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    Anyone ever played Spiral Knights? It's a free to play MMO that you can now get off of steam. I just downloaded it (it's only 270mb) and I'm about to try it out :D

      let me know how it is, if it's any good i'll join ya :)

        Ditto, I'm sort of in the market for a new MMO to try since Guild Wars

      I played some Spiral Knights for about an hour when it first came out. I enjoyed it, but then ran out of time to play it.

      Now that it is on Steam, thus linked more heavily to friends who I would play it with, I imagine I'll give it another shot when my Internet situation becomes more reliable in about a week.

      It's pretty okay, as free MMOs go.
      Shooting and slashing things is always fun, and some of the bosses are interesting enough to fight (rather than just being a meatshield that takes ages to kill).
      Didn't really hold my attention though, possibly because I played it when it was invite only and there was no one else to play with.
      Also because random people kept joining my party and hoovering up all my loot >:C

      Me too!
      Is it like a Nintendo Diablo?

    This is pure hilarity
    Probably my favourite act from Australia's Got Talent last night.

      Wow. His Cleese is SPOT-ON!

        I LOVE AGT!!

        this guy was one of the highlights of the night.

        As soon as he did Cleese i was literally tom-cruise-bouncing on my sofa. It was so spot-on and hillarious!!!

        I realllly want the opera guy to go through.. but there was alot of a-grade acts last night so i fear he won't be one of the 3 to go through :(

        The first guys Freddy Mercury was so Spot On too.. he looks like him, he sounds like him, damn he could BE him! lol

        I agree. Some of the others were a bit shaky, but his Cleese was amazing.

      lambo... lambo... you were watching... what?

        Don't bag it - it's awesome!!!

        Much much better than X-factor and singstar.. or whatever the hell that other show is... and dancing with the stars... YUK!!

        it's the one talent show i still like :)

          But, but... its got Sanderlands in it. That's WAY more than enough of a reason to not watch it. It's like youtube videos... with Sanderlands popping up between all of them! *shudders*

    Blind. Mown.

    I want games to use this... EVERY GAME.

      You should play Flower. First level looks a lot like this.

        Oh wow. I just saw a gameplay video...

        Now I want a PS3... DAMNIT! :(

          That was really cool. Reminds me of The Third & the Seventh, a 3d animation made by one guy, took him a year to do. I've linked it b4, but its so awesome I shall link it again, but has grass fields very similar to this. Its beautiful on a whole other level. Its truly what modern art is. Watch it full-screen on a lunchbreak or something, you will be in a state of zen after it, I assure you. :-D

            I've seen it before, but I absolutely adore it! It's really inspiring!

    Anyone remember the PC game Dreamweb? It was an awesomely dark cyberpunk thing and man, someone should remake the hell out of it.

      *nostalgias* hell yeah i remember that game! was too young to really know what to do, but i just liked picking up everything possible! probably didnt help that my mum threw away the manual (diary) cus she thought it was 'written in blood'

        Yes! I had that diary too. But it was lost years ago *sobs*

        Dreamweb was such a weird game. You play as a dude who kills people because the voices in his head tell him to do it. Probably not a great chance it will end up on XBLA.

      I loved that game until I got stuck on some part.

      Weird thing is, I remember reading somewhere a year or 2 back that it was banned in Australia.

        You're right, it was RC and then an edited version was released in 96 apparently. I must've played that one. Wow, I had no idea.

        Found the unedited version for download. Getting on that shit. Wow 9100 kb. I feel really old now.

    40hm/h in a school zone...

    I HATE doing that speed past a school.

    You know why?

    you're only going 5km/h faster than pedo cruising speed!!!

    Seriously, at 40km\h i will not even look in the GENERAL DIRECTION of the school, especially if it's a primary school, for fear that someone might start screaming "stranger danger!!".

    I just dive right on past looking directly at the road 5 meters in front of my car!!!

    What's worse is that i know the actual pedo's doing drive by's will be all like "just obeying the law... driving slowly in a school zone"

    You know what we did when i was in primary school??




      This is the post of the year. I'm serious.

        + 1

        also extra points for making me snort loudly so everybody starts staring at me while im at work

      It disturbs me that you thought of this.

