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    Hong Kong PlayStation Store is back up!

    the welcome back games are The Last Guy, Come on LocoRoco! Buu Buu Cocoreccho!, Trash Box, Hustle Kings and Wipeout HD.

    any suggestions?

    Still no JP store :(

      How many ID's do you have?
      You're like Jason Bourne!

        Awesome reply :D

        I could tell you. But then I'd have to kill you.

        6. Aus, UK, US, Jap, HK, GF's ID.

        Oh shit. Now I have to kill you.


    Best price (instore) for -
    Child of Eden: Dick Smith: $69.94
    Alice: Madness Returns: $99.

    Hopefully there are some better prices for Alice soon!!

      Alic is $89 on the website but I think I'll just get my copy from for $60 and just wait.

      I want to play this game but not enough to pay an extra $30+ just to avoid waiting a few weeks that I probably won't play it anyhow.

        I picked up Alice from the US thinking I'd be tricky and get my girlfriend to send me the code to play the first game while waiting on 2 to arrive in the mail.

        EA managed to throw a monkey wrench in my awesome plan of awesomness by not making Alice 1 a downloadable game, but DLC requiring the disc for the new one. Tricksy hobbitses.

          They should have made the first available as a teaser thing to get me it stands I will not be purchasing said game because a0 I have no idea if I'll like it and 3) I have no money...for the next 30 GODDAMM YEARS!!!

        The Game is price is online only :(

    Let's Play Batman Arkham Asylum Part 8, starring Blaghman, Bish, Rocketman, Tech Knight and me.

    It's fun times, we cover the first section of the game where things just aren't quite right. Also, a villain desperately needs a sandwich.

      If there were tags, they would go something along the lines of: Gary Oldman is a pretty cool guy, Groin dots and groin shots, Guys what do you mean you have never played Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines


        I really should retag my videos to be slightly more accurate.

        Every video you feature in needs a reference to groins, almost all of them need a "failed counter counter" and the next one will definitely need some that make use of rocky puns.

          Stone related puns so bad they rock.

          We talk so much nonsense you would think we were stoned.

          As the video went on, we only got boulder.

          I am digging these puns.

          Watch Trjn's battle Bane against Bane. He tries everything. He leaves no stone unturned.

          The next pun is only a stone's throw away.

          These puns are pretty igneous, if I do say so myself.

          Gosh darnit, why is it you always think of more stuff way after all's said and done.

            L'esprit d'escalier.

            We really need an English equivalent of the term aside from "like that bit in Seinfeld when George thought of the Jerk Store retort after it was too late".

  • I've been away from TAY all week trying to get my car sorted after the crash I mentioned on Monday.
    Finally got it actually in being repaired. Apparently my policy doesn't cover a hire car so I've been getting a little damp on the way to and from work (1 hour there, 1.5 to 2 hours back)as I'm stuck on my motorbike.

    Sounds like I'm without a car for the next week and a half at the least. I'm praying the weather clears up.

    Then I discover LulzSec has attacked both minecraft and EVE online. If they took down world of tanks I'd suspect they were just targeting me!

      Take take on the bike man! I gave up riding motorbikes long ago, when a best mate of mine was on a dirt track in the middle of nowhere, came round a corner and a 4x4 slammed into him head on. The impact made his leg hang on only by small strand of skin at the back, all lower leg was crushed into mince meat. To make matters worse, the driver took off on account of being an arsehole and 14 and in his parents car which he had stolen. Luckily, on his way out a couple bushwalking noted his car and heard my mate screaming b4 he passed out. They called in a rescue chopper, which saved my mate. They tried to save his leg, took massive straps of skin off his back and tried using it on his leg, mostly held together with a weird mesh stuff. It was really horrid to look at, I passed out when I saw it. Anyways, it got golden staf in it after 4 months laying in a hospital bed so it was removed entirely (they should have done that to begin with really). Anyway, the 4x4 driver was caught (thanks to the bushwalkers) and he was kindly given a $100 fine and a stern talking to from the judge. That was it... >:-(

      Anyway, the point of the story is, I sold my motorbike after I saw his mangled leg in hospital. So I emplore you to be safe mate, those things are death traps, good fun, but death traps!

        * first 2 words should be
        take CARE!
        gah. too early!

