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    congrats to whomever wins Kotakudos, I am going to the lands of no internets...for the whole WEEKEND!

      Our thoughts are with you - light speed, friend

      Light speed..

      Speaking of winning what ever happened to the Dungeon Siege contest. Wont the winners supposed to be announced today?

    Anyone else read that ad up in the corner as:
    "We want you... to Talk Amongst Yourselves".

    Also, Jason Todd to be the Robin in Batman: Arkham City.



          Whilst Jason would be a twist, he is the Red Hood going forward, have you seen the "Flying Graysons Cancelled" posters??

            It's on IGN.

            The have it from one of the Devs who wouldn't talk about Grayson. They speculate that we may see a reference to Nightwing at some point.

              Did you read the article or you just trollin ;)

                I read the article...

                I only troll PC fanbois... I take my Batman seriously.

      This confuses me. Greatly.

      But also intrigues me.

    Stay strong, Jimu.
    Stay strong...

      (Reply to Jimu... Obviously)

        How can we be sure?

        X Truth
        ❏ Doubt
        △ Lie

        I think you're lying, Effluvium Boy!


          Oh, wrong game.

            I still haven't played Heavy Rain... I am a disappointment.

              If you are, then I am too.
              *disappointment high five*

              I just don't care. I like the idea of Quantic Dream trying to push the boundaries of what defines a game and all that jazz, but it's the execution. I mostly enjoyed Fahrenheit, and whilst the basic walk around and interact with stuff gameplay worked (wouldn't call it particularly outstanding though), the CRAZY PSYCHEDELIC BUGS WOOO QTE gameplay, no thank you.
              So when it comes to Heavy Rain, eh.
              Plus, I already know who the Origami Killer is, so that kind of takes away some of the story mystery.

                It was me, wasn't it?

                (Joins in the disappointment 5)

    Crazy chair illusion!

    This guy makes the most blind mowing illusions EVER on youtube.


      I've seen something similar IRL... I didn't recover for weeks afterwards...


    *cough* Sorry, my parents forced me into a job, and I'm pretty sure they only did it so they could take bets about how quickly I would give up on it (after 4 days I've only nearly stabbed people on 9 different occasions). So I'm sorry I'm being quiet, I really need to find a low-paying desk job somewhere, where I can spend my days on Kotaku.

    Let's see...
    Sughly, you have awesome taste in films, I disagree with you on some stuff, but I accept that you actually understand how cinema works, and form your opinion around that. Also, I finally saw Moon, it was amazing. AMAZING.

    Sydney Meat people? Something happening? I was supposed to RSVP for something at around the same time yesterday, but I totally blew her off (it's a birthday party, just to clarify) due to the hope that someone else would organise something.

    I haven't really noticed people being dickish, does this mean the poker-fool rule applies, and that I'm the dick(moreso than usual)? (I kid, unless it's true, in which case I'm sorry)

    Hmm, what else... Oh yes, I've felt there was a considerable lack of love for my latest video, and I'm really offended (that's a lie). As punishment I'm going to make another one soonish...

    Can't think of anything else, but I know there was a tonne more stuff that I wanted to reply to, sorry about these sentences not making sense, but I'm getting stupider every day I work this job...

      we'll make meats 2.0 happen if you come!

        In short, I'll be near Sydney on the 25th and 26th, so I can come to something on the afternoon of the Saturday, or at any time on the Sunday.

        Or some other date...

          You talking June or July?
          25th of June I'm bizzay.


            didn't we theoretically decide on late June to celebrate my birthday (8th), Pessimist's birthday (9th), and one or two more people's? I may be making that up though, because I'm rather egocentric.

            Whatever the case, I'd like a decision soonish, as buses to and from Sydney are irritating, but I would like everyone else to go to all the effort of organising, as I'm a slacker.

      But are you getting brawnier?

        No, this is me.

        I gain fat by looking at food, and gain muscle by... uhhh, yeah, I've never really worked out that one.

        I did experience muscle pain, but that was in my legs, because I decided on Tuesday to walk home, which was around 10 klicks in work boots.

      Nothing wrong with the vid, just a certain something was missing.
      Did you see my vid suggestion on previous page...?

        I'm sorry, I'll have more sexy eyes in the next one (the next one which still isn't Chuloopa's song which is now on hiatus).

        My next video will be amazeballs. (it won't be)

      All them pretty gals will be there
      Shuck that corn before you eat
      They will fix it for us rare
      Shuck that corn before you eat
      I know that supper will be big
      Shuck that corn before you eat
      I think I smell a fine roast pig
      Shuck that corn before you eat

        Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's off to work I go,
        I rake up muck, machines get stuck,
        Hi-ho, Hi-ho.

      Ah, I was wondering where you had gone to. Hope things improve for you.

      Sunday 26th is best for me. Saturday 25th is the day of WCG.

        Isn't there that other thing too?
        Electric Boogoloo Samurai Champloo Shadowloo Showdown?


      That's a little... excessive. :P

      But still, I can see how they'd be worried about the other stuff.

    Shadow of Israphel Part 24 is out!
    The cut scene was so beautiful.

      Silly me. Link:

    So I rented MW2 this week (just to confirm that I don't want it) and it won't even get me into a game, just keeps searching for them and complaining about pings.

    So, infuriated, I decide I'll show THAT P.O.S. game and boot up COD4 multiplayer instead (this is on Xbox) where I have no trouble getting into a game, but I cop rainbow text in the top left of the screen declaring that the game has been hacked, I look around (on "Vacant") and soldiers are dropping from the sky onto the roof!

    What in the hell is going on here!?

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