      Also, if you value your life and/or sanity do not go anywhere near a school at start/finish times if you can help it. Parents picking up/dropping off their kids are the worst, most dangerously impatient drivers ever. They're the ones the speed limits had to be put in place for but rarely do they comply.

        I have to go past one at finishing time when i do the banking for work.

        if it's not insane enough driving through the school traffic, then trying to find a park at the bank which is across the road is sure to tip you over the edge...

        At a school I worked at a parent abused another parent for driving too slowly in the school driveway. He reduced her to tears. It is crazy.

        "How am I supposed to do any damage to a kid if i'm only doing 10km an hour!"

      I got fined doing 60 through onr once, so now all I think about is 'dont lose $350, dont lose $350...'

      Speeding/School Zone talk always reminds me of this:

      Great ad in my opinion. The UK rock at road safety ads (Oz rocks at anti-smoking ads)

        Is it wrong my first thought when watching this ad was "zombie"?

        It actually reminds me of the Dead Island trailer a bit.

    • You try being sent to do some work at a school. You have to go through 3 different security and criminal checks before you even get on site. Than they will send someone around with you to keep an eye on you.

      Yet if you do volunteer work at a school you are a community minded individual who is to be unquestionably trusted.

      Schools seem to be designed with pedos in mind.

        See, I do IT support for public schools, and I've always found it curiously easy to get in. I rarely have to show any identification. And preschools are the worst! If one were so inclined, one could just walk in and take a child and no one would even know, the "teachers" at preschools are awful careless when it comes to watching the children.

      Just for giggles, drive past a primary school while listening to 'Minnie the Moocher'.

        See what makes it worse is that my everyday car is an ice cream van that can only play "little red riding hood"

        For refference:

        I drove past a school this morning with Love Shack by the B-52's blaring.
        Perfectly innocent!



            Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John - it's from The Lion King, a kids movie!
            Every Breath You Take (I'll Be Watching You) by Sting - Sting was formerly of The Police, those fine men and women who safeguard our community
            You Are So Beautiful by Joe Crocker - a really sweet moment in The Simpsons when Homer forgets his wedding anniversary but Karl covers for him

            I hope this guide has not made you feel weird or creepy at all!


                I would jump in.
                The man looks like he knows some good burger joints.

      My response to post of the year:

      I've posted about this on my wife's blog, with a catchy little title: ALL MEN ARE FIENDS.

      It's not unusual to be thinking about this, given the level of suspicion leveled at every man out there. (Common blanket policies that exemplify my point include no man being allowed to sit next to an unaccompanied minor on any transportation)

      And as a parent myself, I find myself torn between being outraged for my gender, and being relieved that there is a level of caution protecting my little one from the predators that might be out there.

      I saw a sign that simply had 'SLOW KIDS'.

    Hey everyone! I reposted the article I wrote for Let Off Some Steam on my blog in case you missed it. Mainly because I'm a bit too busy to update my blog at the moment. HELL IS OTHER PRIORITIES.

  • Oh. Almost forgot.


    Six straight tonight boys.

      Hell to the yeah! Woo!

      I'll say it again: Billy Slater is the Sughly of Origin - he always delivers.

        Puhleeeease! NSW are on the comeback trail - I can't wait to see the Blues PWN the shit out of you redneck bastards :)

          Haven't you guys been saying the blues are 'on the comeback trail' for, what is it, FIVE YEARS now?

            I always love Origin, mainly because the selectors never pick anyone from my team, Wests Tigers so we have a full squad. Also, I'm a Blues supporter but Queensland is gonna win. We should stop trying really.

          Oldy but a goody...

          A man was found dead floating in a river wearing fish-net stockings, lipstick and a blues jumper. To save his parents the embarrasment the police removed the blues jumper before they arrived to identify his body.

          Go The Maroons!

          but yeah stamperific as a maroons supporter I thought you guys were the better team last game and we were lucky to get away with it - shall be another good game tonight!

            It's kinda like when Schumacher (Michael) used to win the F1 alllll the time.. got boring!!

            I'd love the Blues to take the series of course, but mainly Game 2 so that Game 3 can be an absolute cliffhanger!!

            Its always a great battle either way, looking forward to it!

    Going to record the audio for the next Batman LP video tonight (well, the next next one, the audio for the next one is done, I just haven't finished editing it). Just realised that Origin may make it somewhat difficult.

    Then I realised that we're all nerds.

