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    So Kotakuites, I apologise.

    There's no weekly challenge tracks this week. My excuse is that I got busy working on material for the project with Eats and Blaghs that it sorta slipped my mind until the last moment.

    I'll postpone them until next week - stay tuned!

    Fun times were had at welbot's.

    Strangely enough, it appears that a decent amount of us Briswegian folk don't suck at Rock Band.

    Also, we learned that the most important part of Mortal Kombat is to do the fatalities. The rest of the game is just foreplay, incredibly awkward and ineffective foreplay.

      low kick!

        Why is there a block button? Dammit, just holding back should work!

      WOW we are on the ball this morning i laughed so hard at" incredibly awkward foreplay"

      I'm glad you all had fun! I telly ou I haven't laughed that much in a long time! It was great to meet you all! And omg! dcz12 is a MACHINE on the drums! DAMN boy!! Was great to see he wasn't scared to just get up and have a go at anything! Watching him dance in Dance Central and sing in RB was just hilariously awesome! :) We all seemed to share the same kind of sense of humour which was a massive bonus too! No single person seemed out of place in that group, and I hope we can all do it again some day :) Really made my week people! Thanks again for coming :)

        Just so we're all aware, Busted out 'Sky Taffey' & 'The Torch' last night in the club.

        So dope. Ladies couldn't control themselves.

        But then my right arm wasn't low enough so I didn't get a freestyle, so I mashed block.

        (Now that's a paragraph of in-jokes!)

          LOL I can't stop laughing at this! That's just hilarious! ;)

            You can always take some comfort knowing that you were at least king of the light bulb welbot. Noone can take that away from you.

              lololololol! Dancing is so ridiculous!

          If the ladies were all over you with those moves I'm guessing you refrained from busting out "Select" because you were rightly afraid they'd stampede.

            SELECT! YES! -looks at ladies- Next time, club ho's... next time.

        It was funny. You, me and Strange were all pretty competent on guitar and bass. Everyone was equally hopeless at keyboard, but dcz12 was ...well, he was a little like this.

          I have to say, welbot's wifey wasn't far behind him in that department. I was tres impressed, she was a machine on those things!

          By the way, I was disappointed this wasn't a video recorded by the kinect. I really thought it was for a second...

            If there are photos/videos of my epic dance skills, please put them somewhere for us all to enjoy.

            I wanna see that frown I unconsciously made while getting my Poker Face on.

              I think I saw Welbot being sneaky with a camera while you were entertaining us all.

                I managed to get a short video of dzc12 singing in RB3, but not dancing unfortunately.

                  Was that freestyling bit in kinect dance recording though? It seemed be doing something when it replayed it back... it's there somewhere dammit!!!

                  Man, I wish I could have gone!
                  You guys were totally rocking it out!!!

        Go welbot :) I too am carrying a cup of jelly. Sounds like an awesome way to spend the weekend.

      We also learned that Bunny is the Batguy of Brisbane. He was winning at everything. Hmmm, I wonder what would have happened if he'd tried dancing?

        I'd beat him in Pokemon, cos he'd nod off before the match started!

          Very true. Pokemon is so slow, you'd think that it'd be easier in Pokemonland for people to just throw rocks at each other instead of bothering with Pokemon battles.

          And I don't think me dancing is a good idea. I only have co-ordination with my hands, the rest of my body is not quite so adept at, well, anything.

      Oh wow, you guys aren't wasting any time this morning huh? 'Twas an awesome day indeed though, was really good to meet you peeps for sure. Big thanks to welbot and his wife for doing such an awesome hosting job (the cheeses!). I was of course my shy self when I arrived but you guys were awesome enough that I got over it pretty quick. More times like this in the future I say!

        You were shy?

          Yeeeaaah, but only when I first arrived. Also, I looked into the you know what with the sSNES and the RE2 and whatnot and got it up and running. Woo! Got some temp thing that sits in RAM so you have to do it again if you do a full switch off. But seems pretty good! Need to figure out what stuffs you be using...

            I'm trying my best to get out of the house and down to the bank. When I get the time I will pass along some winners!

        Also Endu, your voice was ethereal. Just pure beauty in the form of air waves.

          Hahahaha. I can't sing for a damn, but I can hold whichever note Rock Band wants me to lol.

          I don't have anything on the STEP!!! together guy though.

          Welbot: I still say you should live in Batman Crescent. Van Dieman just isn't as cool. Although it's almost Van Halen. You and LJJ are some of the most gracious hosts I've ever had the pleasure of invading upon. And the fact that one of my favourite books was in your toilet was the icing on the cake.

          Dcz is a machine on the drums, I can attest to that. Trjn is my nemesis for making me play Freebird on the drums (I've never played a rhythm game before yesterday, and you could tell). Jimu kept insisting that he'd be more fun if he was drunk, but it never happened. Colour me disappoint. Contrary to popular opinion, Sughly does not have a large spherical head, and he does have a nose. He is also not as shy as he makes out. And last but definitely not least, Strange. Strange is as shy as she makes out, but she's an absolute gun on the guitar (no offence Trjn but she had you beat) and was all-around awesomesauce.

          Great day guys, I really enjoyed it. We should try and get together every couple of months I reckon. For now, I'll be taking my terrible fighting game skills and audio magic on tour now, next stop Sydney, this Saturday evening say 6pm, at the Timezone above Paddy's markets.

