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    Hi guys!

    Business at hand: The Kotaku Meat 2.0: Blaghman Edition

    I had it in my head that this was going down in late July. Turns out it was supposed to be late June. Well, it's now late June and the meet is supposed to be next week. Not sure on how many people can make it so 2.0 might have to be downgraded to a smaller mini Meat 2.

    If anyone who can make it could post here or email me at cronotriggr at hotmail dot com and let me know.

    If enough people are interested we can maybe get someplace with a TV and play some 360/PS3 etc.

    I believe Sunday the 26th is the preferred day. This will be on page 1 for the whole week so it should be easy to find and add to.

    Poster Work-In-Progress:

    So, let's see a show of hands!!!!!


      I'll most probably be there, just need to confirm with my sleep schedule. (holiday sleep is important) :P

        The Doctor shall reveal all in due time.

        If enough people are coming, I will try and get the place we had Meat 1. (Hopefully FatShady can help there)

        Right now we just need rough numbers and to find out what time is good for everyone.

      Lol, epic poster!
      I'm in, will e-mail you shortly.

      There is a potential that my place could be used for the gathering if people don't mind the trek out to West siyiiiide Sydney.

        Out west? I think I could manage that :P

        Fully understandable if people can't make it though.

          Just you and I, getting drunk on moonshine and reminiscing about the good ol' days with them there uncomfortable nes controllers.

          Back in my day you only needed two buttons!

      So if we print out the flyer and bring it this time , do we get a reward??


        Are you making muffins?

          Yes. This is valid. I was promised baked goods last time, and there were a distinct lack of said goods.

            Muffins were not promised by me last time!
            Actually, possibly.
            THE POINT IS this time there will be consumption of orange and poppyseed foodstuffs.

      I havn't really been keeping track of the date lately, and probably would have forgotten about my birthday on the 26th had I not read the Sydney Meat II date and triggered my memory.

      So soon I will have a legitimate excuse to bring a new addition to my (gaming collection) family! What games are you guys enjoying? Any reccomendations for a mainly PC gamer? I play a bit of everything really.

      I'm in! Wait, Sydney again, pffft, go screw yourselves! >:-( *runs off sulking for 2nd in two days*

      But awesome poster!!! You need a pic of blaghs in it tho! :-D

        Methinks we gotta arrange a meat in Melbourne, before our CBD drive-in tax comes into play xD

          CBD Drive in tax!?? Thank god I've only been to the city maybe 5 times in the last 10 years...
          But, yes, we need a Melb meat one day.

            I shall most likely be down there in October. Start planning!

              On the same month as my 23rd activation anniversary, sweet!

              +1 for Meat in Melbourne.

              Just dont make it for OCT 2nd, Blind Guardian are in town.

            lol yes I read it in the paper this morning, but they're not planning on it going through any time soon, just the idea of it was just ridiculous and was front page material! xD

            Unfortunately I'm unable to host it adequately so it'll have be another :P

      Oh Balls! I had actually planned on coming to this one but the damn family has conscripted me into more manual labour on their behalf.
      Hell Damn Fart!

        Then make like a tree and get outta there!

        You know you want to!

      I'll be there, possiblw tagging along my current bf Jeff (yes I'm in a new relationship since the last breakup a while ago). He's "one of us", I'll try to make him post in TAY later since he's still having exams thid week. He said he'll outwit me at the meats! No way I'm letting that happen >:(

      So what do I need to email Jamie?

      It was me who promised orange & poppyseed muffins last time. I found the rare box of said muffin mix in my local IGA! So this is a one-shot chance; if I screw up then no muffins will be nom-ed : (

        Congrats on the new bf Dawdle!

        Don't need to email me anything really. Just thought I'd put the email address up there so if anyone suddenly can't or can make it, they can let me know.

      I'll be there!

      But I think that was a given.

      I think I may need to stay in Sydney on Saturday night, does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere cheap that doesn't mind some smelly guy turning up and drinking a lot?