      I'm wearing a Batman shirt at the moment. I just thought I'd share that useless piece of information.

      Why would Origin make it difficult?

        It shouldn't, but everyone is a Queenslander and New South Welshman. Well, everyone except Blaghman, who's a Canberran and Tech Knight who's a robot.

        So there is the ever so slight possibility that they might care more about that silly little sporting event than taking part.

          Melbournian-based robot, but still a robot nonetheless :D

          I think we have people from everywhere... Except maybe NT?

            I don't think I've seen a commenter from NT yet... I lived in Darwin for a few years, but I don't think that counts.

          To be fair, most Canberrans tend to side with the Blues, seeing as we're kinda sorta part of NSW.

          But then again, why would I care about a bunch of grown men running around on a field of grass tackling each other when VIDEO GAEMS?!?!? :-P

    Batguy is the greatest gamer of all time.

      Imma let you finish, but this guy is one of the best gamers of all time. One of the best gamers of all time!

        Every day Batguy watches this video at least once to keep him motivated in dominating us all.

        The guy playing Chun in that clip was on WCG Ultimate Gamer season 2. He didn't win but everyone else feared him. He is also the top US Marvel 3 player and always does pretty well in Street Fighter. Really, he's just good at all fighters, I think he has a couple of MK9 wins under his belt too.

        The guy playing Ken is the reigning EVO champion for SSF4 and kicked some ass on the weekend at ReveLAtions (or was it CEO? this is why there shouldn't be two majors in a weekend).

        Short version: those guys are both better than us. Although at least I'm skinnier than Justin Wong.

    So Sir Eats-a-lot is now Harli? Did I miss the memo?

      Im still secretly waiting for her to change her name to 'Hard Wang'

        It's only a matter of time...

        If she doesn't change it, I've got dibs.

          Wait! Got a better one.

          If she doesn't take it, I can take Hard Wang.


      Thought it was time to end the confusion. Eats-a-Lot is only something I created for the purpose of trolling Kotaku, then one thing led to another... it sort of got taken out of my hands!

      Harli is my tag everywhere else.

      HARD WANG!

        I see, I see. Also, I was very worried clicking that link (albeit intrigued).

      I don't think we've ever seen her eat a lot.
      Maybe after careful consideration, she decided to rebrand her image and trade under a different name just in case someone sued her for false advertising.

        Blood and damnation! That is not true! I eat plenty.

        I could have easily cleared all those dishes at that Chinese restaurant we ended up at during Sydney Mini Meat 2.0!

          Imma just sayin'!
          I totes believe you when you say you could have mopped up that entire dinner (I am not sure if this is supposed to be sarcastic?).

    Having a pretty tough day/week/month so i just got myself a bottle of V. I have not had one in weeks/months...

    If you prefer redbull then pretend i said that for a second.

    It is ice cold and hurts just a little bit when drank fast....

    MAN that is good!

    Now i'm wide awake and want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work...

      I too prefer Red Bull to V. But whenever I drink redbull it makes me feel sleepy???

      Are you bouncing off the walls? Attempting real-life rendition of Trials HD?

      Hope your day/week/month gets better =]

      I'm all about Rockstar, both in an energy drink and faux persona to impress.


          Yeah, you the guy with the backwards headed, Cole Phelps...if that really is the name of the guy from LA NOIRE.

            I'm confused... but I'll try and comment back.

            I'm no developer, and I hate dropping what it is I do because it sounds waaaaaaay more impressive than it actually is.

            Just let it be known, I do have caffeine fueled evenings bathed in the ambient glow of computer monitors watching progress bars/my life slowly tick by.

            As for Phelps, his terrible dialogue and dick-persona ruined the fact that his head was backwards most of the time I drove around. LA Noire is no longer in my PS3.

              1.I meant, "do you like the developer also?(R*)", not "are you one?"

              2.You a drummer far as I concerned.

              3. I'm diggin the game, am up to disk 2 now, which is the start of homicide for all you PS3ers.
              I always used to laugh at that scene when bart went to the arcade and Martin was playing that dinner conversation game "tell me more".

              Now I seem to spend all my next gen time playing convio games, LA Noire, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Alpha Protocol.

                You have now ruined gaming for me with this sharp observation.

