'd have any issue taking the selfish, evil options.

        WOOOOO, good guy ending here I come!

          I will join you in the depressing end

      You can be a hero and still be infamous. I mean, seriously, you'll be so famous that you'll be "in" famous :P

    Works wifi is down. I can tell this is gonna be a good day. Also 2 phone calls asking if I can "turn the satellites back on". Yes mr farmer I'll call the USA military and ask them to turn them on geez

      Don't you sass me, boy!
      I demand less sassing!
      Sass less!
      *shakes fist*

      Haha. General chaos here too, with everybody unable to get into the network for some reason (except me?!)

      I love sitting around pretending I know absolutely nothing about computers. /sips tea peacefully

        LOL glad to see it's not just my work.. our servers were don when i came in so i had to head in and reboot them... yay...

        Also, i wish i could be as lucky as you, miss consumer. My work knows i know a bit about computers be cause i opened my big trap a long time ago.. so right now i am sourcing new PC's for updates... *sigh*

          Ha. It's a double-edged sword. There are times when I have to sit here and watch n00b tech support fumble their way through fixing stuff and fight the urge to push them out of the way and yell "YOU'RE DOIN' IT WRONG" then proceed to fix it myself.

          It can be very frustrating.

            When the internet went down last week i had to deal with the boss going into the server room, after i had already told him it was just an internet outage in the area, and proceed to start pushing random buttons which caused the whole system to boot everyone and go down for a few minutes...

            Needless to say i could have slapped him with a plank of wood...
            worse, is he's one of those guys that just doesn't understand technology and refuses to embrace change.. so... yeah.. ignorance..

      Wen I first got into work I couldn't even log into the computers. When I went to see if anyone else was having problems, I couldn't find anyone. It was very... disturbing, I walked around the entire floor and I was the only one here.
      I had to check the timesheet to make sure today wasn't another public holiday.
      I am now starting to hear noises, but I still can't see anyone.
      I'm really starting to freak out here...
      Wait I think I see something...

      the internets are down? someone probably just crash tackled another person onto the box that contains the internet...

    So my sweet-lady and I bought Simpsons Scene-It on the weekend.

    Let it be known, that I am the king of Simpsons trivia. I rolled first and no-one else got a turn as I blitzed my way around the board.

    The lame part is, the 2nd game we played I only seemed to get questions about episodes post season 10. Seriously, everyone knows when Futurama started all the good writers jumped ship so there wasn't a need to watch the new episodes.

    I also watched The Road, again. If the world ever becomes Fallout, I'm screwed.

      You're the king of Simpsons trivia? Them's fighting words!

        Now THOSE are fighting words! Or as The Simpsons quote goes "Hey you lets fight!" "Those are fightin' words!" I AM SUPREME SIMPSONS RULER!

    Alright chaps, E3 is over! What are you people most looking forward too?

    Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3 and The Old Republic for me game wise. I'm also very keen on the Vita, not so much on the Wii U (seriously, can we somehow remove the people who name Nintendos consoles from the face of the planet?).


    My 360 is determined to keep fatshady and i apart!!!
    I also think it's making him a little annoyed with me.. I'M SORRY!! :(

    So since we moved into the new place in febuary, the modem has reset itself about 4 times. Keep un mind that we didn't get the internet until mid-late April... that's a lot of times for the modem to reset in a small amount of time.

    The most recent was last week, which caused all sorts of problems.
    The first came when i was meant to play backbreaker with the aforementioned shady and i couldn't get my xbox to connect to my laptop to use it as a router AT ALL. After 2 hours of troubleshooting, still nothing!

    So on the weekend i went and got and exxxxtra long ethernet cable and plugged the sucka straight into my 360. BINGO WE HAVE LIVE!


    *Not actual conversation chains

    So last night we got on to play some backbreakaaaaaa.... and i couldn't connect to his games and he couldn't connect to my games... then i got dropped from live like 4 times or more!!!



    on the plus side, i did get to here the shady-meisters dulcet tones briefly before i got dropped...


      You should totally play TF2 ;) it gives you powers, so I hear*

      *may not actually give you powers

        Already have it on Steam, Miss. Consumer! :D

        I'd be more than happy to jump into a game with you sometime, and the rest of the gang here, too!

          WOOOOOOOOP! Let's do it! We should totally do a Kotaku AU TF2 playdate, cuz i'm pretty sure almost everybody has it..

            I have not played in months. Is there a 7 GB hat update waiting for me?

              Months, you say? Better round it up and assume it's 10GB update.

              whats your steam ID Bish?

                I am the Fat one in the Kotaku Steam group.
                Or maybe I'm Fatty? I don't remember! /o\
                Whichever one starts with "Fat" and doesn't end with "Shady".

                  So THAT'S who fatty is!!!