      I mean, we have a solution for them in Canberra.

      We make them public servants, but that's an irrelevant matter.

      The good news is I should be able to make it

      The bad news is I am FLAT BROKE until Tuesday, so you will have to take me raw, unsullied with greasy foods and untarnished with the dubious scent of post-digested alcoholic beverages. I shall be imbibing nothing but Jewish wine (aka FREE water) or as I like to call it "Tap juice - freshly squeezed"

      Look forward to making your acquaintance, sirs and madams!

    I shot my twitter account in the nether regions and now have no twitter account and can't use twitter with my current e-mail.

    Wat do? Is it really worth bothering doing these shenanigans all over again? It's rather difficult taking a picture of me that doesn't look like I've had a fit.

      yeah my twitter is all stuffed up as well but what can you do. Besides feed it to the bluddy crocs.

        I did, but they coughed it up and promptly died.

        Now that little ragamuffin Bindi is after me for endangering wildlife. Seems she inherited her dad's machete as well.

        Nothing quite as terrifying as waking up to a tiny person in khaki wielding sharp objects at 3am.

      I dunno if you've heard but -looks around, whispers- all the cool kids are on twitter.

      Perhaps stop pretending you're having a fit when taking photos, sir.

        I thought you found my renditions of physical ailments hilarious, Jeeves?

        Does this mean you are no longer fond of my alter ego, Down-Syndrome Steven?

      Very good, yes??

        That's more a look of disbelief than pessimism.

        It's all like 'say whaaat?' when it needs to be 'nuh-uh'


          I googled 'nuh uh look' and got this:

          I'm not sure I can recreate that look with my MS Paint skills.

    Morning chaps. Everyone have a good weekend? Didn't get as much gaming in as I would've liked.

      I had a fairly slow weekend in gaming too, ended up doing a music remix on Saturday sprinkled with some zombie shooting, followed by more zombie shooting on Sunday night.

      Quite enjoying my RAT7 mouse, very comfy and I quite like the customization.
      Razer Blackwidow ultimate on the way today... a little surprised I'm buying a razer mechanical keyboard but it has the cherry mx blue switches (clickety clack). Totally ready to pwn in L4D2 tonight.

        You MUST tell me how you feel about the Razer Blackwidow when it arrives!

      Neither did I cakesmith. Saturday afternoon I settle in with a scotch, some takeaway and a reinstalled Oblivion (induced by Skyrim previews) for some gaming goodness, and lo and behold, the missus' family appears for a 'short' visit (short my ass!). Dammit! I lost 5 hours of potential gaming goodness. Also scotch. Scotch, scotch.

      In my belly.

        My husband just continues to play when my parents come over. It gives them something to watch and be entertained by, anyway.

          My problem is that my gaming PC is down in my lair (a room under the house I've dedicated to lanning with my mates) and my girlfriend flatout refuses to entertain her parents in there. Something to do the the musky smell of crushed pride and large amounts of empty beer bottles laying around :)

      I haven't done as much gaming as I would have liked in years. That's OK though cos my son is cute.

      I spent the weekend feeling tired.
      Watched a few episodes of Tenchi Muyo, forgot how crazyawesome that show is!

        Hearing this always brings a tinge of nostalgia and memories of joy -

          Waht is it?
          I caint tooob!

            O tats rite... its the theme music., doo doo de-doo...

              The first theme music with all tghe aianyness or the second with the I am a pioneer lyrics...(DVD by Pioneer)

                Ummm, well... there aint no lyrics, so... the first one? (I only ever watched the oav I must admit)

      I never get in as much gaming as I would like on a weekend...probably get in about 4-5 hours. Just bought Alice too AND I WANT TO PLAY IT MOAR!!! Did manage to fit in a Doctor Who series 6 marathon with Harli. Yay!

