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    Look at the loading bar for this video :D

      Having my laptop permanently on mute makes me more adventurous than most when deciding whether to click on your links Lamb Man. I can tell people this is Rebecca Black free, unless you count the fact that, hilariously it's among the recommended videos in the sidebar.

    Blaghman! I just saw your response to my Alien film discussion and gave you a special little warm hearted reply. Well, warm hearted in the sense that I used it as an opportunity to praise myself really.

      Just to confirm, I don't hate any of the Alien movies. It's a great series(AVP not included).

      I am aware that Alien is a better film, that doesn't stop me from enjoying Ressurection the most.

      You see how that works?
      I aint flaming.

        Yeah I can dig it. I'm feelin you brah.

    Mr. Mark Serrels

    I just finished reading that link to the LA Noire Article you posted at some point.

    Great article.

    Will you be linking to more great articles in future, or are such things few and far between?

      I will link to great articles. If I find them!

        Just so you know, I like your writin's too. Just can't handle the R18+ issue and have stopped reading to save my sanity.

        So, you'll be linking all your own articles?

        ...Hey, what's this brown stuff on my nose!?


            I used to eat nutella straight out of the jar. True story.

              I still do that. At work. Right now.

                Remember those little kids snack packs for lunchboxes that were seriously just a plastic container, nutella, and a spatula thingy?
                Good times.

                  Good times indeed...
                  Although I only got them when my friend's didn't want theirs (Which, as you can imagine, wasn't very often)

                  The main kids snack I remember is the yogo chocolate yoghurt snack pack that was square and split into two triangles, one of yogo, the other full of biscuit crumbs and you can fold it in half to dip the crumbs in to mix it into the yogo... ahhh good times of primary school

              And that's why we stopped buying Nutella in my house...

    1. Hat
    2. SNES Controller
    3. Tape

      Augh what, I swear I clicked 'Reply', damn me!
      *shakes fist*

      What a waste of a perfectly good snes troller! Really though, I need one. I have two and both have literally lost their start buttons. As in the fell out.

        Same thing happened to mine. Need a new one. And a new snes. My sister left it in Ireland for years and I think the box wasn't stashed well. It's all yellow and ewwey.

        I'm pretty sure I have two. I don't need more than one so I'll see if I can dig it out for you. Could take a while though, sometimes my house looks like an episode of 'Hoarders'. :P

          What?! No way! I wouldnt even LET you do that! You need two controllers dammit! For like... 2 player stuff. And even if you dont play said 2 player stuff, chances are your start button will fall out the moment you give away the other troller. So no little lady, not accepting!

      I like that there's screw drivers etc in the background. Made me lol.

        Same here.
        I imaginged a video montage involving sawing timber, welding steel, and dusting off grubby hands while admiring the end product.

    So it has gotten to the point where TAY doesn't load and all I see is the Logo and the Telstra add. I just had to refresh 3 times after my 'putener just gave up...3 times.

      I had to resort to turning on AdBlock. It hasn't been much help.

      Tad, Mark, Somebody, can you see why Telstra ads in particular seem to cause this slowdown?

        It's because Telstra want to slow down the internet so you think your provider sucks and you'll switch to them because their ad is the last thing you saw before your internet broke so they're the first company you think of when wanting to change.

        We can't do anything about it, unfortunately. We've told Telstra of our complaints, and they've responded by doing nothing about it.

        Sorry guys. It's a short campaign though, so it won't last long.

          Reminds me of the fiasco that is the official AFL site. Completely useless for everyone not using Internet Explorer through Telstra, barely useful for anyone in that situation and nothing that can be done about it because Telstra apparently doesn't really care about quality internet services.

            Telstra don't care about quality service period.

              So who does everyone get their landlines from?

              I hear the bagging out of the big two alla the time, but whenever I've had BIG issues with phones in the past, shit gunts like Dodo have failed miserably and Telstra has had to come in to pick up the pieces.

              They're not great to deal with, but they've done the best job for me.

    After 7GB+ of downloading last night, I got Monday Night Combat on PC, Ratchet & Clank and Wipeout HD on my PS3. That's the biggest off peak download I've done in a single night

      I keep forgetting to get my welcome back games, I did get Ratchet & Clank, but then I had to make more space for inFamous. Now I can't get back to the welcome back game selections...

        it should be in your lists of down loads. dw i gasped when i did this aswell

        You can get to it through Account Management -> Services List (Or something like that)

        Cheers! I'll try it when I get home :D

    I posted this on Twitter last night, kinda.