            I forgot to mention what I thought was probably the funniest and most random thing of the day, when our conversations lost synchronisation and we were trying to decipher NBA 2K11's Monopoly mode

            I'm not offended, although I will point out that I was always on Expert whereas she dropped to Hard a few times. That aside, Strange did kick my ass at guitar.

              Yeah, I got scared of Expert. :P
              I'm better at guitar than bass though. Think this is because I like the HoPo Wankery parts better than the Strummy McStrummerson ones.

                HoPo Wankery is both an awesome name for a band and the most fun part of GH/RB.

            lol you're very welcome sire! I wasn't really sure initially if we really did enough to cater for everyone, but it certainly seemed to work out well.
            It would indeed be the coolest if we were living in Batman Cres. I mean.. how cool is it that there's even a street named that, but I'm as close as I can get at least :) I can be happy for the fact that I can tell people you can get to my place by going down Batman Cres!

              Yeah, when we pulled up to your place my daughter pointed out the Batman Cres sign which made my son to "See Batman".

          Yeah, he was all "oh I've never played a music game" and turned out to be quite the one-man-band.


              Pshh, it's not so bad.

              I need to stop referring to myself, all I ever do is talk about ME. See, there I go again! :P

        :) Glad you didn't find it too hard to open up! LitteJJ and I tried our best to make everyone comfortable and provide a space where everyone could enjoy themselves. If you ever wanna come round for some game time you're more than welcome! I would always welcome another challenger to share the fun with :) Certainly handy that you're so close too! (But the offer goes for all of you of course :)

        Also, am I the only one who reckons that Sughly looks like Evil Eddie from butterfingers? :0

          I do...? *googles* Haha, thats how people see me? I look pretty cool I guess, rocking a mic and stuff.

      Also, as mentioned on Sunday:

      Note the source listed there. Mmmm, 35mm...

        Nice! Imagine if it was a 70mm print. -drools-

          Just dampen my happiness over this with something impossible why dont you!

          By the way, somewhere between talking of cinema outings and Kubrick I was inspired and watched Eyes Wide Shut at home. It was a happy compromise.

            I got tanked and played LA Noire...

            It's kinda the same...

    So lambo and I played NFS:HP... Amazing game.

    Everyone needs to get this game.

    It's pretty much amazing.

    Also, I beat him. Every single time. Don't let him tell you otherwise.

      Car crashes are the only reason I play any racing game. And the crashes in this game are glorious.

        Dirt3 sweet crashes, if amys your thing

          Sh♥t ass phone *rally*

      i Saw that i wanted to play with you two but alas. I both suck at racing games and my computer cant run it. Interestingly enough me, lambo, blaghman and tech knight beat the eye of chuloopa last night on terraria.

        When you get a pc good enough to play with us, don't worry, Tadmod IS AWESOME AT RACING AND I WILL NEVER SAY HE "SUCKS" BECAUSE HE DOESN'T at racing too :P

          oh great, taddy's probably going to edit that to say "be scared, tadmod is a racing god!" :P


            You know me too well... :P

          Never mess with an admin :P

            haha lambo its okay ,tad is probably not as good at racing games as you are.

      I has it!

      Let's play!

      What about trackmania? Don't forget trackmania now...

        I have both :D

      So I suppose you're not going to chuck those vids up on youtube now, right? :P

        You know, I tried, but .avi's are too large (up to 32 gig....) and MPEG4s aren't getting the compression right... too many artefacts.

        I'm going to try and find a happy medium, but if I can't, no 1080p HD video :(

          What program are you using? Handbrake?

            Sony Vegas. It's great for editing. Crap for exporting...

              Are there any other formats you can export to? wmv, mov or anything else I can't think of? Export it as one of those, then convert it to mpe4 with handbrake. That might work...I think...

                I'll try it when I get home!

                  Vegas isn't crap for exporting... it's just horribly unintuitive. Depending on how new your version is, your best bet is to use the H.264 Codec with an Mpeg wrapper. (the default vegas uses is TERRIBLE)

    Tried to make a dent in the pile and thought No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise would be a good start. I mean, It was a Wii game right? How big can it be.

    So I started, played through th efirst level in beat the boss like a red-headed step child. THen I get dumped in to an open world city and told I need to take jobs to unlock assassinations to earn money to kill the next guy and a realised the game might be a tad larger than I first thought. It's now back on the pile till I've dealt with Castlevania (I will finish it!) and Alien Water.

    I also started watching Firefly. I'm sad that I ignored this show for so long as it's pretty darn good. Watched 3 eps on Sunday.

    Also, started working on an animation. Will (With any luck) unveil it at the Sydney Meat 2.0 and then upload it to the internetz later for everyone else.

    And that was my weekend. Oh, and I did a little tidying and A LOT of procratinating.

      *high five*

      Procrastination is awesome! Is that throne of trash still cushy?

        It's all gone. Have to make to with the uncomfortable leather one now :(

      Firefly is awesome. Once you've finished it be sure to go watch Serenity.

        I picked up Firefly for $35 and Serenity for $15 on blu-ray in JB. A friend gave me Serenity on DVD a while ago but I refused to watch it as I hadn't seen Firefly.

        +1! Serenity is a superb yet sad swan song to an awesome show..

        haha funny memory.. I saw it at the movies by myself because my girlfriend at the time (who was a FF fan) was one of those people that feel the need to talk during movies, and I wasn't going to let that ruin it!