        *jumps up at high-fives you in mid-air*


          The Todd has a new high five, Doctor Who Five. And when it hits the tardis noise sounds :P

    Also, L4D2 night tonight. I am excepting no excuses given the paltry turnout last night. WE MUST HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE FOR VS MODE THIS TIME.

    Turns out I happen to be very attractive to boomers. Tanks also like playing golf with me on top of tall buildings.

      I can't do it mate, got an exam this week :(

      What time?

        7pm! Sharp!

          8PM AEST sharp now.

          Sorry, I'll stop changing the time.

          I have nothing going on in my life on this Monday night, can I be in on that L4D2 action?

            It's open to anyone and everyone, but it is a scheduled event for the Kotaku AU group on steam. In order to subscribe to these events you will need to join the public Kotaku AU steam group.

              and deliver baked goods to me.

                Tonight I will bake some goods (for myself) and probably not be able to play L4D2! Woooo!

                  Is this before or after your 'annual special Bishtime' that you seem to regularly indulge in?

      bring it.


          *flails arms about wildly*

            Like this?

              wtf... there should have been a hilarious image of kermit the frog flailing. Why did you snip my image code, madtod? Do you secretly hate my google image skillz?

                I think Taddy has said most html is stripped from the comments, in case someone uses it badly and breaks the page.

                  Aren't we perfectly capable of breaking the page without using html? :P


      BTW, I've changed the time to 8:00PM AEST to allow people to get a bit of food in them before hand but keep it early enough for the morning people.

      I can't believe you've been having L4D2 nights without me.

      What system are you playing on (PC I'd assume)?

      I can probably play a match or two tonight if you'll have me. I don't have a mic though so...

        PC, tonight, 8pm, be there.

        We use teamspeak, loops was on it last night and he didn't have a mic. More handy for the OMFG HALP cries when one of us get picked off by a smoker.

          Just downloaded Teamspeak. What's the name of the server you're using?

            I has fatshady's permission to share the details in private. Hit me up at the[dot]tsharp[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll give you the informations.

              Thanks. I'll try and get a mic by tonight. I think I have one laying around the house somewhere but I have no idea where.

                Check under the couch.

                Always good things to be found under the couch.

                Sometimes scary things, but mostly good.

      I was gifted L4D2 on Saturday. I saw you guys on last night but there were already four of you so I just crawled under my desk and cried.

      Or I played my first and second HoN match. Either way, the result was the same.

        I bought it for $6.80 pon sat I think... Im keen for a game if I can make it, but getting MiniShady to bed is my top priority.

        After that I will see if i can jump on.

    Almost forgot to check Community Kudos, good thing I remembered :P
    Thank you all you brilliantly nice people, you've all made my day today :D
    And Mark, that's one nasty bruise your sporting there, I hope it get's better soon

      Congratties on your patties lambomann007 with extra man!!!!!!

      It's okay you forgot to check, I forgot to reply.
      Super-congratulations, Lamb!
      When your stuffs arrive don't tell me what they are, I'll probably just be jealous again. :P

      Congrats for reminding me of the awesomesauce that was zoombini's.

    Wow, first time in month's I've been up at morning.

      Kyle, I'm a huge fan... but I do occasionally wonder why you went from dressing like a proper mercenary in Dark Forces, to dressing like a farmer in Jedi Knight, to all in black in Mysteries of the Sith, to back to looking like a farmer?

    Greetings world.

    A few new things from me over the weekend. First of all, Let's Play Batman Arkham Asylum Part 9 where we make may rock puns.

    Then there is also the first part of my playthrough of Homefront. Where I play through the game in a single night and try to talk about it in an interesting way whilst doing it.

      Son. I am disappoint.

      I got all excited when you said there was a few new things, but your second one was only another video. Get back to the writings, Bunny!

        Patience :p

        I need you to write too. I have never seen one of your vids cos I can't via work and when I get home I don't have the time.


      Now I understand all the references to rock puns last night. Loved the timing on under pressure.

    To anyone who is interested...
    Monday Night Combat is $3.75 on Steam, today only.