    Did anyone actually call Sigint in MGS3? And for that matter Master Miller in MGS1. I mean, you're forced to hear his rant at the start of MGS1 after that no mention until he takes out his scrunchie and gets all "Hello brother!"

    Sigint + Master Miller = Useless.

    Oh and if Rose didn't save your game I would never call her.
    Do you know what today is?
    Ugh, I dunno your birthday?
    I'm sorry, Jack.
    AGGGHH! WE HAVE CODENAMES FOR A REASON! SO THEY CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHO I AM! That's it! When I get home we are having a serious talk!
    Would you like to save?

      I was in love with all the talking in the first MGS. Used to call up everyone all the time.

      Never played 2 properly.
      Had a rushed game of 3 as I played it on a borrow.
      No PS3 so no 4.
      Loved Port Ops ...why am I telling you this?

        I've only just started the series, I'm up to the car chase fight right at the end of MGS1, and its giving me the sheets!

          Ooohhhh! With Meryl or Otacon?

            Otacon, I didn't know you could change who it was?!

              Oh Gusman... You'll need to play through again. But you'll have something a lil extra to make it easier.


                Is having Meryl the better ending?

                  It depends on what type of player you are.

                  Meryl - Run and Gunner
                  Otacon - Stealth

                  For memory the endings aren't that different, it's just the items you receive.

                  Also you need to wait for the end of the credits. When I was 12 and saw that for the first time, it blew my effing mind.

        Why wouldn't you tell me this!

        I started Portable Ops but then got sidetracked by the army collecting part and never finished it. (What a hunk that Campbell was, but!)

        Played the shit out of 1 & 2 but definitely played 3 the most.

        4 I've finished enough to not have to play entirely again. Plus I've got saves at the start of all the chapters so I can just start at the cool locations whenever I feel like it.

        Never played AC!D though. I hear that's a good thing.

      I called everybody all the time - otherwise the MGS games were criminally short :P

      The Codec conversations were the best part of those games. Even (especially) the weird Rose ones in MGS2, because of what it led to.

      I *BIGHEART* MGS2.


    Welcome to Kotaku TAY. Now prepare yourself the madness and rough lovin' that comes along with being welcomed into the community!!!!!!

      /braces self

        DAMN IT!
        the one day i forget my lube...

        oh well, looks like we're doing this au-naturale

        *hawks up some spit*

        I'm gunna welcome you like a pig, boy!!!



        I mean, welcome! Enjoy your stay! Buy my merchandise!

          ***awaits Q with TAY initiation paddle***

          Oh and merch is available here

            daw you're a sweetheart... but more accurately, you are now my pimp!

            Errrr, not sure how to say this but... well, ok, lets just say the paddle is in need of repairs. *whistles*

        I'm Dan!

        I don't know why I use a handle anymore.

        I pimp my shitty videos and then disappear for weeks only to reappear and write shitty jokes.

        I also lurv Titanic. ;)


        Welcome to die!

        Do you, by any chance, happen to have six fingers on your right hand?

          I didn't kill your father! Please don't kill me, I'm not prepared to die!

          Mark Knopfler wrote the music to Princess Bride. What a kick ass musician.

            The first sword fight is perhaps one of the greatest filmed.

        Grr... you humans are multiplying again... I mean welcome!

    Wow, some people seem to be rather passionate about the inverted/non-inverted debate.

    For the record, you're all wrong. Only my way of doing things is correct!

      That's what I always read from those zealots on that second line. My step dad is the same way too :P

      Unless your way differs from mine. If not, then yes. You are correct.

      To be honest I'm surprised at how many people said they played inverted. I always assumed everyone played non-inverted except on flight simulators.

      You think you know the habbits of fellow gamers and then something like this drops on you. Next they'll be telling me most people use their hands to hold controllers instead of their feet.

        That reminds me of something that tends to blow people's minds.

        Approximately half of all men wipe their rear sitting down. The other half standing up. Neither half is aware of the other half's existence and cannot contemplate doing it any way other than how they do it.

          I just got an idea for a new poll...

            This does not bode well.

          Wait, what?! But how do they... Why would... I don't...

