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    I've figured out why the world didn't end when it was supposed to, God thought of something "funnier". Obviously the world's going to end just before Duke Nukem Forever comes out...

      Heh, seriously though how delusional do you have to be to claim the world will end next week?
      I mean, even nutters who think they have been abducted by aliens have more credibility - it is not 100% disprovable. A schizophrenic who sees technicolor rhinos climbing the walls every Tuesday has a better grasp of reality - reality is in part subjective and to him it is real.
      But claiming part of the worlds population is going to fly into the sky without their pants on a date close enough that you can't even get a good cult going beforehand?
      Very sad.

        I was about to tell you not to be so abusive, then I realised this was all satire.

        Well done, Jo. :D

          Ah, yes that could be taken the wrong way.
          Sorry! I shall use more emotes.

    It's my day off today. I got up early to watch game 3 of the NBA finals. Instead I'm being treated to a replay of game 2. Sadface.

    Also, new Let's Play Batman Arkham Asylum video. I played it for a while last night, feel like I'm making a fair bit of progress and found a lot of Riddler challenges all around the same time.

      I'm more than a little confused at One's coverage of the finals. I got up to watch game 2 on my day off last week and was treated to baseball. Disappointing. I'm assuming that perhaps ESPN has the live rights?

      Hey... pssssssssst!

      I stream the game from... a place. I'll tweet it to you...

        Me too... ONE has dropped the ball big time...

        Let's go HEAT!

    Massive blow-out on the weekend, way, way, way to much to drink.
    We all declared later that we weren't getting to old, the drinks were getting stronger.

    First post?



          SHHHHH!!!! No-one will notice!

      Don't worry, at least you were the first pointless post. :P

        I wear that badge with pride! :P

    Welcome to another week, guys! WOOO!

      I want this week to go away and it to be the weekend again already.

    So Battlefield 3 sure looks good doesn't it?

    Can't wait for E3 footage of it, looks to be one of the best shooters in the last decade so far

    Ah E3 medio blowout is already underway. Anyone else here sick of previews for games being 100% CG trailers?

      No, not when they're this good
      But yeah, I get what you're talking about. I'd prefer to see in game footage instead of a cg trailer any day.

      Best CG trailer was the Bioshock Infinite one. I dont even play Bioshock but I've watched that oh so many times. It's friggin amazing, so well directed...

    Already preparing for Xbox media conference at 2.30am tonight.

    Coffee? Check.

    Livestream? Check.

    Twitter? Check.

    Overwhelming sense of regret, envy and misplaced rage? CHECK.

      I honestly can't wait for the Ubisoft one.
      If they manage to blow us away like last year, which involved random people running through the room playing pretend laser tag, and that amazing breathing game (I'm a big fan of breathing), I'm going to be a very happy man.

        Some people preferred the Konami conference for that insane DDR/whatever reveal but Ubisoft was definately my favourite for hilarity!

      But have you prepared for redundancies?

      Multiple streams plus live-blogs?
      Coffee, and redbull?
      Back up power generator?
      A fully charged mobile phone in case your phone line drops out?

      Freshly tied noose... if they only announce Kinect dance games?

        I'll have the PC running livestreams. Iphone and PS3 net browser as back up. Also, the Xbox media briefing will be running on my US Xbox Live account just in case.

        Free Trade Coffee from Sumatra should do the job. Gonna brew the lot.

        If the power fails, I'm screwed.

        I'll be live-tweeting the bejesus out of everything if you're awake.

          I'll be awake.
          I'm going to have the VG247 liveblog on and will be streaming it through Spike-via my television.

          I've got enough coke-a-cola to put me in a diabetic coma...

          So, tweet away.

          I'll probably be up as well.

          Really want to catch EA's conference at 5:30am. ME3 news!

          E3 is awesome and all, but blurgh, the timezones suck.

        And yeah, if the rumours about the Kinect line-up are true, I'll live tweet me killing myself.

          How do you expand "it's getting dark" to 140 charecters?

      The one night a year i want my son to wake during the night. Last year because of him I got to watch it live... Lets hope I get no sleep tonight also!..

      Shame foxtel aren't showing it again (or are they?)

        Give him plenty to drink before bed.