          I watched Serenity without watching Firefly.
          Pretty sure that was a mistake.

            Big mistake. But I made it too. And if I hadn't I may never have seen Firefly...

      Why's it called Sydney Meat 2.0? Is it some sort of "no vegetarians allowed" event? :P

        There's a strict 'no pants' policy.

        Ahh yes, this Monday will be in poor taste. ALL DAY.

          Indeed, there seems to be a constant 'no pants' policy wherever the young master is.

            Where's my latte?

              Apologies, sir.
              It is hard to create latte art of "Sam Fisher shooting Space Invaders in post-WW II L.A." when one has had no previous experience in said art.
              My deepest apologies for the delay.

        No idea. Somone called it that and the name stuck. It sounds good. Meaty! Omnomnom

        Because it'll be a Meet n' Eat, seeing who can down 10 Maccas cheeseburgers.

        This was the last one we had.


          WAS NSFW.


          Thank god nobody was looking

            You know, I only looked because you said it was NSFW. DAMN ME BEING CURIOUS! :(

            I feel dirty...

              Let's go outside and stand in this purifying rain...

              Man, why is it so dark..

                Yeah, it's all rather depressing. It's putting a dampening modd on my ability to waste money! :(

              Why are nudists always the people who shouldn't ever be nude?

      Which Castelvania??

        Lord of Shadows. Or Lords... The new one. With the mask. And 'Lycans'. Damn Underworld for coining that retarded name.

          It's fun, but not very Castelvania...
          I'm a Castleroid/Metroidvania fan though.

            As am I. So far not enjoying the new one.

            Looking forward to the new Bloodrayne game actually.

    Had my Epic Meal Time on friday and everything was delicious. Deep fried bacon wrapped lamb? Delicious. Hashbrown balls? Delicious. Sausage and Bacon stuffe chicken? Extremely delicious! We scrapped the kangaroo but I busted out the secret item I worked on, deep fried cookie dough and that was also extremely delicious. It was a great night! I'll have to get pictures up somewhere to show everyone what they missed out on!

      im suprised you lasted the night man. Sounded awesome

      Hate you so much right now. >:C
      *goes back to toast and tea for breakfast and sheds a tear*

      Was it as epic as this?

        Ill never be able to compare to the original. Theyre far too good! We were an homage or tribute to them!

      I'm Jelly™.
      Okay, that's it. Next time the Brisbane people meet we're doing Epic Meal Time stuffs. Yep.

        You can't trademark Jelly©! It's copyrighted!

      Deep. Fried. Cookie. Dough?
      Holy. Mother. Of. God!
      I am destined to try this delicacy.

        It was amazingly awesome. Didnt think it was going to work. Got the ones in the packaging, ones that come in the rolls, sliced and balled them up and froze them for two days. Deep fried em in beer batter. So awesome!

    So because I'm really lazy, here's a repost from last week's TAY regarding the SYDNEY MEETUP on SUNDAY:

    This mini-gathering on Saturday 4th for the Sydneysiders. Has a location been decided? Where are we all keen on meeting up?
    I think Endu suggested either near Paddy’s markets and another place that escapes me at the moment. What’s the consensus?

    I’ll be driving in from my residence in the west (read: out in the sticks). If any Kotakuites want a lift in the pessimistmobile and you live between the west and the city, drop me a line at the [dot] tsharp [at] gmail [dot] com.

      I think I can challenge your 'out in the sticks' distance! (but in a more South Westerly direction!)

      Jitterbug. *click* *click*
      Jitterbug. *click* *click*
      Jitterbug. *click* *click* *click*
      Jitterbug. *click* *click*

      You put the boom-boom into my heart,
      You send my soul sky high when your lovin' starts!
      Jitterbug into my brain,
      Goes a bang-bang-bang 'til my feet do the same!
      But something's bugging you,
      Something ain't right.
      My best friend told me what you did last night.
      Left me sleepin' in my bed,
      I was dreaming, but I should have been with you instead!

        Bish come on. If your gonna sing classic 80's and 90's that song doesn't belong in there. lol

          What are you talking about? That is quintessential 80s! George Michael being camp!

          Okay, okay. A decade early, but Bohemian Rhapsody. We'll pick up a drunkard on the way. There will be head banging.

            You want George Michael?


            This is one of my favourite songs of all time, thanks to an episode of Misfits. Nothing makes me happier than the Sax part.

        cannot hear that song without thinking of the 'Tongue Tied' song and dance number from Red Dwarf.

          And now I'm home... here's the link:

      Anywhere is fine with me.

      Also, I live in the wild west o' Sydney but have a weekly train ticket. That being said, if you have space, I'll tag along anyway. :)

      is the Pessimistmobile anything like the bat mobile at all or is it like a invisible car like wonderwoman.

      "and you live between the west and the city"
      You put that bit in so I couldn't go, didn't you? :'(

      Endu? Wait... what? But... Endu was just at the Bris meet and... lives in Brisbane...? I'm so confused :(

      Also, pffft, Sydney meetup. Brisbane wannabes.

        There's two Endu's. We agreed to share the name, instead of a feat of strength such as that undertaken by the James Macs.

        Or maybe it's my birthday on Sunday and I'm visiting family.

        I posted above with my location idea folks, feel free to change it up if you want. I know the city pretty well so I'll be able to find my way to wherever you please.