          What is going on here?!?

            My thoughts exactly.

          this reminds me of the debate on whether to fold toilet paper before wiping or to just scrunch it up

          Also back to front or front to back.

          For another poll, I guess...

            Lifehacker did an article on that... I felt odd reading it.

            Ultimately, for guys it doesn't matter.

      The validity of that final statement is entirely dependant upon whether your way of doing things is the same as the way I do things...

      But I thought you were right. Which means if I'm wrong you can't be right which means you're mistaken. But if you are mistaken, then I must have also been wrong which means that you were right so the only correct answer is my head hurts.

        If you agree with me, you are right. If you don't, you are a heretic that must be burned.

        Really, it's quite simple.

          Well, the good news is the burning has taken the focus off my headache.

      I'm also surprised of how many people invert as well, everyone I know is non-invert. They get pissed when we're sharing controllers, having to go to the options menu all the time haha

    I couldn't help but lol at this so hard. I'm not meaning any offense to any christians on Kotaku, just FYI...

      Please tell me this is a dedicated trolling site...

        Yeah, Landover Baptist is an awsome parody website.

        I think we had some drama here a while ago about it.

        very funny stuff

      Ladies and gentlemen, if you did not know what Poe's Law was before now, this is a perfect example.

      Poe's Law states "Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won't mistake for the real thing."

      Even with the indication that it is humourous (such as Stephen Colbert) people can still mistake a parody for the real thing. Yep, that's right. There are right wingers that think that Colbert is on their side and is simply lampooning the left's view of right wing politics. Oddly enough, they still find him funny.

      Also, Landover is a parody.

        Yeah I figured that out after I read the first few lines xD, but since I never saw it before, this came to mind...


        So glad this is a parody.

        Was just about to start banging my head against the nearest wall.

        Also, Poe's Law is SO TRUE.

    I was chatting to my friend Penelope.

    Apparently her mum's two sisters wanted to start a variety act utilising sea faring miscreants.

    I refused to take her seriously.

    I mean, who would pay to see the Pirates of Pen's Aunts?

    Sorry. I couldn't come up with a better set up.

    Apologies to everyone who didn't get the pun.

      As someone who is usually too slow or uninformed to pick up on, well, most things, I must say, understanding this pun makes me feel unjustifiably clever.

      I am the very model of a scientist Salarian...

        The first time I discovered this (with no warning) I literally sat there laughing for ten minutes.

        So unexpected. So awesome.

      A young man gets a promotion.
      As thanks for their support, he sends his parents off on a holiday.
      So they go to Hawaii, to enjoy the son's raise.

        I think more than a regular 'ha' so I'll give you a low ha.

          I see what you did there!
          Maximum Smirkage Initiated!

          (Side note: That's not my own pun. I'm cleearly not as clever as yourself)

            have you ever watched any of The Two Ronnies?

            Ronnie Barker is a wordplay genius.




              You've probably seen this, but:
              (For those who are unaware, Orange is a Telco in the UK)

                I saw that. It was awesome.

                Can't say I ever liked Harry Enfield much.

    Whoever (Tad?) posted about 0.999 recurring = 1 earlier (last week?), you might like this.

    I just purchased a third party PS3 controller. The analog sticks are in the correct position (just like the 360 controller).

    The features listed on the box include: Comfort Textured Grips and Buttons Glow!

    Like I said on Twitter, I expect there to be war over this comment. So let me explain my reasoning for why the 360 is right and the PS3 is wrong.

    Playstation controllers are effectively unchanged from the SNES days when the D-Pad was the main form of control. Just look at a SNES controller (or a Dual Shock, or a Nintendo Classic Controller), the D-Pad is in the same position as the buttons. Effectively where they intend for your thumb to be.

    Then when analog sticks were introduced, Sony didn't want to change their button layout, so they wedged the two sticks in the spare space in the middle of the controller. If you are to use the left thumb stick, your thumb will not be resting in a position that is symmetrical with where your thumb rests on the right side of the controller.

    That is bad.

    Because I say so.

    The 360 (and before that the Xbox, Gamecube and Dreamcast) got it right by putting the main movement control (left thumb stick) in the same position as the buttons. So your thumbs rest symmetrically. The occasionally used D-Pad and right thumb stick are in positions where they can be easily reached for short bursts of time but not where you would plan on resting your hand.