        Reading your post made me angry. Our justice system is bullshit sometimes. Being under 18 doesn't automatically make you void of evil.

          Sorry Harli, but it makes me mad too. It was ridiculous, and horrifically unfair. My mate wears a prosthetic leg for the rest of his life, and that kid probably forgot about it all years ago. There is rarely any justice these days. Mind you, without those bushwalkers, he would have died once he'd passed out so he tries to focus on that. He's a better man than me because he's let it go, whereas I still hate that kid.
          Just take care on that motorbike Gorzy!

            No need to be sorry Q-bo, I'd rather not be ignorant of what goes on around me.

            I shall just try to convince myself that karma will make him pay. And your friend is amazing to be able to move on past that. Kudos to him for taking the moral highground.

              I've been involved in the justice system before and it really sucks much of the time. I just wish I could think of a better system.

              Well I had considering taking over the world and just vetoing any decisions made by any court anywhere in the world and imposing my own but the world is such a big place, it'd seriously cut into my gaming time.

            Thank you for your concern Q.
            I always try to be extra careful when I ride but it make it easy when people don't look. The closest calls I've had have been idiots not looking if there is someone next to then when changing lanes. Each time I'm just cursing along at the speed limit in the flow of traffic, staying in my lane etc.
            Makes me wish I had a much louder horn, preferably one people in cars can actually hear, or better yet an shotgun and Arnie's mad terminator skills.

            Even with wet weather gear I usually try to avoid riding in the rain as it just makes it that much harder for people to see me (those that bother looking.)

            Oh, And do you know what nickname ambulance drivers have for motorbike riders?


              Good old donorcycles.
              I've always wanted a bike, but haven't since my mum would kill me (which sort of defeats the point, but just roll with it).
              She was a nurse in the Navy and they had a whole ward dedicated to motorcycle accidents. The Navy boys would get shore-leave, get smashed, then get smashed some more (On a bike).
              Funny story: At the start of one shift she encountered a patient, all plastered up like in the cartoons. He had all kinds of injuries and broken bones, and naturally my mum assumed he was another bike accident.
              Not quite...
              The sailor had hit the town one evening, become suitably innebriated...
              Then attempted to steal an elephant from a circus.
              The elephant was not impressed.

                new sales pitch

                "Buy a motorbike - they're not as dangerous as an angry elephant!"

    Oh geez my work server isn't up still. This isn't even funny anymore. On the brightside I'm now steam rolling super meat boy thanks to my training on vvvvvv. Yay for countless deaths

      We just got a new server and it sounds like an XBox 360 in here.

    Hey Mark, was there a "This week in games" post this week? I can't find it :(

      Missed it because it was a holiday on Monday, then I was off on tuesday as a result of a nasty skateboarding accident. By wednesday I figured it might be a little late.

        Maybe we can just rally a few titles off in here? I myself will be looking to play 'Armed and Dangerous', possibly 'Armed Invasion', and if I get time I've been keeping my eye on 'ArmA: Armed Assault'.

          Is Wild Arms available on PSN? That game I played for a whole 2mins once!

            Actually I finished that game, loved it! Although I was convinced the whole way through that there would be another anime fmv like the one in the intro. There wasn't.

    Update to Acrobat Reader notification on my PC this morning.

    Updated, rebooted... now windows wont start!

    Ugh.. well if startup/windows repair doesn't work when I get home tonight I'll be doing a reinstall.

    I haven't had something like this happen to me in the better part of a decade (dream run I guess) but methinks its time for me to invest in some disk imaging software and do OS backups on a semi regular basis.

    What really irks me is not having to do a reinstall its losing a activation on the upteen different games I have on PC that have limited activations. Yay for DRM.

      Cant agree more on DRM crap. Hopefully it will boot into safe-mode. Also, I gave up on Acrobat long ago, takes too long to start and is a bucket of problems, lookup and give 'foxit' a go. Starts in like 2 seconds and is wayyyy more stable than Mark on a longboard. ;-)

    Reposted from Twitter:

    I had the weirdest dream that combined Naruto and the Karate Kid (old one). John Kreese could go invisible. It was the best (arooouuund!)

    Also, PC at work was being a pain in the donkey this morning so I used my time well...

    And drew a WIZARD! Marvel at his awesomness!