      Getting sick of these daily Steam deals. Stop taking my money dammit!

      God help me if they do their summer sale again.

        mate i got the same problem. I haven't installed half the games i own and i have played even fewer of the ones i have. But i will clear my pile of shame with TRJN in July. Viva la revolution

          Every time I see Trjn's name I feel like I want to buy a vowel.

            I laughed so hard I almost coughed up a lung. You're back and in fine form.

              Good thing I'm leaving this job, it's given me the opportunity to focus on the important things in life for a little while.

              LIKE TAY!

      Haha! Pick it up people, it's a blast. Besides, I gave my last copy to Tech Knight and he needs more people to distract me from shooting him in the FACE

        Hey FYI I haven't been on FPS's for years... and you were picking on me with that fracking sniper then that assassin ARGH! Only class I stood a ghost of a chance beating you with was the Gunner.

        You humans can be so cruel...

          Now now, it's not my fault your designers put your critical circuitry in your head-unit. Hiding them in your elbow or something would have been much better.

          And you got a fair few kills on me too, besides, it wasn't just your head mounted above my fireplace :P

          That sniper you had on Grenade III was amazing though

    Anyone else got Alice: Madness Returns on PC? I'm running a decent spec PC (2.8GHz i7, 4GB DDR3, HD6970 2GB) and it runs like absolute crap! Like, 15fps or lower crap. Also found the game was a tad broken. Every now and then it wouldn't register the double jump which is not a good thing for a game with platforming segments.

      I've heard similar things... it also looks to be far too expensive for its length/quality...

      The reason for your low framerate could be tied to PhysX. Alice has been made to FORCE you to use it (nVidia must have payed a pretty penny for that!) no matter what. I'm told that is the reason for a lot of ATI owners' issues.

      I've just played about 45 min of it. No real problems on my end though for some reason when the hint windows appear on screen my mouse seens to lag a big when go to click next.

    Alright, time for a little game, a game I like to call "What game will that Foxtel add imitate next". So far they've imitated GTA and Halo, I'm betting that they're going to do CoD next

    Is it bad to want to give away your Kudos prize? Oh well, I'm doing it anyway.
    I have one poor little unloved copy of Overlord 2 for Xbox 360 to give away. Free to a loving home! Now with added 2-year-old's fingerprints on the manual!

      Put it on Ebay as "Art", see how much you get. :P

        Hmm, maybe I'll get him to sign it with Vegemite.

    FINALLY had my first game with some members of the Kotaku community last night.

    A big thanks to Bish, Pessimist and James Mac for a VERY enjoyable game of L4D, where i was swatted around by tanks and puked on by boomers far more than i would have liked.

    Apparently the school of thought of "Run at the tank and distract it while everyone shoots it" isn't that wise.

    Also, i can't remmeber if it was James Mac or Bish who left the rest of us behind and flew off in the chopper, but whoever it was, i'll say this again - it's coming out of your pay!

      You mean Chuloopa was playing and NOBODY TOLD ME? RAWR!!!!


      /flails arms wildly and runs around in circles

        hehe yeah, apparently you were meant to be there4 too :P

        tisk tisk

          Sorry's from me also, I was meant to be there, but cleaning had me way behind dinner making schedule. But a cool Steam thing popped up about the gathering, which I thought was a nice touch.

        Also, what happened to your red powers?!?!

          I honestly have no idea what you're talking about

      I was all
      *Arnie voice* GET IN THA CHOPPA
      but you you got downed by a Tank so I flew off to freedom.
      I didn't do it on purpose, it's an automatic thing that assumes all downed players are dead, so triggers the escape!

      I like to think L4D is a good judge of character. If you're ever stuck in a zombie apocalypse and need a selfish prick who knows how to survive, I'm your man!

        hhahaha i WAS downed by a tank, but james mac revived me, so i ran up to the top of the map, and turned around blasting away zombies that were coming at pessimist and mac, BEING A TRUE HERO, they started making some progress and then you buggered off...