          Tell him a scary story about the Murdering Cupboard Monster who wakens at 2am. Activate the robosaurus toy which you 'accidentally' left on in his cupboard, by 'accidentally' rolling onto the remote you left under your pillow.

      Dammit. They're not screening the meida briefing over Xbox Live. That's one back up plan RUINED.

        It's going out over,, Spike and KotakUS.

    Hey guys,

    Spent most of the weekend pondering over what I'd like to shove in my first self-built PC. Was a fun process, did a shit-tonne of reading, and I've narrowed down what I want quite a bit. Couple of questions for you people in the know:

    Cases. Where are some good places to look at what's around, and possibly the more local options within Australia and Melbourne? This has been my main issue - I'm not a fan of the windowed, LED lit, fins everywhere cases. I was going to get an old G5 or Mac Pro case and shove that full of nice shiny internals but that is going to be incredibly difficult so I've had to sadly give up on those plans. Any suggestions for brands that do nice, sleek understated cases?

    Secondly, mice. I have absolutely no idea what to look for in one (bar a nice DPI and some extra buttons). Anyone have some good recommendations or suggestions?

    Just as a note, the things I'm pushing for at the moment are an i5-2500K, an Asus P8P67 MB, GTX 560 Ti, 8gig RAM.

    Cheers! :D

      The Logitech MX 518 seems to be the go to mouse for people after something a little fancy.

      Case wise if you like sleek designs the Antec P-series is quite nice. They are pricey though. And large. I use the P193 personally.

      Mouse wise, a G9x (once again, not the cheapest), is an excellent choice. Some of the Razer ones are very good too.
      Razer DeathAdder:

        That G9x page says RRP $199.95, but Logitech Shop are selling it for $109.95. Not sure why it isn't showing up on the product page.

        Ah, those Antec cases look a lot better to my more understated eye. Huge thanks, Cakesmith!

        Since you've got the P193, how does it go for sound insulation and cooling? Cooling wise from the specs it seems like it's got those bases covered nicely. But silent running would be nice, as I'm sick to death of the 360 sounding like an aircraft hanger.

        Logitech and Razer seem to be the ones people pump for and swear by. But there does seem to be a little bit of overkill in the amount of crazy stuff packed into a mouse. Like the adjustable tweakable Cyborg R.A.T. mice. I mean, crazy look, cool weird things to geek out about, but is it really worth it?

          Surprisingly quiet for the amount of fans it has. I keep them all on low and it manages to keep all internals cool. The only time I've had to speed them up was on a scorching hot mid-40s day in summer when my A/C died (ah memories....). It is a heavy bastard though. Mine is about 25kg with all the internals installed. Not the best for lugging around to LANs.

          I use the G9x because I like the grip and button layout. Thumb buttons are a must for any gamer these days and I found the on-the-fly dpi adjustments very handy in games such as Bad Company 2. You don't need super fancy transformer mice. You need something that is comfortable and practical.

      Don't forget the PSU - it is a vital piece which is commonly forgotten and/or not invested in properly.

      As for peripherals, what would you be using the mouse for? e.g. Are you a hardcore gamer of which pinpoint precision and sensitivity is vital?

      I have recommended the Logitech G5 for all competitive gaming needs (so many times, they should start paying me for this). But if you're not really after top-of-the-line performance it may be a little too expensive. RRP sits at something like ~AUD$100 if i recall correctly but if you're savvy you can get it for ~$70, which is how much I picked up mine for.

      Also why not core i7?

        I disagree with the mouse bits. Get any sort of wired mouse with a sensitivity larger than 300dpi and you'll be fine. They cost around $20 and last for ages!


            Me too! *clink*. I'll also back up what you said about the PSU, rather important.
            With the mouse, there is really 3 main qualities.

            Firstly, can you lived with a wired mouse? Or prefer the wireless variety (willing to stuff about with batteries etc...)

            Secondly, Your hands. Are you left handed? Hopefully your not sinister, so next to consider is your thumb. I got so used to mice with a scooped-extended section which my thumb sits in, that when I splashed out on a Razer with no thumb rest, I just couldn't stand it!

            Thirdly, thumb buttons, I've your used to them, you will feel crippled without them.