      I AGREE

      Conflict resolved!
      I'm a helper!

      I think that may be it.

      Also, the triggers on the PS3 controller feel abnormal.

        I think that's because the triggers on the PS3 controller are made of concentrated fail. Which is why most PS3 shooters use R1 instead of R2 to shoot. This is something that displeases me greatly.

        I will still be using my DS3 for Demon's Souls. That is a game that clearly had the DS3 layout in mind when working out the controls.

        I really don't like triggers at all.
        I've tested it in MotionJoy, but they just don't feel like they have linear sensitivity (MotionJoy says otherwise). Maybe it's just my finger pressure sensitivity that's off. And really, I have no use for them. In games with guns they make sense I guess, but in games with cars (NFS: HP and LA Noire), I usually just slam down the trigger and go full throttle anyway, regulating my speed through braking.
        Maybe I am just an old man too accustomed to buttons. All these new fangled interface devices should get off mah darn lawn.

      Yep, I prefer the 360 controller to the ps3 controller too. :)

      My thumbs always end up bumping together when I use a PS3 controller.

      That's why I'm eyeing off the Batman controller.

        I was eyeing off the Batman controller. Then I saw this one for $50 and figured it would probably be just as good and almost definitely cheaper.

        Also, no waiting.

        So I bought it.

      I can happily play with both, no problems. Prefer PS controls cos the D-Pad is actually good. DS also has a good D-Pad.

      What controller? I am looking and looking, but can only find mixed reviews on all third-parties with decent analog stick placements!

      How do you like your new one, and what is it, and where did you get it, and what did you pay?


        It is a Power A Pro Elite Wireless Controller. Picked it up at EB from their sale, cost $50. Held it in store and it felt pretty okay, the girl who served me says she actually uses it at home and likes it. Cost me $50 and I'll let you know what it's like after the weekend because I'll be using it quite a lot in the next few days but haven't used it just yet.

      Actually, my fingers are thin so I find that the PS3 controller works better for me. It fits in my hand better.

      The 360 controller is a bit too large and chunky for my clumsy hands. And the d-pad on the 360 one does not suit my fighting prowess at all.

        I also have tiny little girl hands but prefer the size and shape of the 360 controller.

        Oddly enough, Carlos, my cohort in comic creation, prefers the PS3 controller even though he has large hands.

        I think that unless we're referring to the old Xbox Duke controllers, hand size is not as big a factor as you might expect.

          Pretend I said "co-conspirator in comic creation". Much better alliteration.

      I swear, I am not arguing for the sake of it here!

      So, I actually dig the symmetry argument, but feel that that point actually supports Sony's design decisions. You see, in most games that have 3D gameplay, I spend most of my time with my right thumb on the right stick, feathering the camera in the direction that I want to look. As such, symmetry would suggest that my left stick is placed in line with the right one.

      I also have found that, more often than not, games that don't have 3D gameplay, tend to play a little nicer with d-pad controls. These also tend to be games that don't require me to be using the right stick, so my right finger ends up on the buttons and symmetrical to the d-pad.

      I'll conclude this by saying that both PS3 and Xbox controllers are rubbish (or at least, they both have flaws). For some reason, Nintendo's controllers always fit comfortably in my hands... except for the Wii U's touch screen controller, but hopefully they have a few more months to work on that.

        I think that depends entirely on what games you are playing. An FPS has much more need for constant camera control than an Action/Adventure game. So you're the symmetrical stick layout makes sense for games where both sticks are used heavily.

        But if you're playing something like Assassin's Creed or Infamous, then the majority of camera movements are just going to be quick camera corrections. In which case the 360 layout makes for symmetrical thumb resting-ness.

        Taking a more subjective argument, the 360 controller has a better shape that I find more comfortable and has triggers that aren't so terrible that the developers nearly universally ignore them in favour of the other shoulder buttons :p

          It sure does depend on the game.

          Things like Assassin's Creed, which requires you to hold the A button ninety percent of the time don't leave you much room to feather the camera to your heart's content. But, when I can, I'll smoothly interpolate the camera around my third person action adventure hero... that's just how I am.

          It's worth noting that the Xbox didn't just switch the position of the d-pad and the control stick. They replaced the d-pad with an abomination. I don't like that thing... Not one bit.

    I finished my exam and back now! :D
    Anything happened from page 2 to 6 that I should note?