        Not kosher, buddy

          I got swatted off the edge... why didn't you catch me?

          You people, so unkind.

          Pessimist was long gone by that point, after being knocked off the top by the second tank.
          I... actually couldn't see Jamie What or what (heh) happened to him, but I managed to pick you up from an incap (although I couldn't give you my pills for some reason) before I ran off to THA CHOPPA.
          That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

            Then you couldn't join in on L4D2 because you needed 'special Bish time'.

              Actually, mostly because L4D2 wants to update 10GBs or something so I was like NO THANKS also I had a pineapple bun and some tea.
              Special Bish Time is delicious time.

      Get your laptop's mic set up for next time dang it!

        haha after the game i couldn't even find the settings for it on my laptop.. i'll look again later or go buy a mic next week :P

    So we've trialed a couple of Kotaku Steam Play Dates. L4D yesterday, L4D2 tonight at 8pm AEST.

    What do you guys want to play on the next one?

    Also, what day/evening would suit most?

      Wednesday nights are best for me, and by night I mean 7:30-8:30pm

      I vote alien swarm, because it's a) free and b) runs on a wide range of hardware.

      May cause problems though given the 4-man limit? May have to run a few games?

        Never played it but got it and keen to try it with you guys

      Hi Mr Explody! I thought L4D2 was yesterday. You mean I missed out on one? Rats.

      Some other games that come to mind

      - Killing floor (up to 6 players co-op)
      - Team Fortress 2 (can book a private server)
      - Counterstrike: Source (Err.. can also book a private server)

      That's all I can think of atm. Feel free to pitch more.

        We can do another L4D1 night. The trials were very short notice.

        Killing Floor! Killing Floor! Killing! FLOOOOOOOOOR!
        -to the tune of the Rufio chant from Hook-

          You lewd, crude, rude, bag of pre-chewed food dude.

        I will buy Killing Floor if it's going to be a play date and there's a spot free.

      Monday Night Combat? TF2, CSS...

        Yes and yes.

        Judging by your fabulous performance on L4D2 last night, you are quite the FPS'er are you not, f4cti0n?

          Oh why thank you :) I do enjoy the odd FPS. From your antics with L4D2 I would assume you're an excellent combat medic during zombie apocalypses? :P

          Strange, if I make my name red my comments vanish...

          Thank you :P I've been known to play the odd FPS here or there. Mostly just TF2. I guess from your rescue skills that you're some sort of post-apocalyptic medic?

            Rescue? Oh, I'm just trigger happy and shoot anything that moves.

            Including you guys. By accident. Sorry about that.

            But hey, when you had zombeez on you it all worked out all for the best!


      So it turns out I can only schedule events for games that I own, which is weird.

      I've scheduled another L4D night for next Sunday, and will schedule an Alien Swarm night for Wednesday once I've downloaded it (which I have done so before, so I'm not sure why it's not showing up in the list).

      I can throw down for L4D2, MNC, Starcraft 2, HOMMV and/or Killing Floor currently. I may have others.

      I set up some new channels in Teamspeak also for the L4D stuff... any others let me know.

      Also, I can play L4D2 once family is in bed so try and keep a spot open for me.

    Anyone know when Kotaku is releasing the winners of last week's Dungeon Siege 3 comp? They said it was going to be Friday, but I couldn't see anything about it....

      Sorry - I got insanely busy with interview on Friday. Will post the winners this afternoon.

    THAT'S IT!

    I'm doing it. Hard and fast, like my uncle taught me.

    Taking a leaf out of Eats-A-Lots book (she presses flowers, what I do it too... s'not gay...) I'm changing my name to Dan.

    I know, I know, it was a riddle. The great riddle one could say. But you have your answer now. My name is Dan. There was much rejoicing.

    Now click my name and watch my vidjas. (psst, there's still no new ones.)