      Nice! I thought he was holding a golf club, but.

      zomg! that is an awesome drawing. I wish I had your talent.

      Soo, any neat bits in the dream? Did the loser Sasuke finally die?

        hahah. Sasuke sucks. Years ago I imported the Gamecube Naruto fighting game. We'd get 3 people to play in a team and gang up on Com controlled Sasuke or Sookie as he was knicknamed.

        Fun times.

          Bahahahah!! What a good idea!! I am so sick of that guy's moping.

      Haha, nice. He comes from the land of Wind Waker!

        He's more inspired by Ryusuke Mita's Dragon Half, but I can see the Wind Waker-ey-ness.

  • Ugh. Got my high school 10 year reunion this weekend. Not even sure if I want to go but a mate is dragging me along to it. Are these things as painful as they make them out to be? Anyone got any experiences?

      I went to mine about 3 years ago and it was good fun. As long as there is drinking there is little to worry about. And if you are taking a 'current' mate then it is good. I got really drunk at mine and walked 6km home at 2am. good times.

      Either I wasn't invited or we never had a ten year reunion for mine...I prolly wasn't invited. Was a "bit" of an outcast(and not in the populor way like Outkast, more like one of those obscure swedish metal bands that you can't read the logo of).

      I went to mine.. about three years ago (wow i'm old) and it was pretty good actually, not many people turned up but it was nice to catch up and chat with the ones that were there.. actually all the people from school who were 'too cool' (read d*cks) back then were the ones that decided not to go, so that might of helped..

      haha it was a little depressing however seeing EVERYONE else was married with kids, but booze fixed that.. lots and lots of booze....

        Jesus, in 3 years it will be my 20 year reunion! Which I wont be invited to as I wasn't invited to my 10th either. Anyway, I'm too cool to show up...

      Dude, I went to mine a few years back and it was just weird.. ended up talking to a chick who did drama with me yr11-12 and she was telling me about how she got married to a loser and how it led her to the smack.. she looked smacked out of her brain actually. I just drank and rode it out..

      Overall, a very strange experience and not entirely pleasant..

      I had mine about six months ago.

      It wasn't completly awful.

      My Year had our one year reunion near the start of the year... I couldn't be bothered going...

    Hey guys i need HALP!

    Bee's mum just got herself an ipad2.

    She's asked me to find some good games that are suitable for 2 of her kids (one is 6 the other is 8).

    The problem is i really know very little about anything Apple Store.

    Can you guys suggest, first of all, some really good Free games.

    If there are no good free games, then perhaps some really good cheap ones?

    As i said, the 2 kids playing them will be 6 and 8, but both have played A LOT of flash based games, so they already get the whole simple thing

    thanks guys and gals :D


      OR, -shudder- Angry Birds...

        I wholeheartedly ednorse this suggestion! Well... the one in caps at least.

      Plants Vs Zombies.. hours of amusement for them!


    Yeah, you read that link right!

      What in the name of all that is holy were you googling for that to come up?

      lol ew

      Reminds of a part of a Lonely Island song where the guy gets a blood transfusion from a horse. I don't know why...

      Dr. Karl was talkin about this on triple J a while back - not sure but i think it was to treat lactose-intolerance, the bacteria from the 'donor' who can break down milk products is in the poo which is transplanted in the hope that they will grow in the receiver, granting them the powers to consume ice-cream

    JEEVES! Where are you!?! My T-shirt with you on it (?) finally arrived!

    Thanks Chuloopa!! :D:D

      You da girl!

      That really looks seriously rad on you! lol

      Is it just the picture, or is the buttler a little blurry? I hope it's just the picture.. i don't want to be putting out dodgy designs :P

      *goes back to melting*

        Oops, just the photo is blurry. I'm not very good at taking photos of myself, lol.

        Fear not, the design is crisp and clear! Good material too, feels very nice when worn.

          Awesome - i'll just go back to swooning then :P

      Apologies, mistress.
      Busy days at the household of pessimism.
      I am indeed honoured to be featured on a shirt worn by you, madam, in a position so that I may stare directly into your soul.

        Umm... Jeeves...
        Unless she has 2 souls, judging by your positioning, that's not what you're looking at.

        You dirty old bastard...

          I don't follow, sir?
          The soul is where the heart is, as I have been lead to believe.