      "SYDNEY MEETUP on SUNDAY" ??? Is it Saturday or Sunday now?! I am confuzzled.

      Yeah I can make it. I'll just drive in myself. So who's on the guest list so far?

        I didn't notice that. You are correct. I thought the meetup was for the 4th which is a Saturday. THat way, I can stay up late without worry of getting up at 5am for work.

      What time frame are we talking about?
      I'll make an appearance.

      SHIT, I am retarded.

      Meetup is on 4th - Saturday. Saturday people!


        time&place... have we decided? I'll try to get there, its just a busy weekend for me though.

    Small taste of this week's Cheapskate Gamer (because I think this deal expires today). I present to you:

    Half priced horse armour

    No, it's OK, you don't have to thank me.

      thanks batguy my horses armour was getting a bit rusty. The old girl will be so impressed that she can ride into battle like a valiant steed again. lol

      I heard the horse armour would be included in the 5th anniversary edition. Which makes buying another copy of the game totally worth it!

        Has anyone seen if we will even get a PAL release?

          No idea. But I have a PS3 so it doesn't matter. I've been getting my games from the US anyway. Cheap games and half price DLC FTW.

    who is jeeves is it a new person or one of us.
    They are funny.

      I believe it's one of us. Following The Pessimist around and being funny. Jeeves should have won Kudos last week as well as Dawdle.

      I suspect it is one of us... somebody who is pessimistic... and likes to remain... anonymous...

        Indeed madam, the young master does seem to like talking to himself.
        It is insisted that we humour him.

          Sir, i believe that you should leave master Pessimist alone, I'm the only butler with funny one liners in this Community.

            It's spreading like a virus... *charging my blaster* Shall I terminate?

              Yes, fire at will.

                Stop this Tech-Knight is a Fake.

                  *slices them both in half with his energy saber*

                  Human imposters... if you truly knew me, you'd know I serve no one! I only serve my honour!

            I'm the personal manservant to Mr Stirling Archer.

            Does anyone know how to poach an egg?

        It's actually not me, for once. Which is good, because I couldn't afford me.

        Jeeves works for peanuts, which I can easily afford.

    NFS:HP for ios has gotten an update that adds autolog to it :D
    Also, it's on sale, for $1.29 :D

    Been Playing Dead or Alive Dimensions, brilliant game that finally gives me a reason to play my 3DS.

    Luckily I don't have any plans to head to Sweden in in the near future too.

      My brain read that as "Red Dead or Alive Dimensions."

      Imagine that, a fighting game starring John Marston. I would play that so hard.

      This is the first game out on the 3DS that makes me tempted to go buy a 3DS.

      Still I may wait, as there isn't that many upcoming games that look worth it yet still.

      I've been thinking about DOA:D - I have Street Fighter 4 3DS and Samurai Warriors Chronicles atm. Played heaps of Samurai, but not so much SS4. I've always liked the DOA games, though - worth getting?

        i haven't had any regrets with it, two pieces of advice though:

        1. It seems (to me) to be slightly bit easier than its console counterparts, thats not to say its without it difficulty, but its not enfuriatingly hard. Even if at sometimes the Tag Team battles may seem unfair.

        2. As i said originally, do not go to Sweden with it.

      oh for the love of god. . .

    Well for those of you who read my post last week about my kitten who'd injured himself by getting trapped in a blind string.

    He is 100% recovered, with no ill effects. Back to his usual misbehaving, which makes it extremely hard to play games as he constantly tries to bite the controller.

      That story made me sad cause of the little kitten getting hurt. Than i felt bad i was sad and not manly so i went and kicked some stuff. Bins beds walls.


      I love Kittens, they're adorable. Like when they go to bite or scratch you, and it doesn't hurt. So adorable. (until they keep doing it as they get older, and never learn that it actually hurts you...)

      Kittens are nigh indestructible when they're up to mischief. It's what makes them so adorable.

    Is there a free online powerpoint ?

    My home edition has been set to Mandarin...

      Google Docs may just be what you need, sir.
      Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations.
      Very exciting.

        Yep, Google Docs should be fine.

        That, or OpenOffice - I think they can both save in .ppt format.

      Yes there is, it's at
      You'll need to use internet explorer though. The latest version isn't too bad though.

    Super Sydney Meat Turbo - Endu Edition.

    Saturday (4th) evening
    Timezone above Paddy’s markets

      Be there or... well... not, I guess.

      I look forward to hanging outside awkwardly because I've forgotten what most of you look like!

        I plan on wearing my bright green 1up mushroom 'get a life' shirt for visibility. And awesometude.

        I will also hopefully have my fiancee in tow. She'll be the attractive, uncomfortable-looking pregnant lady.

      Damn family commitments.
      Next time Gadget, next time!

      Actually, wasn't there another meat-up already scheduled for later? If so can someone shoot me a vague date.
      Pretty please.
      Pretty please with a cherry on top.

        Loading bullet type 'vague date'...
        Scoping on Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian...
        Target locked...
        Aiming for forehead...


        Late June.

          *nervously looks around for clock towers*
          Umm... thanks.

            There's a clocktower on top of UniLodge in Broadway!

              I think I might just stay in the office for lunch...
              Jumping at every loud noise.

              Yes there is a clock tower... made famous not too long ago by a rather amorous couple!!!