            Also, PcCaseGear is pretty cheap, you can pick up the items yourself, but must order them first online. Sadly, not many places actually have the stuff out to open up and look at, which sucks, so do your homework by checking online because PC stores make little money on components so generally don't like ppl fluffling around pulling stuff out of boxes in store.

              No real preference either way for wired or wireless. I'd lean towards wired to avoid batteries. I'm right handed, not used to any extra buttons whatsoever (console gamer and - dun dun dun - Mac household). I'm looking for something that fits in my hand nicely, moves well, is accurate but will also have the extra functionality there when I inevitably get sucked in more hardcore like in the future.

              PCCaseGear seems like a superb website. Lots and lots of content, I'll be lost in there for days. Never heard of Dingley Village though, but it did sound like it was near Springvale. Ha!

                Extra buttons are extraordinarily useful in a Mac household. Install BetterTouchTool and map those buttons to commands like cmd+W, cmd+R and cmd+T for optimal slacking off whilst browsing the web.

              Yay Q-bo! *clink* :D

              Totally agree, thumb mouse buttons are win. I assign one of mine to voice chat so that it never interrupts during a match. Also, adjusting sensitivity on it without having to open in-game consoles/settings is handy.

              If you plan to go hardcore later on, I strongly recommend going wired.

        On the i7 front, the price different between the i5 and the i7-2600K was about $100 on MSY. The differences being the slightly slower clock on the i5 (3.3 instead of 3.4), only 4 threads instead of 8, 6MB L3 instead of 8. Looking at Anandtech's review ( and the Tom's Hardware review (,2833.html) the speed differences don't impact enough in gaming situations to be noticable, and I don't have a need for 8 threads.

        I also thought of it this way. Save $100 now and put it towards something else, and if I do need the speed bump or the threads of an i7, somewhere down the line the price will have dropped.

        PSU is an area I haven't researched yet, bar my friend saying it's easier to have some extra power legroom for future upgrades.

          It is more about getting a quality supply than getting a 'big one'
          There are a few sites that tear down power supplies and review them properly, checking out the design the capacitors used etc. A good power supply you will keep for life. A bad one will mean flakey performance.
          A good starting point is here:

      PC Case Gear is by far the best retailer in Melbourne. if you don't mind forking a little extra out on a case:

    Whos ready for Dukes return this Friday? Anyone pre ordered and what edition? Got any plans to kick ass and chew bubblegum come Friday?

      I played the demo on Friday and .. it did nothing for me. Maybe I've matured too much, but even the nostalgia can't get me enjoying the bland gameplay mix and the dreary visuals. There were the occasional moments of 'heh' humour, but it just put me off it even more. :(

        I watched TB play the demo and I gotta say... this is not the Duke we know. He melees with the butt of his gun (NO BOOT?!) and he can only carry two weapons?! WTF?! They caved to pressure from today's FPS's and it saddens me greatly... all this wait for this?

        I have a feeling I'm going to have a similar experience.

          Im pretty pumped for it, but now I'm kind of worried. I haven't played the demo so I can't say what I think but i hope ill enjoy it! Can only hope!

            Well, TBH, I was not expecting much. For a game thats been through more hands than Paris, it was destined to be a bit of a dogs breakfast (again, like Paris).

            From reports I've heard, many seem terribly underwhelmed..

              The thing is though, I didn't have high expectations to begin with. I think it coming out is hilarious, but the joke has been running for over a decade. Wasn't looking at picking it up, maybe when it's in the bargain bin. But even then I was disappointed. Sure, it's been through more engine overhauls than an Alfa Romeo, but Gearbox surely would see that it looks years old already. There's only so far you can run on nostalgia, and now that people are getting the chance to try it, they're realising it's all a bit of an illusion.

    OBLIGATORY WRAP UP POST OF Kotaku Sydney mini-meats

    Was lovely to see you all again, and always fantastic to greet new faces! Endu did not disappoint as the headline act, Tadmod forgot about us, Fatshady MBA's kid was too cute, Jamie What? got a Barry(?) the Hippo and proceeded to rule ANIMAL KAIZER, Batguy was awesome and Rambo and got a purple elephant, Dawdle was game for a game of House of the Dead 2, Bish was hilarious as usual, Gorzilla was very nice and not put off by our weirdness at all for his first meet (well done), AnonymousPessimist is no longer very anonymous.