      Most excellent.

      Now that you're free, we have to make plans for your little venture into our city. After all, any excuse for a meetup is a good excuse. Except for the bad excuses, but this isn't one of those.

        I... forgot to say my trip to Queensland will be postponed to end of the year. :\


      Everyone complained about the tone of comments you've been posting.

        D: whaaaa?

          It was a close call, but you and Harli got voted Best Female Attendees at the Mini-Meat... :D

            I was disappointed that I only got a single vote.

              That's because they didn't allow my proxy vote!

              Dude, if I had rocked up in my arseless leather chaps like I planned to, it would have been no contest. I'd clean up more awards than Avatar!!!!



        I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite dubstep tune in the Galaxy (

        (Mass Effect themed - Short but very sweet :)


      I've been catching up to. Apparently , there are a lot of dick-ish commenters, Q-bo told a story about his friend that made me incredibly angry and sad, it seems loops and sughly may *finally* make a t-shirt together, and Gusman is now apart of the community.

        *chinese whispers* Don't forget Jimu apparently getting jumped by a pack of 20 Colonial Marines who disagreed with his assessment of the best movies in the Alien Quadrilogy...

      I was raped a few times as part of my initiation I can tell you that much...haha

        Gusman's orifices were thouroly enjoyed by all.

        Or if any females did some raping the other thing...

        You and I go to the same scouts, I see.

    Fellow Mincraftionians will be glad to hear I've got my water elevator up and running again, although Notch's last updated didn't make it easy. It's not as fast as it was before but it's still faster than climbing. More time to enjoy the view.

    It isn't perfect yet, seems to work 24 out of 25 times. The 25th time? well lets just say management accepts no responsibility for any personal or property loss suffered whilst using the elevator. Also boats apparently no long cushion fall damage when landing on solid objects.

      I've only just started Minecraft, I wouldn't mind seeing your elevator in action!

      Ah, so that's what you were working on yesterday!

      Must finish my epic new house tonight!

    Walked in to the kitchen to reheat my lunch and was greeted by this on the message board.

      You should get a permanent marker and try draw Admiral Ackbar's face on the packaging.

        Will this do?

          I certainly do not disapprove of this at all!

          *Falls to his knees and cries tears of joy*

 words. No words to describe it...
          Poetry! They should've sent a poet. So beautiful. So beautiful...

          I had no idea.

          Wow, everyone on here draws so much better than I do

            You clearly haven't seen my drawings...

      I think every work place should have free biscuits.. My old one did and I miss it..

      My belt on the other hand disagrees with this sentiment...

    Red powers... ACTIVATE!!!

      A little bit of wee just came out.

        wee?? i think i just cum-ay-a-may-ha'd

          the script for the porn version of Dragon'ballZ' really just writes itself doesn't it..

      I was wondering when you were finally going to do that.

        as soon as i worked out how to... it's only taken me this long


      (History dictates that epicness must now commence)

        That was so cool! I got tingles.

        Also, best Power Rangers offensive tactice ever at the end. lighting of the giant red fart? Genius!

        Also, welcome to the club Chuloopa. Have a glass of champagne and sit in one of the comfy sofas.

        Woah.. the dude with the pin code really ruins the flow, huh? lol

          Did you notice there was a slight delay after each number? Like an old lady at the ATM. I wonder how many times he can get it wrong before it locks him out.

      Aw, I thought this was a call for communists to meet.

        A Red Meat?

          let's beef it up!

            You're such a ham..

              Oh no! It's another high steaks pun-off!

                I look forward to a hearty battle.

                I just hope it can liver up to the previous ones.

                  Only for those who have the meatballs to take up the challenge!

      loops, you need TWITTER!
      All the cool peeps have it ;)


        Twitter is basically TAY extra. With more celebrities.

        Fatsahdy said the same thing to me.. it just seems so.... icky... i mean the word 'twitter' alone makes it seem like... yuk!

          oh 'loops.

          If only you knew the awesomsauce you were missing.


    Hey Jamie, just saw your reminder about Supanova being this weekend in Sydney!

    I'm thinking if the ticket price justifies in me going because I'm not that interested in anime/manga and other stuff.

      is this kind of a bigger Armaggeddon Expo minus RoosterTeeth?

        I think it's actually the other way around...