              (sort of NSFW)


            Sydney Meat 2.0 is currently scheduled for 25th/26th of June. That may change depending on peoples plans. I believe we'll be in the same place as the first meet but that still needs to be worked out.

      I'll be there!

    Hey Strange, can you lob me an email to jamieahales(at)gmail(dot)com? I wish to pick your brain

      Just as long as you know it's already quite empty in there. *is scared*

    Minecraft has made me unproductive, well at least in real life. Also creepers frikken annoying, destroying my ish every night grrr..

    Also I couldn't log in the server yesterday :(

      Yeah, the server was having issues, hopefully should be good now.

    makes me want to play half life again...

    Not sure if raised yet... too busy to say Hi and such.. but

    $5 off at ozgame...

      Cool, thanks. This week's Cheapskate Gamer is writing itself! (By which I actually mean everybody else is researching then writing stuff for me that I'm going to copy)

    So i got the results of my account assignment back today... and my partner and i failed... 44%.....

    The worst part? i'm really struggling with stud and i just know i'm going to fail the exam... especially based on the practice exam.

    Throughout this semester i've been doing pretty good and got the 4th highest mark in the surprise test in the fist few weeks... but now i'm falling apart, i can't remember anything, and when i read through my notes and the books, it's like another language.. i can't absorb it and i'm really not handling it well..

    This is why i dropped out of high school. the overwhelming sense of failure... it just makes me feel like shit.. i can't handle it.. i hadn't felt like this is 9 years, and now to have it all come flooding back again is just too much to take.. i don't know what to do or how to remedy it.. i feel like i'm drowning..

    Worse, i feel stupid, utterly incompotent and incapable of doing anything right. I feel destined for failure.
    I mean, i'm 26 and i have no direction.. i can't work out where i'm going, or how i'm going to get there...

    I have to go to work now to churn out another underpaid day, but all i want to do is crawl into a hole somewhere...


      Dude don't be so hard on my friend chuloopa. I too often hate doing tests for fear of thinking I'm stupid. Here is the thing everyone feels that way at some point. So to be a big cliche just do the best you can. You can do no better than that.

      NO CHULOOPA!!!!!! Do not lose hope! You must fight back now, and show those exams what you're made of! DON'T GIVE UP.

      Sometimes, you need to retreat to fight another day. Or something along the lines of that - somebody once told me that and I thought it was good advice.

      You are most definitely capable of doing right. Everybody hits failure at some point in their lives. Not everything can be smooth sailing. But that's how we adjust and learn.

      Just relax. Break it down into smaller steps. From what I've seen, you're more then capable of taking this on.

      As for not feeling like you have any direction, how many people know what they want at 26? You're still so young, you've got so much left ahead of you. Your potential is infinite.

      You're not drowning. It's okay. You can't, because there are still so many people here who'd dive in after you.

      Keep going. Relax. You're smart, funny and well-spoken. It's not even over yet. You can do it.

      Dude - don't worry. You can smash this for sure. It's just a matter of getting into the groove.

      Uni is generally bullshit. The one thing I regret more than anything in my life is taking that shit too seriously. I'm exactly like you in that I'd get insanely depressed if I got bad results, despite the fact that, at the end of the day, it really is meaningless.

      Just get through the subjects you're struggling with. Get pragmatic with it. I know how tough it is - especially when you have to work at the same time.

      We're all behind you man! We all believe in Loops!


      Mate, I'm failing at subject at uni right now. You know why I'm not despairing? Because it isn't the end of the world. I can still take Networking next semester if I fail!

      Same thing with you, mate!

      As for being 26 with no direction: Poppycock.
      You've shown us you've got a great deal of talent in writing. Why not start there. Take a look at what you're doing now, and where you TRULY want to be. You'll find you aren't far off.

      Everyone feels like sh♥t sometimes, mate, you've just got to stop it from getting you down.

      Hey man, I know where you're coming from. Hell, I'm 28 and I still don't have a direction. Studied animation for a few years but turns out that I could have spent three years sitting on my arse doing nothing for all it got me. THAT'S NOT HELPING!

      If I've learned anything from Kotaku it's that you can do pretty much anything you put your mind and nipples to. Just think of it as a Kotaku comp and do your best! You're destines for some great and awesome things dude! I don't think anyone would argue with that! And remember, you have the whole community behind you 100%! (Not that I claim to speak for everyone, but I think it's safe to say).

      You just gotta get yourself centred again. Get back on to the path and follow the moon! Wait... that's American Warewolf in London.

      Okay, so don't worry. One assignment you failed. Don't worry. You can only ever learn from your mistakes. People learn in different ways. Some like to learn through reading. Some learn through listening. I personally like to learn by reading through and making notes. Some friends like to record them talking through notes and listening to it. I also find that when studying with friends is incredibly useful. The point is, different people learn in different ways. And there is no doubt you can learn, seeing as you did so well in the first few weeks. Find what works best for you. Try new revisions techniques, like the ones I listed above.

      You are also a very capable person. You have a job, you have a roof over your head, you have food to eat, water to drink. Stop focusing on the negatives. You are quite capable of achieving anything you wish, but there is work involved. There is always work involved.

      Awww that sucks man. It sounds like maybe you are getting overwhelmed with it all, information overload perhaps.
      Maybe you need to take a break from it for a bit, let what you have learned settle in and you mind calm down.
      If you did well in that earlier test then you know your stuff and are capable of it.