      About time! I always dyslexicised your previous moniker and it just didn't flow as well as 'Dan'.
      I do think it should be 'DAN!' though. I always think of you as an exclamation.

        Suggestion taken and passed of as my idea.


      Do you press daisies or daffodils?

        Hams. On you're window. Right now.


            These hams taste suspiciously like glass.

            Also, everyone is looking at me strange.

              You know what a pressed ham is, right?


      I read your handle as "Dizzy" and scrapped the c12.

        I just imagined you as a secret agent and me as a hawt European lady. It's after the final action scene and we're in your hotel room. The sheets are pulled up over my ample bosom. The shot is from above.

        dzc12 - Oh, Eff! I am thinking you are amazing!
        Eff - You think that was amazing wait for, -stops suddenly- Shh do you hear that!?
        dzc12 - I do not hear anythink!
        Eff - Shhh! There's a beeping. -gets out of bed, looks under the bed-

        There, underneath the love bed is 3 packets of C4. AND THE TIMER IS ALMOST AT ZERO!

        Eff - A BOMB! Not in my house!
        dzc12 - But we are in hotel.
        Eff - SHUTUP! I GOTTA ACT! -grabs the bomb that's conveniently held on by duct tape with no fail safe if it's removed-
        Eff - Don't worry, I've got this.
        -he wraps the 3 packets of C4 in a table cloth and starts to swing them around his head. dzc12 watches in awe. He lets go of one of the corners of the cloth and the 3 packets of c4 fly out the window, sailing over the river and landing on the desk of the russian minister. He looks down the barrel of the camera. Cut to explosion from the hotel window.-
        Eff - Merry Christmas.
        dzc12 - Oh Eff. You are making me dizzy...
        Eff - I've always thought of you as dizzy. And I just ditched the C12.


          You should be careful you know. If the slide from Casino Royale to Quantum of Solace is anything to go by, the writers of the next Bond may just use this scene.

          would you run to the dining room for a tablecloth when the bed sheet is right there?

            I would imagine Eff knew that exposing dzc12's ample bosom would have been a little distracting.


    Well, Jada had a friend stay over night on Saturday. All that is fine, there's normally one extra kid here every weekend. Anyways, they decided to sleep on the downstairs couch, which is also fine. However, when her friend left at lunchtime, I went to tidy up. Seems, the young lady decided to use my couch as her personal piss tray. She very kindly covered it over with the doona, and didn't tell anyone...
    By the time I had discovered it, it was too late, it had soaked well through. This piss is the stinkyest urine I've ever smelt, I'd rather get a golden shower from a chimp than have to deal with this.
    Unfortunately, the couch is almost still new, and its micro-suede and the base has un-removable cushions.... Stupid me...
    So, I've tried some water and vinegar, paper towels, bi-carb, couch cleaner, couch deodorizer (which specifically says 'pet' urine on the bottle). But NOTHING has worked.

    Does anyone know a way to save my couch???

      Acid. Hyperchloric or Sulfuric should do the trick.

      At least 16 molar.

      Fire. Fire fixes everything. Burn the taint from your couch.

      Well, working off advice given to Eats when she stained her shirt...

      Just piss all over the couch.

      I feel bad because I laughed at your predicament. You definitely have a way with words.

      If it was just a stain I'd tell you to use baby-wipes. But the smell? I have no idea. Maybe spray it with some salty water and put an old towel over it covered with heavy books to press down on it and hopefully draw it out into the towel? It probably won't be good for the finish of your poor couch though. :-(

      I remember seeing an ad for something called "Febreeze" (??) when I was younger. Can't remember much but my memories tell me that it claims to remove all manner of stank from clothy-type surfaces.

        Just did a quick google, its actually called 'Febreze'.