      Personally, I would head outside and embrace the cold and rainy weather! I decided to take a six hour walk in the sun today, which was delightful, but now my face and neck are all red and flaky. My delicate gamer skin is not thanking me. If it had been cold and rainy, then things would have been quite different, and I'm sure I would be happier for it.

      Hopefully, this period of toughness that you are experiencing is temporary. Or within your control to change.

    So for the last few days I've been having trouble sleeping. By trouble, I mean not sleeping at all.

    Can't think of anything that's bothering me besides the usual stuff. Money, work etc. Nothing is that bad either.

    But I can't shake this feeling. This horrible, depressed, blahness that seems to permeate everything.

    Could it be linked to my giving up of soda? Some sort of chemical imbalance? Must has sugar and caffeine!

      I had a truly unshakable feeling of impending doom a few weeks back. it lasted about a week, and I felt absolutely awful. There was absolutely nothing wrong in life, I just felt like everything was bad.

      Turns out I shouldn't drink 3 cups of coffee a day. It screws you up. Really hard.

      So in conclusion, I bet it's the chemicals. Don't go cold-turkey, it'll only be worse.

      I suspect it is. I get like that if I skip meals due to a lack of energy so perhaps your body is still trying to cope with not having the energy levels provided by the soda.
      Maybe try to keep your energy up with other foods or smaller amounts of sugary goodness and slowly back off them.

      Or you could just be like me and have insomnia and depression. If it is I can probably help you there too!

      Well, it could be a case of seasonal Melancholia, you're old, right? (To clarify, seasonal melancholia typically appears in people over the age of 60, if my memory serves, so I highly doubt it's that.)

    Who was it that read Flash : Rebirth recently??
    I read it last night and really liked it. Crazy confusing, but the copy of the submission Geoff Johns made to DC that's included at the end went a long way to explaining what went on. The most interesting part is that whilst the submission is dated 2008, the last paragraph has been blacked out and pertains to the end of Flashpoint.
    DC reboot has been in the works for over 4 years?
    And while we are on it, thoughts on the reboots JIMU???

      I read it like 3 months ago I liked it. I had no freaking idea what was going on. It wasn't clear to me what the speed force was but the art was good and I like the flash.

        The speed force is the thing he taps to go fast.

        I read recent-like that he IS the speed force now. So any other Flashes here or in other dimensions are tapping him...heh.

          I thought he created the speed force with his little lightning accident in the lab and that it was tied directly to him. Although him being the speed force might well be true if it was clarified in later issues that I haven't bothered to read.

      Reboots are a "necessary" evil to cover up all the inconsistincies that crop up from 60 odd years of continuity.

      I follow my own canon. I just pick and choose what I see as the best, which means Spider-Man did not sell his love to satan for anonymity etc.

      Rebbots often do help sales but hurt the feelings of die-hard fans. Sometimes I even jump on or off because of reboots.

      Just follow creators, to hell with the marketing dept.!!!

      I need to read more flash. He was always one of my favourite DC heroes. I need a flash shirt too.

      Also, on the reboots. I'm looking forward to it, mainly because one of my friends is working on Superman.

      I read Flash: Rebirth, not recently but I did read it. DC seems to be doing a bit of retooling lately, the Green Lantern corps had their bit with GL Rebirth and then the Crisis crossover stories (Sinestro Corps war through to Brightest Day). Batman also had the Battle for the Cowl and Batman Incorporated.

      Looks like the Flash family is getting it now.

      I like speedsters in general, particularly Wally West, but I didn't feel compelled after reading Rebirth to read any more of the new Flash material. So as someone who is essentially a new reader (at least as far as that material is concerned), Rebirth was a bit of a failure.

    I dont know how people can say that the graphics to Duke Nukem Forever look shit... take a look at these... Also some are NSFW

    These are PC graphics...

    PS... these arent mine so all credit to the creator.

      See, the problem is, it doesn't look like that all of the time. That and most of the complaints are about the console version, which is about as pleasing as a punch in the crotch. A visual punch in the crotch. Point is, it looks a bit poo.

        The most i have heard is from the Xbox 360 version of the game... the PS3 has decent graphics from what i have seen, the thing is that 2K games mostly sent out 360 versions to be reviewed knowing that the PC version is the best.