      And even if you don't make it, it won't make you a failure. Life doesn't have a direction, it's just a bunch of shit that happens. If this doesn't work out then maybe it just aint your thing.

      We Believe in you!

      Ah Loops, don't worry about it. You've got the skills to pass this, if it's what you really want to do. If it's not, then maybe what's distracting you to the point that you're stressing out aren't distractions at all, they might be your calling.

      Besides, even if you do fail, Uni is just one more step in the hellish bureaucratic dance of our society. When it comes down to it, people prefer experience and enthusiasm over formal qualifications nine times out of ten. I beat out two people for my job with no qualifications whatsoever, simply because I wouldn't shut up until they hired me. 6.5 years later I'm still here.

      Some of the most interesting people I know still don't know where they're going and they're in their forties. Some people never know.

      Don't let yourself get down, your mindset will be the greatest asset ahead. I got sick of Uni, and so collapsed, despite the fact that I could have slept my way through the units.

      I'm sure you can do well if you stay positive.

      Chuloopa you are definitely not a stupid human, you're among the higher ranked humans of society. I've had many downs during my high school years, despite how hard I tried, I had an ENTER score (Which is that year 12 ranking system which makes humans feel good about themselves) of under 60. I went through TAFE as one of the tops in my class and now working full time for the past 2 years and counting.

      The point I'm making is even though it seems to be getting worse and worse, you never EVER give up. Just pick up and push forward again, you can do it. You're one human out of very few that I believe in! And you should believe in yourself too

      All the guidance you require is here:

      Pretty much everything I could say to you has been said already. And more eloquently.

      I'm almost 35 and I still have no idea where I'm going. I'm just letting life take me along on its little river ride. There are points along the way though, where you feel the slightest move may capsize you. Just hold on. You never know how strong you can be until you get through the rough patches. And don't be afraid, sometimes capsizing is good for making you see things from a new angle.

        I admire you for this comment. :)

      I'm sure you will do fine. You're obviously not stupid or incompotent. If you do fail (which I doubt) don't worry about it. There are always options. You can take the course again or try something else.


      You were doing so well until that rotten Bee got you a PS3, nothing but trouble that woman!!!

      Seriously though, firstly, sorry for not being on RDR on Saturday night, the girls had friends over and were using it for movies :-( Then, I fell asleep.... Anyways, to the topic at hand. Look up there ^ Dude, see all that love and support!? So many people believe in you, even though they don't really know what your studies are like, but they know your a great guy, a man with a good head on his shoulders. I'm almost 34 and still don't know what I want to do, and nobody wants to hire me anyway. But look at you, your young, have a totally rad hot body, perfect triangular chest hair and one heck of a hilarious writer. And apart from those stella qualities, your also studying at uni AND working in the real world. And somehow, you still find time for us in here and games! That puts you in legend status, you know this! A tiny fail here or there is bound to happen, but you'll bounce back. Even if it means you have to cut back on Taying for a little while, we'd all forgive you (we wouldn't cope, but we'd understand).
      So, keep on truckin man!

      Stress is possibly the worst thing for exam preparation. Try to relax a bit (different from procrastination, though), and it will help. Get good sleep and good nutrition.

      I also find the best way to remember something is to understand it, rather than memorise the procedures. To that end, it may help to make a list of things you don't understand and seek help to get those things sorted in your head. Don't be afraid to ask your lecturer/tutor/whoever for help - they're often happy to help, and they (usually) don't like failing students!

      Remember to learn from your mistakes! Why did you get 44% in the group project? Were you factually incorrect? Was your understanding incomplete? Were there avoidable errors? Was it presented in a manner that the marker didn't like/agree with? Did you complete each part of the assigned task? Asking questions like these can help you to learn how to improve - sometimes it's as simple as presenting your material in a certain way that the marker likes...
      If you're unable to answer these sorts of questions on your own, seek help! Ask the marker to go through your work with you and explain your score.

      Failure isn't the end of the world. I've failed two 3rd year chem units, and I'm currently doing my Masters in applied maths. It hits pretty hard on the ego, but it is definitely a learning experience.

      Feeling miserable will not help you in any way, so cheer up! No matter what happens, you have people who care about you and will be proud of you for who you are.

      You could always try blackmailing the lecturer...

      You know I've been sitting here reading all these great responses trying to come up with something meaningful, and it led me to thinking about what motivated me to do well at Uni.. and this is gonna sound bad but it was hate and spite that were my best motivators.. like if there was a teacher that told me I was worthless, I worked hard so I could jam my success in their face.. or if there was another student who thought they knew everything I worked hard to beat them so i could jam it in their face.. moral of the story is.. um...well.. Don't be like me haha

      Seriously tho, I have two rules:
      1. NEVER EVER stop in the middle of a hoe down:
      and 2. Never give up.

      Uni isn't the be all and end all of everything, one bad grade here or there is normal.. Just keep working hard!

        Zomg, I was going to say the same thing. I can't really say anything new that hasn't already been said, but, I was going to be all "Don't get sad, get mad!" in a very Cave Johnson way.
        Yeah, failing assignments suck. Especially when you think you're doing alright, but the asseessment just throws a "no you are not" in your face.
        But it really helps to try channel that gloom into something else. Maybe use it as a motivator to do better. Learn what you're weak at. Or convert it into rage. Screw that guy! You can do this! Get determined to smash the next test.