      Thankyou everyone for all the awesome suggestions. Personally, I like the fire idea, but I'm not sure if its "P.C." to set kids on fire these days... Acid would run away scared from the stench. Holy water, religions have no place in this form of hell. I like the salt idea, but its the nicest piece of furniture I've ever owned. But I did try using water-vin with bicarb, then paper towels on top with weights as you suggest to try and draw it out. Prob is, all the guides I've checked say its something which must be done right away. :-(

      Febreeze, may possibly work, but only cause it stinks like nasty kid urine, oh... wait. damn.


      I spose I could encase it in cement?

      Hey buddy i actually have some help that is CONSTRUCTIVE!

      *insert gasp*

      Eucalyptus Spray

      Buy it from coles or woolies

      You can find it in the medicinal section.. possibly near detol.. if they don't have it in that section, it MIGHT be with the cleaners... but it's usually with the medicinal stuff.

      It will clean piss NO PROBLEM.

      How do i know?

      An ex of mine got so drunk that she passed out in my car whilst i was driving her home... when i got home i discovered she'd wet herself in the front passenger seat of my car... Hence why she quickly became my ex...

      But after washing all her clothes while she was asleep i had the problem of my car.. that's where the E-Spray came in - we always used it to clean up dog pee from the carpet and it worked a treat, and guess what? it works on human pee too!!

      Just spray a whole bunch of it and let it soak in a bit, then spray some more and wipe vigorously.


        What the hell happened?
        /me taps monitor screen
        Helpful? The internets was helpful??? What is this nonsense!?

        Seriously, thankyou!!! :-D *mmmwwwwaaaahhhh!* *dab dab tissues dab dab, sorry drool in your mouth from my mouth.. *mwah!*
        I shall try this suggestion! Thankyou kindly good sir! (Don't spose you know if it can damage suede though?) Cheers!

    So I finished inFamous 2 as a villain last night.

    I really enjoyed it but the ending was only okay, not a HOLY EFF moment ala the first one.

    Plus, playing as a villain means doing missions with Nix. Ugh, Nix. You just... ugh. She surpassed Rose on my most annoying supporting characters list.

    Almost everything about her annoyed me, the way she talks (C'mon baaaaaaaaayyyybbbbbbeeeeehhhh) WHO ARE YOU THE BIG BOPPER! The way she walks WE GET IT YOU GREW UP IN A SWAMP ALONE FOR YEARS! YOU'RE A BIT FERAL! JUST STAND UP STRAIGHT, DAMMIT! Her constantly changing nickname for Cole (Demon, Baby, Electric Man, Cole etc) JUST PICK ONE!

    But the one thing that annoyed me the most was when I unlocked the -SPOILER- Spikers power. Has anyone had them do anything other than follow you around and get in the way when you melee?! -END SPOILER-

    Other than that though, really enjoyed it.

    Oh, 'cept for the lack of resolution between Zeke and Cole. That was such a big part of the first, yet it was only ever mentioned in passing conversation in 2. I understand that -SPOILER- they wanted to set their relationship back up because of the choice at the end, and I've got to admit, I really struggled making that decision. But at least just have one cut scene explaining why they're pals again. -END SPOILER-

    Alright, I'm done. At least until I finish as a Hero.

      I don't own and cannot afford a PS3, consider yourself lucky.

        We should start a Kotaku swear jar. Every time a US originated article has a swear in the headline or unnecessary swears and bewbs in their article they put a dollar in. You'll have enough for a PS3 in a week or two. :P

          There are bewbs on kotaku?!


            All the Japanese breasts you'll ever need.

    Message for AnonPessimist only!

    That "thing" about I.H. is starting TONIGHT! I believe around 9.00 to 9.30pm sometime! It will be a live stream, but the site is not online yet, will post when it comes available.

      We must get all up in that with our mad music skillz.

        Some interesting stuff about what is planned! Seems it will be a 3d audio song (same 2 week start to finish process, also those who contribute get invited to her house... in England.. damnit), not sure how it will work but will certainly be interesting.
        She's working with a 3d audio specialist guy who made an iphone game which uses nothing but 3d audio which sounds rather interesting...