    Mark, I am disappoint you could not come ;(

    tl;dr - we pwned in arcades!

      I had a mate's 20th that ran over from Friday night into the morning. I had 2 hours sleep. my forgetfulness is justified!!!!

        No, that's not it! You didn't go because you're too tall!! Bahahahahahahaha... *lamboman goes running off into the sunset laughing his head off*

          Wait until I pwn you in NFS:HP, my friend. Then shall I have my revenge!

      We took pics this time! AND AnonymousPessimist vlogged too : )

        photographic evidence we actually did physically meet up!!

        Also, I uh, forgot to bring the super secret package with me today. Will definitely bring it tomorrow.

          Maybe it's just because I'm sick,but I totally read that as "pornographic evidence".

            It's hilarious because right under your comment Pessimist says he'll try to upload the videos to youtube tonight.. and he's unsure of what 'format' they accept!! LAWL!!!!

            Taken out of context! /hi5 anyone!?

        I'll try and upload the vlogs tonight, not sure what format youtube will accept.

      Well, I tried to be there in spirit via twitter. I could almost hear the sounds of the arcade...

      Aww, you had a Gorzilla AND a MiniShady?!

        For all the MiniShady fans...

          Although now that I think about it, slightly scary as well, in an 'Eek! Midgets with guns!' kind of way.

      I woke up on Sunday sore.
      Seriously, arms, shoulders, calves.
      Either I'm horribly unfit, or griefing Endu is a damned good workout.

        Also, I am pretty sure I accidentally kicked one of you when I was getting into battle stance for said griefing.

          I think I did in my rotator cuff on the bumper cars :(

          Now both rotator cuffs are messed up. WHYYYYY. WHY CAN'T I INJURE MYSELF LIKE A MAN, STEERING CATTLE AND SUCH.


            (insert title here) Eats-A-Lot was scary on those bumper cars. That woman has a lot of violence hiding under the surface. Pretty sure the Aus government uses her as a deterrent to invasion. “Come to our country and we’ll unleash Eats-A-Lot. You’ll wish it was tomorrow when the war began!”

      It was great to meet some of you face to face (and by some of you I mean everyone there, some of community) Was also the first time I've been to an actual arcade in over 10 years.

      really dissapointed I didn't win myself a 3DS now.


        I had to read that 4 times before I understood the last part. Kudos to you, sir!

          He did it twice, too. Out of 3 games, which he was just playing to get rid of the money on his card. Barely looked like he was trying!
          Even the creepy random people watching were impressed.

            I'd like to credit the mini games in Fable II for training me for that stacker thingy.

      Now all that needs to be asked is to Endu.. who does it better? QLD or NSW? ;)

    How'd the Mini-Meat go?
    Was bummed that I missed it.

      Oops, nevermind, just saw Eats' post.

        was bummed you couldn't make it!

          I am totes jelly I couldnt come. Ill have to come to the next one, if only to show how sexy I am.

            I'll need to come to the next one to prove how inappropriately sexual I can be.

    I posted this joke on Twitter this morning to my Marxist followers (apparently 'Zeitgeist' is also the name of a worldwide socialist movement) so I'm re-posting it here, amongst friends, for gratification.

    E3, the only time of year us nerds get to feel the same as our girlfriends did when they saw us naked for the first time.


    Be my friend? (at)dkzeitgeist


      That. Was brilliant! :D

      HAHAHA! It's funny but.. I can't write that...

        Yours has a kickstand, does he?

          I don't understand, you'll have to explain this one to me :D

          Or is it another one of those innocence-robbing moments? If it is, I'd rather not know...

            Class dismissed.

              *snigger* penis.

              It's about the length of said member, being able to reach the ground and support the weight of the members owner... without said owner falling over.

            As Eff so concisely put it, I insinuated that your boyfriend is so well-endowed that his member serves as a stand apon which he could rest his weight when fatigued.