                  Lol i completely forgot!

        My TechStation also has TF2 installed in its databanks and I keep it as fully updated as possible.

      do a ping test on your modem to see if it's dropping packets.. put your pc on the cable the xbox is on, and try ping -t
      that'll do a continuous ping test and you'll soon see if it's dropping packets. If it's a random packet drop, you might be outta luck bar maybe changing the cable, but if it's pretty constant, then look to the modem logs and see if there's any hints in there as to what's going on. If you want help, let me know and I can remote in and have a gander if you like.

        I love it when you go all tecnical, welbot.

        I have a full-on robot chubby!!!

    So wait, we have two nohandles now??

      I struggled to keep up when there was just one.

    Guys and gals who play LA Noire:

    Yayay, I'm back in Brisland! And I have internets again! But ah... woah, so many new names in here this week. I go for a few days and the whole place changes! At first I was thinking I'd say hello to everyone, but I stopped keeping track of new names after the first million. But welcome!

    And also... still no Jimu? No brudda? :'(


      Only during work home nets, boo hoo.

        Woooo! (someone replied! [and it was brudda!])

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Speaker and Honoured Guests, I've figured something out...

    There is no such thing as nostalgia...

    ...Well, there is, but it's often correct, and not a fabrication of our minds' developed over years of separation.

    I'll begin by telling you that instead of studying on the weekend, I played Morrowind. It is STILL my favourite game. Ever.

    I then proceeded to play (for the first time, after much encouragement by friends) to play Thief 3. I imagined it was merely a good game that nostalgia had moulded into a warm memory for my friends. I was wrong. It is amazing.

    In order to ensure I've not gone mad, I went even further back, to 2001; to Deus Ex. Once more, amazing.

    Through the arguments presented above, Mr. speaker, I hereby denounce the existence of nostalgia, and proclaim modern game developers: "crap".

    Well, they aren't exactly awful... but where are the Morrowind's and Deus Ex's, the Thief's and the Hitman's? Sure, sequels are incumbent for all of those games just mentioned, but where has the magic of games' gone?

    I've already proven to myself that it isn't the fact that I'm getting older, because I still thoroughly enjoy the games I played when I was younger, I think dev's have become too involved with money, and not the game itself.

    It is here I must conclude, Mr. Speaker and Audience, for I could write a thesis paper on the topic and still not be done (don't challenge me, I'll do it...)


      Challenge declared!

      Also, nostalgia is real. It just doesn't apply to genuinely good games.

        Then perhaps it is because I have such a polar view of games: They are either good, or they are bad.

        Because, so far, I've not felt nostalgia has misled me in any way. If I write down a quick list of games I feel nostalgic about, I think you'll agree that most of them are great games:
        - Morrowind
        - NOLF 1 and 2
        - Flight Simulator 2000 (not even kidding)
        - The Logical Journey: Zoombinies (if anyone has a copy of this, or knows where I can find one, I will love you for eternity)
        - Hitman 2 and 3. (I still haven't played #1)
        - Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Thankfully, it's remake is excellent also)
        - RollerCoaster Tycoon
        - etc...

        I still think that if I went back to each of these games, I would not be disappointed!

          I would love, LOVE, to see a new NOLF game, made with all the charm and style of its predecessors. If I can criticise the two games, it's the 1 had a better atmosphere, but 2 had better gameplay.

      Cool story, now get yo ass back on HoN ;P

      How many games left till ur leaver stat is cleared?

        27, and my PSR is dropping dramatically :(

        I hate pubs...

          If it makes you feel any better, PSR means nothing! You could have rotten luck and be constantly stuck with a-holes.

      Modern game developers are crap?? Aren't you forgetting about the Portal games??
      But yeah, *most* game developers are crap these days. Luckily we still get a few gems every now and then.

        Sturgeon's Law:

        90% of everything is crap.

        Ever notice how movies set in the past always contain just those awesome songs that have withstood the test of time? Now watch actual movies from that time period and see how many bad songs that were popular at the time pop up.

        Things weren't better back then, we just ignore the bad parts.

        Boom nostaligad.

          That's actually an interesting point... Maybe nostalgia is just the removal of the bad parts, rather than highlighting the good ones...

            I think it's also the blindness of the bad.

            Like how Serrels claims the old Indian Jones films are good.

            When it's obvious they are all the same level of average.

        The portal games are good, admittedly, but I don't imagine that in 10 years time I'll want to go back and play them. I wouldn't even say that the half-life series is the god-send of the FPS world as others make it out to be... it's fun at times, but it's by no means great (In MY opinion).

      I think you may be on to something there. At least with games. Cartoons is a whole 'nother story. Do NOT go back and relive your favourite '80s cartoons it will make you cry.
      I think there are still new games like your Morrowinds and Deus Exs, they're just harder to find because the sheer volume of games available has grown exponentially. My nostalgia games of the future are probably going to be ones like Demon's Souls and Resonance of Fate.