        Its a shame that the game has been rated so badly... i absolutely loved the game, the general feedback has been positive, sure you get some people saying that it sucks but that is with every game, i feel that it was the reviewers expectations that have led to such bad scores, they expected from the 14 years development that it was going to be a supergame which will herald a new age in gaming where jesus will decend from the heavens holding a controller, but naturally that didnt happen to i guess they feel butthurt so they said pretty much every negative thing to say about it.

        I played it, i loved it... in the end that is all that matters.

          Well I'm playing on PS3 now, and I can honestly say I'm enjoying it. I mean, if you can just sit down and have fun with it, it's a good game. But if you go in expecting 14 years of anticipation to be worth the wait you're going to be thoroughly disappointed.

          In saying that though, I can't just sit back and ignore the terrible graphical quality at times. I'll admit there are a more than a few moments where I've been like "Damn, that looks nice." But I wouldn't put those in the majority.


    One of my faves, Power by SKisM

    I WOBOWBWOBWOB you all, Kotaku AU :)

      Can you shuffle? I've been waiting for somebody to teach me!

        Shuffle? Like with a deck of cards?

        That's easy, I could teach you that :p

          No. Shuffle like this:

          also, best music film clip of all time. OF ALL TIME!

            I don't believe I understood any of that. Thus I will assume my guess of card shuffling is correct.

        Shuffle? I ain't from Melbourne...:P (C WOT I DID THAR??? )

        Personally, I reckon chicks look sexier/better dancing teck than shuffling.. tell me what you think:

        Girls shuffling vs tecktonik

        I think it would be hard to do either to dubstep.. I love going off to dub, but it just looks retarted haha! Then again, when I'm moshing to metal it probably looks just as retarded.

        But when I strut down the street, it's LIKE A BAWS *nods*

          Alright, objective opinion, as I had to watch the video just to know WTF you were talking about.

          Tek looked hotter – when done well. Otherwise it just looked like an arm waving extravaganza.

          Shuffle looked cooler, even when the skill level dropped.

          Hahha, sorry but I think shuffle wins hands down.. tek looks too whacked imo!

          I C WHAT YOU DID THAIR!!

            Either way, chicks dancing look HOT, so it's WIN-WIN :)

            And Endu, really love your breakdown of the situation - good points, and I actually agree that tek has to be done properly to look sexy otherwise it looks a bit spaz :)

    Sometimes I write out posts or replies in the comment section and then not submit them.

    Am I the only one who does this?

      I do that constantly, particularly on Reddit.

      Obviously, I'm not doing that this time...

      I type things out and I am all THAT IS A WEIRD THING TO SAY so I scrap it because I am a totally normal and classy dude who is definitely not a nutball trying to hide it from other people, hah hah hah.

        Stand up job hiding it.

        Stand up job I say!

          Well yesterday I was going to post
          without any context or explanation, just like that.
          Then I thought against it.

            Oh, it was because I was, uh, stuck in the rain for an hour without cover yesterday.
            Seriously though.

              You know what (/Watt), I probably shouldn't have posted saying "I was going to post [this]" but then I didn't, because that defeats the purpose of saying how I didn't post it in the first place.

                Oh man, if I had Twitter, I'd probably lose sense of all self moderation.
                People need to know these things!

                Okay, maybe I will stop posting for a bit.

      No I do that to. Mine is more like "wow why am I saying that you dickhead, it doesn't make sense."

      i have only just started posting here but i usually wish i could take them back after submitting it lol

      I do it.

      I type comments and think...
      No, that just sounds like you're being a dick
      or No, you can be funnier than that, wait a while... something will come to you.

        Mine are mostly the Bish style of "ooh, that makes me sound even more crazy than normal," but some of mine end up sounding like "F*CK YOU, YOU'RE COMPLETELY WRONG, YOUR OPINION IS WORTHLESS AND YOUR MOTHER WAS A WHORE!" Which is slightly awkward.

      I wrote an entire poem about how I do that... Strangely I actually did submit it, but it was quite a few weeks ago.

        I shudder to think of the things Plainview doesn't post.

          Oh lord, imagine scrapping a 600 word piece, simply because you don't believe it meets the high quality of being Plainview.

    If anyone's wondering, my Spiral Knight's name is lambomann (yes, it has two "n"s, that's not a typo)
    For some reason I couldn't put numbers in my name...

      lambomann, now with a little bit extra man.