        Has anyone tried/played/experienced the iphone game called "Papa Sangre"?

          Not having much luck loading that stupid pdf from work, dangit.

          What can we contribute? Phrases? riffs? tracks?

            Yeps, all of those type of things. Might be a piano riff, could just be one pluck of a string tied on a pig, could be a drum groove etc. She will let people know live what she wants/needs. Last time there was also a video done, so people could send in video clips for those not so musical types. I wish more artists would do this kind of stuff, its a very unique cool way to work. :-D

            I hate pdf's... whats wrong with text!

              oh sweet, can't wait to find out what she wants... I'm gonna be all over that.

              Nothing hotter than a woman who knows her way around a mixing board... amirite?

                *face bump!* I know exactly what you mean!

    Tarzan was on TV yesterday. I felt so nostalgic watching it. I miss my childhood. Back then Disney was still awesome.

      I really really like this comment. The old days of Disney were the BEST. THE BEST! I appreciate their attempt to get 2D going again with Princess and the Frog... but, unfortunately, the film was a bit lame. Good animation, but otherwise a bit lame.

        I got nostalgic with the wife about Disney the other day waxing lyrical about how they always had the 1hr Disney stuff on a Sunday night and how iconic the opening credits were - kids nowadays just wouldn't get it... was always something we would watch as a family.

          It's true. I made the mistake of starting my son on cartoons with too much action like Ben 10 and whatnot before I introduced him to Disney. They just don't have the pacing he has come to expect from kids shows now, which is... rather unfortunate :'(


              I know right... what the heck was I thinking?! Now it's all too late :'(

      I find this comment interesting because the glory days for me were Alladin and Lion King.

      I am SOOOOOO jelly of Alladin/s pants, they look like the most comfortable pants that ever did pant!

        I love Aladdin. In my opinion Genie is the greatest performance Robin Williams has ever given.

          I dunnooooooooooo

          His performance as King of The Moon in Baron Munchausen is prettyyyyy goooooood. know after all these years I still think Scar is a fracking prick!

          But Jeremy Irons...
          On the road to St Ives, I met a man with seven wives...


          Long live the King!


          *shed a tear*

      Agreed. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms

      Haha yeh I saw that on Friday, tried to annoy my colleague with it, but NO!

    Slow down guys, dammit! Every time I just go to spend 5 minutes checking TAY before I get to work, it turns into half an hour of oh crap I really need to get back to work. And its all your fault!


      He's gone mad with the insanesicknesses. Speed up, but not at the cost of quality, please.

      I have the same situation! It's hard to tell my team to stop browsing the net all day when I'm here all the time :(

      NO! Post faster, TAY keeps me going through this evil thing called Monday.

      I actually love when I check back in after 15 minutes and there's a whole plethora of goodies, waiting to be read.

    TAY: Decreasing workplace productivity by 75%

      Combine with Reddit for optimal productivity decreases.

      And not just workplace productivity. I'm often sitting around catching up with you guys instead of doing housework. It's the ultimate procrastinator's enabler.

      Only 75%?

        I count my coffee breaks as working. So yes. Day breakdown: 75% TAY, 25% drinking coffee.

      Dude, between Kotaku, FB and The Daily What, I am in negative productivity gain, ie. I am actually CREATING work for my company through my interwebz distraction activities!


    See his twitterz for proofs.

      Holy top of the leaderboards, Batguy! That's incredible!

      He's talking about this. Dunno about being a God, but I'm definitely persistent. I was going cross-eyed and felt physically ill by the time I was finished playing that night! iPhones are NOT designed for long haul gaming sessions.

        Oooooooooh. Well done!

        Did you get that in the last 20 minutes? Because I was playing with twenty minutes to go, and don't recall your name being at the top! A pretty sweet victory if you managed that in the closing minutes.

          No, I posted that one without about 2.5 hours to spare on Saturday night. Didn't make the victory any less sweet though :)