            A likely story.. but cluedo has taught me many a thing in my time..

            The butler did it in the laundry with a used tee-shirt!

              Certainly not my laundry, sir.
              With my impeccable cleaning ability, there would most definitely be no evidence.

                AH-HA!!! SO YOU ADMIT IT!!
                I HAVE YOU NOW, BUTLER-BOY!!!

                *calls 911*

                Heyyy... why is it not ringing....

                Oh.. that's right..

                *dials 912*


                  It's ok. I feel honoured to have his likeness, painstakingly created by you, on this shirt. *hugs self*

    Dear Mark,

    Please tell us there's an Alice: Madness Returns comp coming up.

    We'd love you forever :P

    T-rizzle Chuloop-dizzle

    also, it's Thursday - lets F***ing rock!

      This (for the top bit, no idea what that bottom link is linking to. Let's hope it's Devin Townsend, or Devin Townsend Band or Devin Townsend Project or Strapping Young Lad. Hey guess what I listened to on the train this morning! Yeah that's right, Nine Inch Nails!!).

        Bottom Bit: Devin Townsend: Vampira

        Now listening to Deadhead, which i'll be following up with Bend It Like Bender :D

          Devin is a god.

          That is all.

            As I typed that previous comment, Ziltoid version of Hyperdrive came up in iTunes. Oh happy day :) Told you he was a god, he has powers!

      Does any of that last panel really happen..?

        everything except the old african-american fellow.

        That is current continuity. Is actually quite a fun story...what I've read of it(stupid library!)

    You know if pokemon battles were like this, I would soooo pick it up religiously!

    Make this happen! Seriously! Think of the hours you'll sink into this, with other things such as Higher difficulty settings for combat = higher exp rate (not a lot but still cool) and be able to change it in game. Your pokemon learn new moves that get bound in with it's own button combo... the possibilities and multiplayer would be epic as all hell!

      Far out, that character animation is AMAZING.

      this would make my life complete

    I love Serj Tankian for many reason, and i love this song, but this is the first time i've seen the clip..

    It's so powerful in so many ways... but for those of you who don't like their heavy messages, there are quite a few adowable parts too..

    I encourage you all to watch it though, it is an amazing song with an amazing clip :)

      Agree 'loops!! Such an amazing voice and talent.. have you seen the stuff he does with his dad, the more traditional Armenian stuff? That's really good too.

      SOAD have reunited for a tour, I'm hoping they come our way - never seen them live, would die a happy man if they did :)

    To anyone - ANYONE - who put Alien vs. Predator above Alien or Aliens in the article about said films... what the hell is wrong with you?! Did we watch the same movies?! Blah... sometimes I just want to cry a little on behalf of the film industry.

      I'm all for "everybody is entitled to their own opinion", but just between you and me, you are 100% correct. Aliens is up there with Terminator 2, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and (strangely) Patriot Games as my most watched movies of all time. I could easily watch Aliens once a week without getting bored.

      Game Over man. Game Over!

        "Hey Batguy, have you ever been mistaken for a man?"

        ...kidding, but I 100% - exactly , with no alterations or deviations - agree with you. Every movie on your list is up there with my favourites!

        Since you mentioned that line, I feel the need to say that my mum spent a plane trip next to Bill Paxton, and didn't realise who he was for the first hour or so of the flight.

      Here is the order of good with movies containing Aliens:

      Alien Ressurection
      Alien 3

      No, AVP does not even make the list...

        I... but... what...? Have you even seen Aliens?

          It is the prototype for every Micheal Bay film.

            Umm Aliens FTW - it has the best script, best cast and performances.. sure it's an action movie, but well-paced and intelligent with great moments of tension and suspense. Cameron's direction SHITS all over Michael Bay, Bay is like a second-rate clone compared to Cameron...

            Alien is my 2nd fave because and I like the horror/suspense feel and the claustrophobia.

            Alien 3 - great directing by Fincher, but the script is LUDICROUS and WTF I can't believe they killed off Newt and Hicks (even James Cameron said that was the biggest FAIL)

            Resurrection? Joss Whedon BOMBED... pretty stupid script and storyline, although I love the production style and performances.