      I approve of this Mannliness!
      Visit the Mann Co offices, boy. If you can out-wrestle a lion in a pool, I'll give you a free prototype underwater flame-thrower, for all future underwater lion wrestling adventures!

    I am not great at fighting games. I enjoy them and I am better than your average chump, but only just.

    With the release of SSF4 Arcade Edition, I have a bit of a problem. You see, I could keep playing Marvel vs Capcom 3 and try to put together a decent team. Or I could relearn a new character for SSF4 as Akuma got hit hard with the nerf bat and so did Dhalsim.

    I'd also have to purchase Arcade Edition.

    It's a hard life being a gamer, I think I might just focus on my Let's Play and whatnot for now.

      Same with the fighting game skill, but I suck at SF, but I'm pretty good at DOA.

        I never count DOA as a real fighting game. I have friends who RAWRK at fighting games and have seen them get their arses handed to them by random button mashers.

        I do like the bewbs though!!!

      I like the fighting games where I can button mash and not know what is going on but also win.

        And play as a Kangaroo.

        Personally, I think Animal Kaiser is the epitome of great fighting games.

          That comment is proved invalid by the awesomeness that was Clayfighters 63 1/3.....Sumo Santa anyone?

          Kangaroo OR panda.
          Honestly, if I ever got into fighting games, it'd have to be Tekken, just for that.

          Next time though, imma get me an Animal Kaiser card, and it'll be on.

        I am horrible at fighting games, my 'strategy' is too usually join the dreaded one-move spammers! None of my friends wanted to play Killer Instinct with me all because of Cinder and -> -> Punch.

          I was playing SSF4 Arcade Edition at a friend's house on the weekend. We were both playing random, I ended up with Balrog (who I can play reasonably well) and my friend had Hakan (who nobody I've ever met can play reasonably well).

          To be cruel, I just stayed in one spot mashing crouching jab until he found a move to get around that. It took a few rounds.

      Oh yeah, I too suck at fighting games. *cough* Should probably watch that without the sound, background chatter was annoying.

      I'm the Xiaoyu.

        I think it's safe to say you would own me wholesale. I used to muck about with Xiaoyu in Tekken 5 and I just couldn't get the knack of switching between her stances.

        Also, Tekken footsies are plain weird.

          Yeah Xiaoyu is hard to win with at a competitive level, she ranks about mid-bottom on the character tier. My movement on stick is absolute balls - I'm a pad player. And all tournaments are on arcade machines, meaning they're always using joysticks =|

          Been meaning to give MvC3 a whack too but just haven't had the time. Have you seen the replay from Australia's top MvC3 player?

            I might have seen ToxY play during a Wednesday Night Fight stream, but I don't know who Australia's top player is. Not for Marvel anyhow, I'm not exactly an active member of the community, I just watch streams and wish my X-23 was as good as Tatsu's and that my Doom was anywhere near as good as Cl0ckwork's (or was that clockw0rk? Can never remember where he puts that 0)

              Ah, Toxy is good but Humanbomb could give him a run for his money in SF!

              I cover the competitive arcade scene and so knowing who all the top players are is part of my job. At the moment, BRISBANE is absolutely dominating in MvC3.. for the recent Grand Final for the OzHadou Nationals click here ->

              Dr. What, I read your post twice and am still confused.

                From what I remember, before AE Humanbomb > Toxy. With AE out, I don't know how they stack up, just that Toxy has traveled to and played in some US tournaments recently thanks to his sponsorship with TTC.

                If Brisbane is dominating in MVC3, then I probably need to actually start playing competitively.

            I used Xiaoyu and Lei back when Tekken 3 came out. I stopped playing after Tekken tag and only picked up Tekken again when 6 was due (Have since went back and played a lot of 5). I no longer liked the feel og Xiaoyu of Lei. Lili is my prefered character for 1 single reason. Oh! Great did her p3 costume design. I <3 Oh! Great so much!

            I really need to do a propper refresher on Lili's combos. And learn how to use a damned stick. Evil, evil things.

      The older I get, the sucker I get at fighting games.
      I can hold my own in an arcade using Jack (insert number here).
      I want to be good with Kazuya...but I'm average to below average.

    For all the parents out there (NSFW - language):

    That is all.

      I was just about to post this.