        You just have to find a place where you're comfortable at. Getting stressed all the time doesn't help. Stress a little, sure. Study, work, but make sure to make time where you can actually relax. Play some games. It's therapeutic.

        YOU CAN DO IT [/creepy Rob Schneider]

      Failing is just a part of the learning process.

      Take a moment, work out where you went wrong and then go forth and kick some ass.

      Fear of failure has screwed me over far too many times, and even knowing this, it still gets me. Conquering it is very satisfying though and almost makes up for the regrets.

      Seems like you need to take a break. When your head gets spinning and you can't consume content during study, it's time to take a break.

      Take a day or 2 off. Don't play games, read a book, go to a coffee shop, get out and about. Have a minty. Clear your head with a bit of relaxing literature.

      Then get back into it.

      Remember that opportunities come about every so often, and when they do you jump on them. But until then, you need to turn the opportunity mill, and in this case it's you 9-5 and Uni course.

      Wait for the opportunities to pop up. They'll be there sooner or later.

      And if all else fails, join the army.

      I think the important thing to note is that you haven't felt this way in 9 years. 9 years is a long time and everyone falters every now and again. To go so long without feeling like you're directionless obviously means that you are doing something right; or most likely many things right.
      I too have struggled with my reason for being and for where I'm headed. I think it's part of the human condition, and the people that don't take these hard looks at themselves have less of an idea where they are headed than the ones who do. Hell, I will be 26 next week and some of the feelings you describe are all too familiar to me.

      The most important thing in life is just to get back on that horse. That horse is a son of a bitch and will kick you off every chance it gets The one thing that separates the survivors from the defeatists is not how long they stay on the horse; it's the fact that they will keep on getting back up there time and time again.

      You have a hell of a support network, but the rest is ultimately up to you. Don't. Give. Up.

      Just because you're an awesome bloke I have to jump on here and say not to take it too hard mate.

      I have not had time to read all the other comments but I am confident that they have said this already.

      I know through my Uni stuff I had quite a number of times like this one. I got to the point part way through one of my units where i called the uni and asked to withdraw from the unit because i felt like this. When they said i could but would have to pay still, I quickly hit the books.

      Mate there is no easy way through it, but if you don't stick at it, these feelings will not go away.

      The only piece of helpful information i will provide is be open and honest with the lecturer about it. I know I had a few rough patches through my course and even as a distance ed student, speaking to the lecturers actually helped alot. Ultimately they are there to make you pass so they are paid to help you out. There are no stupid questions so just use that to your advantage.

      Here is my take on uni.

      There is no question you will be asked that you have not been told the answer to. It is literally not possible for them to examine you on things that you have not been taught. Have confidence that the inforamtion is already available and you just need to take your time and focus on the gaps in your knowledge.

      Also, the assignments are made to be difficult because they are open book and you have the power of the interweb and books to help. Assuming they are closed book exams, the final test is not at that level as they are only testing your aquired knowledge of the course training materials, rather than the infinite possibilities of an assignment.

      As Mark said, it really does not matter in the grand scheme of things. You need to take each course and break it down into the key topics or themes and there is usually only a small number of these for each topic. Just get to know these by revision and ask for help if you can't make sense of it.

      And don't forget, regardless of us only being internet peoples, we are real and this entire community owes you a bunch for just being a top bloke. You deserve to succeed and we are all behind you mate. I know it sounds corny or whatever, but when you are here, everyone else lights up. I only say this because you sound like you need it, and i couldn't say this in person (not with my manly beard and all)...

      Also, I think i read above that failures are just stepping stones toward success. It is true. A mistake or a failure is only that if you let it become one.

      Think of it like this. You will look back at this moment being one of two things. If you drop out now, this will be the reason that you feel like crap and never succeed at anything. If you graduate, this will be one of those moments that made you a stronger person because you learned from it.

      That choice is ultimately yours.. (PS, Im suggesting you take the second path mate, if that was not clear!)

      All the best and if anyone here can assist, Im sure they will...

      Alright, I've been thinking.

      When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these?

      Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Chuloopa lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons!

      I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!

      Just want to point out loops, that this thread has 3466 words of pure love for you in it!

      Mate, I'm 42, and am changing life directions again now and starting from scratch.
      Don't sweat it. I'm back at uni after a 20 year hiaitus and it looks like I'm about to fail my math subject. It sucks balls and makes me want to actually cry, but fuck it, worst case I do the subject again. I gotta say though, the maths lecturer is a toal heartless &^(*^*&%$(&$*^.
      Listen to Yoda, or Mr Miyagi. We learn from failure, in my experience, people who avoid failure become failures in life. How the hell would they learn anything.
      We are all very ignorant, but not all ignorant of the same things - Albert Einstein.

      Also, check out your life
      it might cheer you up.

    Just was reading and it looks like coke is doing a deal where you can redeem codes off 600mL bottles.

    These codes can then be used to earn points towards PSN games. has more details on it. But think I'll be buying a few cokes today.

    Hopefully this will get Serrels off the Pepsi Max and back to the proper Coke.

      damn, now I look at this it might have been running awhile, and most of the games are sold out.

    Heart of the Swarm teaser (for those who haven't seen it)

      It's more like a cock-teaser.

      Shows so little *grumble*

    Hey Jo, I saw you adding me on LoL over the weekend and you got some levels now. What do you think of it so far?