              Alien is my favourite, probably just because of all the Sigourney Weaver heavy breathing, but as a psychological piece I prefer it very very very slightly to the second (Also as the original, and the art style, and stuff like that which pushes it up).

              Number 3 is good as an analysis of how the human mind works when undergoing stress, and I think that sometimes it gets written off too quickly, but then, it did have a huge number of flaws.

              Resurrection was dumb.

                Blaghman, we've come a long way in discussing movies, you and I... for I agree with everything you just said. Well done, for sharing my opinions, for they are pretty much the best out there.

    Neeson back for Dark Knight Rises

      You. Suck.

      I was trying so hard not to read these articles.

      Boo-urns, sir. Boo-urns.

      (I'm secretly beside myself with excitement now)

      What the?

      Trying to stay excited about this movie, but have a feeling that it will be a pale shadow of the first, and not even as good as the second... :(

      I like Neeson but his character died in the first film. I know in the comics there's those pits he can use to resurrect himself but that doesn't really fit the the realistic feel Nolan's being going for.

        Did you see the corpse of Ra's al Ghul? How do you know he died?
        I mean, apart from being in a pretty horrific train crash and subsequent explosion, he could be just fine!

    If anyone is interested, here's a still from an upcoming episode from our Web-Series "All Your Base" entitled 'Noire'... ;)

      Haha, look at you all slick haired and glassless. Look forward to it!

        We had to re-shoot almost every scene because I'd forget my glasses were on.

        Also I drove around Brisbane in a suit with slicked back hair and a skeleton in my front seat. Never got looked at twice.

      Ooh, channeling a bit of Noire there. Me likey.

      Did you guys end up announcing the winner of that competition in which somebody partakes in one of your films?

        Nah :(

        That was for a competition late last year we were trying to win. We didn't make it through but the video was still funny so we left it up. (Plus me long hair looks a-mazing)

        Glad to know you've watched the other garbage on our channel, though!

    How is today not Friday? This was meant to be a quick week! >:|

      Sorry bro, week's refused to go for a quickie.

        Now I truly know how Rebecca Black feels. :(

    Bowling last night was a very good one, all three games above average.

    Average: 137
    Scores were 139, 145 and my best in a while, 181! This made a stressful day at work yesterday into a more relaxing night last night. :)

    Q are you at home and able to jump on the TS server?

    As requested by Saxton Hale

    What ya'll have for lunch today?

    Me - last night's roast chicken, pumpkin and potatoes.

      World's biggest zucchini ball, big as my fist. Here's the clincher: it's $1.50. Yes. One dollar fifty.

      You may be jealous now, though Harli's lunch sounds pretty darn good too...

      Vegetarian Laksa from the best Indonesian place in Brisbane (Makkanan Indonesia West End)

      awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Bring on the curds!

        Oooo, I'll have to try it. I usually frequent the Indian place there... Sitar? I think its called. Best butter chicken ever :D

          Totally! It's on Hardgrave Rd about 200m after you turn off Vulture St.

      Two cheese, ham and lettuce sandwiches I constructed myself this morning, it will be converted into energy for my battery to be able to use.

      Oh and a chocolate muffin bar because my tastebud drones like it as well as a little more energy for my battery

        Am I right in assuming you're equipped with a Mr Fusion?

          Yes but not garbage, it has to be human edible foods and liquids. The hidden maker thought it was important that I fit in with you humans, and being able to eat garbage and live would make fitting in... quite ineffective, therefore my system rejects garbage input.

      Omelette with tomato and artichoke hearts, followed by a slice of cheesecake! All from a quaint little restaurant that calls itself L'Omelette.

      I might add that the cheesecake was an abnormal indulgence, but it tasted ever so nice.

      Last night's lasagne and chocolate cake.
      Better than yesterday's lunch, which was just chocolate cake.
      Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

      A Bondi burger meal from Oportos. As soon as I bit into it, I had to wonder why I didn't just go to Nandos instead.

      So far: 2 Starburst snakes and 6 Fruit Tingles.

      Waiting on my Thai.

        Brb, gone to buy Fruit Tingles after I forgot they existed.

    Dates for your diary!

    June 23 - Futurama is Back!

      Next week? Woo!

      Futurama is way better than even the simpsons. Yeah I said it. You got a problem? I challenge you to Claw-Plach! I choose my own claws!

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