    I was bored so I did a bit of looking at Twitter. I noticed the subject of Dr. Pepper came up. my husband is addicted to the foul stuff and we usually get it from USA Foods who are currently running a special on it:

      I've never tried Dr. Pepper. How does it compare with Coke or Pepsi?

        Like Pepsi mixed with cough medicine.

          You make that sound like a bad thing ;)

        It's worse.

        In the way that having your arm removed with a blunt hacksaw is worse than getting a paper cut on your hand.

        It grabs Coke and Pepsi by their ascots and promptly makes them it's bitch!

        You know why it's called Dr Pepper? It's got a PHD in TASTE!

        Dr Pepper = God's Tears, bottled and carbonated for your pleasure.

        It also shares initials with another of my favourite activities. That's right DPing. I love a good DP. Here's a picture of me DPing.

      Dr. Pepper is great stuff.
      Perhaps I just like the taste of medicine?

      I brought up Dr Pepper on Twitter.

      Are you twitstalking me? ¬.¬

        Dawdle posted a link to her Kotaku group once and I occasionally check it out, so yes I guess I am twitstalking you....

    So who is going to the EB Expo and what times are they planning on being there?

    I'm considering getting Saturday Twilight tickets simply for the WCG finals.

      HOLY S**T!

      This gives us an excuse for a massive meet up, right?

      Surely, there's going to be a fair few inter-state men and women hanging 'round our neck of the woods, therefore we all awkwardly meet somewhere, girls on one side of the hall boys on the other until our parents come get us at 9:30!



        I do like excuses...

    Had a lan on the weekend, had mates from around town and even some down from townsville over. Much beer was had and once we were sick of fps (aliens vs predator 2) we decided to crack out the old Dawn of War:Soulstorm.

    We've been doing this for a while now so I kind of know which of my mates prefers which races and how they play. One mate however, a notorious chaos aircraft spammer was playing as the Sisters Of Battle, and every game, he proceded to beat us like red-headed step-children (normally his skills are above average at best). He would have barely any points (hence no resources) yet would have a fully-fledged army by the time everyone else barely had 2 squads.

    A booze break was taken, and determined to overcome my mates new-found soulstorm prowess, I watched the replay and googled some Sisters multiplayer strategies. Whilst searching I stumbled upon a 'cheat' of sorts, where a Sisters player could build and cancel an upgrade repeatedly which would return more resource than what it originally cost. Surely enough, the jackass had been exploiting this to build up his army.

    Has anyone else ever been subject to a 'cheat' such as this? I'm not talking about the plentitude of hacks that are rife in online play, but in an intimate lan this was the last thing I was expecting.

    For those of you actually interested in this lame story, sweet justice was achieved in the taping on a frozen bait prawn on the inside of his case. He still hasn't replied to my texts asking if he'd like to go fishing this weekend.

    • Was playing guitar hero with my brother once and all of a sudden had a guitar controller smash into the back of my head. That put me off my game for a bit. I got him back though. Bloody siblings.

        Wooooooooooooooooow! That's nuts!

        The closest I ever got to that was when I beat my little brother at Hi-Octane on PS1 so he went outside and learned how to skate and became cool.

          I kept seeing this comment when I went to post, without knowing who posted it, or the context.

          Thank You.

        Ah yeah, siblings. I threw a tennis racquet at my brothers face for beating me once. His nose has never been the same since.

    You know, I've been thinking what TV would be like if it was like Cheap$kate Gamer...
    "Tonight on Channel 8, Funniest Work Videos at 6:30 or whenever we feel like it"
    Oh, and by the way, I've sent Cheapskate off to you Mark, but the subject is "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Cheap$kate Gaming" so I hope it hasn't been eaten by your spam filter.

    so as i may have mentioned before, i like to chiptune, well i finally have produced something i think may have worth to put up

    it is titled: Pink is just another shade of red
    and is a WORK IN PROGRESS, it is not complete! i still have a little bit left to go (adding percussion/guitars) but i thought i'd just show you guys what i'm doing, anyway, enjoy! :D

      Nice, I like it.

      Living up to your name I see. It reminds me of megaman vs.pokemon in a good way.

      I like a lot! The instrumenty thingy you start at 0:30 is a bit too high pitched for my liking, but other than that, I think it's pretty awesome. Don't know if you've heard of Bear and Walrus, but I think you may like them. Here's my favourite song they've made:

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