        Lol, agreed about cartoons! Dragonball Z was NOT a great cinematic masterpiece! :P

        I'm calling BS. G1 Transformers kick all kinds of ass.

          YEAH! Especially the scene where the big strong transformer cant free his leg from under a boulder so THE LITTLE KID comes down and frees him.

          I laughed so hard I cried!!!

    Sometimes Bee is amaing with her understanding of my hobby - ie. Buying me a PS3 for my birthday..

    Other times though... oh boy...

    For example.. last night, getting ready to (try to) play some XBL with fatshady, so i bought out the headset and put it on.. Bee turns and looks at me, and this is pretty much how the conversation went:

    "Are you f***ing kidding?"
    "what the hell are you doing with those"
    "it's so we can talk in game"
    "You f***ing loser, oh my god"
    "how am i.."
    "you are soooo gay"
    "how is it..."
    "seriously you look stupid.. oh my god"
    "don't be silly"
    "you're like one of those fat losers you see on TV playing games, you're going to become a fat loser"
    "are you saying i'm fat"
    "no, but that's what you look like"
    "soooo gay!"

    Thank you baby.

    thank you for allowing me to see that the stereotypes still live strong within you...

      Just call her an enabler.

        haha probably not the best idea, as it's my fault she swears so much more now..

        She used to be so sweet and innocent!

        damn me, damn me all to hades!

      I'm also scared of my headset.

        Well it was the first time i've worn it.. so i'm sure it was quite the shock to her, too.

        It did feel funny on my head, though... lol

      Ahh, so that's why I'm a fat loser! *takes off headset*





            You broksed my name!

            What's the Z stand for in "ZOMG"?

            (it's OK, I'm a dad)

              It stands for awesome.

              HI Dad!

              I have no idea!

              its just one of them things, I guess, like..

              .. why ROFL omits the T in rolling on the floor laughing?
              .. why there's a roflcopter and lollerskater?
              .. why do people spell "cool" as "kool" when it requires the same amount of effort?

                Few of the many reasons why I think humans are just so lacking in potential, when you spend time doing stuff like this. It proves no practical application whatsoever! :P

                Hi Dorter

                Lollacopter makes perfik sense to me. As does "dood".

                I always read ZOMG in my head as "ZOH MY GAWD!"

              I figure it's "Zombie Oh My God."

              There is no reason behind that, that's just how it is.

      Let's Play: Arkham Asylum, by Trjn, and 4 fat (gay) losers talking about unrelated things.
      I like it!

        If a bunch of gay guys were playing Batman: AA, i would SO TOTALLY watch that every single bloody time.
        Do you have any idea how hilariously entertaining that would be??

        "My god, everytime his cape swings i get a little peek at his tush"
        "oh stop it, you'll make me all moist and sweaty"
        "that doesn't take much, princess"
        "oh be nice"
        "ladies, shush, i'm tryin gto aim my batarang"
        "that's what he said"

          That is far too easy to arrange.

          We are 20% there.
          I know what the fans want!

        But I wear a headset when we're recording the audio for those as well.

        Oh dear Lord, does that mean that I am like you? Am I also a fat (gay) loser like the ones on TV?

        This does not bode well.

        Wait, is there anything particularly wrong with being a fat (gay) loser? Sure, I'll have to make a few changes, like eating more and becoming sexually attracted to men, but I'm failing to see a downside.

          Well, you'll be crushing the hearts of all those lovely fangirls.

            I have fangirls?

            Sure there are people who might consider themselves fans who are also female but I don't think there are any actual fangirls.

            If there are, I'm clearly missing out on a golden opportunity here.

          Health issues?
          We could be like those PS Vita devs at the Sony conference; out of breath before we even start talking.

        I'd like to point out that one of us is fat.

        Which given we're adults, means we're defying the average.

        Good work guys, gamers are skinnier on average than the general populace!

        I have a study here to prove it.

        Thus Gaming is good for your health!

        We should promote gaming in schools!



      I swear if I turned on Kinect she would have had a much better argument!. See Im no small dude anyway, but last night i was actually wearing 2 headsets. while I was talking to you. one XBL on and the other a PS3 one. I was talking on neither, but my son was next to me and wanted me to wear them.. so yeah, When she was calling you a fat loser.. i think she was talking to me! LOL

        Nah i'm pretty sure she saw your Kayne and Lynch entry. She probabably thinks you're another kind of heavy.

        the one that carries guns

      Wow, Chuloopa! With that amount of swearing she should either have a speaking role in Deadwood or put on the headset herself and get online - she'd fit right in with the general populatioN!! :D

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