      Haha, you should totally play HoN instead. Seriously! HoN is soo much better then LoL

        If you think the meaning of "better" being having to pay real money for constantly being flamed with "n00b" comments towards you for making minor mistakes or not being the character they like or not buying what they think you SHOULD buy at any point in time. No room for learning, to them you HAVE to be great at it an there is no rookies in this brutal community of a game...


        I might try HoN later. I have only played a bit of DotA and now LoL so if what Tech says is anything to go by I need a bit of experience behind me first.

      Yeah pretty fun, just played a few co-op vs AI games so far.
      I am not very good at it and only got to use a couple of interesting champions as the good ones get ninjad before I get in the lobby.
      Kinda afraid to try PvP matches as I will probably bring the team down.

        Yeah they do get challenging. If you find one you do like, buy him with your IP as soon as you earn enough. My personal favourite is Master Yi atm, he's pretty darn deadly when used right. I'm currently saving up for Warwick the werewolf which I'm very close to getting. They're basically my main two, and I'll be looking for a ranged champ as well afterwards for when I tag up with friends online so I can do lane support.

        Oh yeah as for characters getting ninja'd, that happens a lot less if you're using one that you bought and stick to. Then the only time you ~might~ have issues is when it's rotated into the tryout lineup, which changes weekly. That kind of thing where the hero can get ninja'd by another will happen in HoN as well. The best you can do is plan to have a preference of champions, not just one so you don't get left in the dark.

        You can practice on Co-op vs AI as long as you want until you feel confident enough. That's what I did! If you want me to help out or just tag up for games, you can ask and I shall assist :)

        Oh yeah, LoL playerbase = a LOT friendlier to your own team and LoL is free with premium offerings such as skins, which are less than 8 dollars AU IIRC. I've only had about 3 separate games out of about a dozen I played now where it got a little unpleasant but hardly enough to make you back away. You CAN pay for the champs with real money as well if you so desire.

          Yeah Master Yi looked cool but have not had a chance at him yet. Was using Kennen mostly, fun but risky as it involves rushing through the middle of groups to set up a combo.

          Did seem pretty friendly, even when I was being a noob and people were telling me what to do it was never insulting.

          Other people seemed to be able to kill enemy heroes in a matter of seconds and I don't know how! :(
          Mostly I just distracted the enemy so the others could smash through a lane.

            Indeed I get confuzzled by this too. Champs that are magic based for example, players tend to stack on ability power items which makes their spells do much more damage. I've once gone up against someone with 1/5th health left, I was at max health, he took me down in two seconds. Tried it myself and it does do a LOT more damage with my abilities. The problem was that I had to make sure I follow through on my attacks cuz my champion was fragile in HP and defense and fought at range.

            Best way to counter this I find is to coordinate strikes with allies, ambush them while they retreat is a very good strategy and stun them repeatedly if you can. They can't use their powerful moves on you if they're stunned can they? ;)

            Master Yi is a hit and run kind of fighter, he's no tank and he doesn't stun enemies, he's good at chasing down enemies with his ultimate however, he can also heal himself quite rapidly with a meditation skill. With ability power put up enough, you could heal him back to full health from near death in one go, making you ready to jump right back into the fray. I love doing surprise attacks with him cuz of how fast he attacks with my build, he gets drastically underestimated xD

              Ill have to try someone else tho if he is your main so we can team up.

                Well as I said I'm trying to get a preference list so that I can be flexible, I'm about less than 200 IP away from getting Warwick IIRC. So once i get him I'll be sticking to him more than Yi but still practising on both so I don't get caught with my pants down with somebody else taking it.

                Oh yeah, and Kennen, if used right, you can be such a pain in the arse for the other side. I'm not 100% sure how yet but once I study their item builds I can find out. If you end up liking Kennen down the road I can give you some good tips. I've seen Kennen in action, more as an enemy than an ally and bloody hell I wish I could kill that little bastard with how many times he kept doing hit and runs then catching me off guard and finishing me off without fail.

                But yeah in LoL, even if you play absolutely horribly, the chance of you getting flamed for it is pretty much nil. I had one game where I couldn't even get a single kill and I didn't get personally attacked for it once... despite that in the later part of the game I went on a 10 kill killing spree :P

    I really shouldn't drink Red Bull at the office.

    Every once in a while, I'll have a can to perk me up. Nothing much, maybe two a month.

    Every time I do it though, my coworkers will always tell me how terrible that stuff is and how the caffeine can kill you if you're not too careful.

    They never comment on my morning coffee. The one that I walk into the office holding every day.

      Gotta die of something.

        Pshaw, it's just simple math

        Coffee > Red Bull

        Everyone knows that...

    Just checked the HarveyNormal big buys website, and for the first time EVER, they're actually going to sell something decent! Tomorrow they're going to be selling Nintendo Watches!!! Dunno what the quality is like, but might be worth a look at least!

      It's a trap!


        I can see it now, Gerry using a rabbit trap on the nintendo watch in the middle of the store, waiting to capture you and interrogate you on not only importing a game, but importing an RC'd game which will make him doubly mad at you fellow bot xD

        So you be careful you hear?

          heheh i don't actually wear watches, so i don't intend to buy one.. just thought i'd pass on the info in case anyone else wanted to take a look ;)

    Much congratulations to the little miss, Madam Dawdle, on the marvellous win for the Samsung Galaxy.

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