        Supernova was pretty lame when i went last year, so i didn't bother this year


        If you want to know what's on you can look at

        I wouldn't mind going but it was pretty lame being there all on my own :( If other people were going and didn't mind a tag-a-long, then I'd go. If not, I'll give it a miss.

          Yea, I've looked at the events schedule and exhibitors. Probably won't have much spare cash to buy stuff though, so I'll most likely not go.

        Yes, pretty much..

        I was gonna go then Morena Baccarin pulled out...

        .. actually who am I kidding I wasn't going to be brave enough to meet her anyway.. I just know I would pass out or say something embarrassing..

    Hi chaps,
    Harli referred me to a couple of comments on page 6. Thanks for the concern!

    I do appreciate it, had a really rough week but I'll hopefully be back around to post on Monday.

    And if you were previously on my steam list... I sorta managed to wipe it. I'll re-add you all tonight - sorry!

      When you weren't here.. it... it made me realize something...


      I love you, man...

      This place has mostly been sickeningly cheery without you.
      It is good to know you are alive!

        \o/ STEVE HOLT!

        Sorry, I can't stop myself.

      I DEMAND the return of the ChickenCat!

      Oh and Harli, your response to Loops' (totally valid IMO) question threw me to begin with. With the tummy rubbing.

      Too much thinking about baybeez at my house.

        ZOMG! /facepalm
        It was a reference to Strange's accusation of me eating AP! Now after reading your comment, I totally see it in a different light now... /continues to facepalm

          Oh I know. Now.

          But at first I was like WOAH! NO WAY!

            Since you participate in all the meat ups, do we now call you Super Meat Boy? :)

              Great name. :P

      Take care AP! You've got our backs (which reminds me of ).

    Killzone 2 - $12.50

    Yay or nay?

      Meh. Killzone 2 and 3 both have kinda forgettable campaigns, but the multiplayer is kinda fun. Maybe try looking for KZ3?

    Just logged into the Minecraft multiplayer server in the looooongest time. Any coordinates on where there is space for building a house (finally) but still relatively close to where everyone's houses are?

      I had to build my stuff on the outskirts of the main area :(

      At least I have an awesome view of blagh's house.

      Just do what I did and make it in the sky.

        This amuses me because it reminds me of Laputa: Castle in the Sky and "La puta" means "whore" in Spanish.

        Friday afternoons make me grasp at straws for entertainment.

          You're joking, right? Friday Afternoons are always the BEST afternoon of the week!

            The post-work portion is. The at-work portion not so much.

      Bish is trying to join MC server also.. I have asked for his details to add to the white list. If im not around Qbo can do it also!

    Hey Lambo, buddy. Do you want any re-imbursement for the copy of Zoombinis you're sending across?

    Also, Jamie, I still owe you $35, and intend to pay you at Sydney Meat 2.0... because I don't know how to do bank transfers... at all :\

    Also, anyone got news on Sydney Meat 2.0?

      Also, the same goes for you, Jamie: want any re-imbursement?

      That's kind of related to the meat.


          I may be able to go to Meats 2.0 now that my betrayal to QLD is postponed!

      No reimbursement is required, it's an old game that I think only cost $20 when I bought it almost 10 years ago, and I have another copy of it anyway.
      But it's still a brilliant game and has aged quite well :D

        I can't wait for it to arrive! I missed it sooo much! :D

    So! Good news! I finished exams! And I got work placement! Excitement!So no uni for me for the rest of the year, but I'll be working/reading TAY at work!

    I've also been playing inFamous 2 (bought the Hero Edition). The Hero edition came with 2 DLC vouchers. Once came with all the Pre order DLC stuff, there's another with a subset of those: Gold Amp, Original Cole Skin and the Electrocution grenade. Does anyone want? Send me a message on Steam (n0t0ri0usr) or PSN (NotoriousR) or just reply below. I also have a voucher for 50% off inFamous 1 when you buy it on the PSN, though it seems kinda silly because of the Welcome Back thing. But does anyone want it anyway?

    I'll drop by to check Kudos later tonight, but I'm going to go relax and watch Return of the King. 4.5 Hours of fun :D So have a good weekend peoples!

      Congrats!! May I ask what kind of work placement is it? : )

        No. I asked first! :P

          Your admin powers can't change time.....yet.

          I'll be working at Odecee (pronounced Odyssey. I asked why it's spelt that way, they couldn't really give an exact answer) Software. Not actually sure what exactly I'll be doing, I have a meeting with them next Tuesday. But from what other placement students, and even other companies have said, Odecee sounds like a great place to work. Hell, during the interview we started arguing about how awesome Melbourne Victory is (he liked Melbourne Heart. Do not comprehend why.) And it's right in the CBD, which makes my life a heap easier. Getting to Monash Uni from Bundoora takes me 1.5hours at least, each way :(

      Congratulations! Where did you pick up the work-placement?

      You should have a well-deserved rest right now, mate! Enjoy it!

      Congrats on the exams and the work placement. Will you be round a bit more then?? My need for a PS3 has been waning without your usual interjections :)

        Twisted Metal. Uncharted 3. DID YOU SEE THE E3 TRAILER? IT HAS HORSES. AND PLANES. AND ELENA AND CHLOE ARE BACK. Journey. inFamous 2.

        Satisfied? :P

          BASTARD!!!!! ;) That's what i'm talking about.
          ZOMG used to play so much twisted metal on psone!
          Infamous2 is causing me so much trouble at the moment. Damn thing is everywhere and everyone is raving bout it....
          Dammit!! I'm starting to convince myself already..

    Wait, before I go:


      Blaghman too.

        Yeah Blaghman has been noticeable by his absence..
        One cute pic for the week?????
        A Skyrim acapella with a DISTINCT LACK OF SEXY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!????
        Maybe he got a job?
        Maybe he got a life? ;)
        Maybe him, Latte and the rest of his guniea pigs are making a youtube remake of "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch...

        (oh dear god please be the last one....)

          *guinea pig
          least i didn't call em hamsters...

          HE GOT A JOB AS A DAY LABOURER.I make fun of him constantly about it. He wants to quit after a week. Every day he shovelling.

            Can someone post the Tom Green YOU GOT THE JOB video link please (freddy got fingered)...

            It just seems appropriate and I think of it any time anyone gets a job!

            I can't YT from work!


      Dude im here... dont worry.

      I work as a BA for a large Aussie Insurer. Specifically on the delivery of internal and customer facing software applications... I am very deep in a project that I have been working on for the past 9 months which is currently at various stages of release (staged release of different functionality).

      I have not actually seen my CBD desk for about 2 months, so have just been working where i can find a desk in Parramatta and homebush.

      In short, work is as crazy as it has ever been and this level of work has been sustained for months now. It will go for at least another 5 weeks also!

      So will not be posting as much that is for sure... but I am still checking in from time to time.

      Also spending all my spare time writing my Trials HD riddle article and playing an insane amount of 1000 Heroz.

      but thanks for thinking of me... Cheers,

        Hope all goes smoothly for you.

        Project work is doing my heead in at the moment. It feels so wrong, but I'd prefer it if today was Thursday today. So much to do, and I'm actually in the zone for the first time this week.

        I picked up 1000Heroz. Damn, that is a fun fun game. It both frustrates me (sometimes I shave off 0.1 seconds, sometimes I add 1 second) yet is very addictive. I'm tempted to pick up Trials now, but if it's as addictive as this.... I'll never play anything else!

          did you mean Trials HD (360) of the PC one.. Either way you should get them. A great franchise.. and yes this is similar.

          I am competing in a custom league called 'TRIALS' if you want in, otherwise there are a few using the Kotaku AU tag. Sorry but I have to compete with the Trials guys for this one, but MAN Batguy is a beast!

          But you need a 360 not a PS3 to play Trials!!!!

          jamemacusedmyhandle : 1
          NotoriousR : 162737

            I ummm, hate to break it to you, but I kinda do have a 360.

            Jamesmacusedmyhandle: 0
            NotoriousR: 162738

              DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

                I think the only way to get back at me is to buy a PS3 :)

      I'm here too.. been poking my head in every now and then, but it's just been.. one of those weeks I guess. :| Fear not though, I have not abandoned thee!

        That's good right? Business is booming?

          Not particularly.. I haven't been having a real good week to be honest. Had myself in hospital over the long weekend, and then recovered ok, but then today I seem to have taken a bit of a dive. I'll be fine eventually. Nice to know I'm missed though :) Gives me warm fuzzies inside!

            Man, that really sucks :( Hope you get better soon!

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