            This was in response to dcz12's comment that nerds disappoint their girlfriends were disappointed on seeing them naked, to which you responded 'I can't say that'. I took this comment to mean that you could not say that because that was not the case with your current partner, as it was quite the opposite.

            This concludes 'making dirty jokes not funny anymore by fully explaining it for those who didn't get it'. We'll see you next time for more in-depth studies of dirty innuendo that the janitor doesn't quite grasp.

            *begins to clean chalk off blackboard*

              Ah, I do believe I learn something new from Kotaku every day.

              It would have been a good joke, except I was referring to the fact that I do not have a girlfriend and thus cannot post that joke.

      Nerds can have girlfriends?
      Can someone send me a copy of that memo?

      That one earnt a click of the follow button

        Pro-tip, I tweet less than I'm funny.

        If someone could express this as an equation, I'll send you a picture of me petting my dinosaur*

        *Dinosaur may be euphemism

    Putting on fresh new socks and getting coffee. Then mattress hunting and possibly lunch with a friend. Despite the lackuster start of the day where I saw the wrong damned NBA game, today could turn out to be pretty alright.

      That's lacklustre, not whatever I wrote. Why for I use fancy words when I can't type goodly?

      Very few things in this world feel as good as new socks. The elastic is still 'springy', the sole still has padding... they're awesome.

    OK, LOOPS... when we playing Backbreaker man. If you are saving yourself until after exams that is cool, just let me know mate. If we dont book in some time it will not happen (also get on twitterz.. i checked and @Chul00p4 is NOT taken... yet!)

      I second the motion! Loops on twitters would bring me 1 step closer to real-time stalking of you!

        No. No Loops on the Twitters. I don't want to be the only one not hanging out there.

          Joinnnnn Ussssssssss. *flaps bat wings and flutters about

      Hey buddy - i'm realllly bummed i let you down AGAIN!!

      But yeah, i was actually exam cram mode all weekend.. The only time i took off was to go to EB to spend a gift card and the following hour i spent playing heavy rain (omg brilliant) late last night to get my brain to stop hemorrhaging!

    I know everyone in the world owns it, but does anyone still actually play Minecraft?

      I do, but been on a bit of a break while I finish off DiRT 3. Will write my first reader review I'm thinking!

      Yes sometimes. I have clocked over 300hrs of time on it so i'm giving it a break.When i do play it is only on multiplayer. so i can talk to other people and such.

      Yep from time to time. It is not a game as much as it is a lifestyle.. I play games regularly, and then check in for some fum now and then in the multiplayer server.

      But yeah, having a bit of a break for a bit just because there are so many other games out there

      Yeah, I pop on every now and then. There's not usually anyone else online when I hop on though, so it gets a bit boring after a while...

      Only by invite now, I got many other games that have my interest currently, like LoL and Terraria

      I'm a terrible person.
      I bought and played Minecraft a few months before FatShady got the server up here, and by that time, I was all burnt out and devoid of all creativity.
      So now I hear tales of amazing Minecrafting, and I'm all "I should play and see" but whenever I start Minecraft, I'm all "eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and quit.

      I still jump on now semi regularly. It helps if you happen to be on the server when other people are too.

    Getting the stuff together to build a Visual Pinball cabinet, should be a lot of fun doing the build and hopefully more fun when done. I could use some pinball action as a bit of an antidote to E3.

    Sughly, saw your X-Men post. So, a bit of a flop?
    As far as I recall, at least in the cartoon, the Hellfire Club were always a bit melodramatic. Do you think they're working off that, or is it just tacky acting?
    Haven't seen it yet, but intend to.

      Georgous though she may be... January Jones cannot act.
      She does well as eye-candy (see American Pie: The Wedding) but that's about it.

        I dunno, she does really well in Three Burials and Mad Men. She was given pretty much nothing to do with her character in all fairness. But yeah, she's no Rachel Weisz.

          I haven't seen 3 burials, or x-men for that matter... but her in Mad Men made me feel a bit indifferent to be honest.

        Mhmm. I was pumped for this film, then saw a clip featuring Miss Jones and lost hope.

        Georgous lol damn keyboards......

      Ah to be honest I dont know much about any Hellfire Club and whatnot >_<

      But yeah, as a film, it was... ok. It definately wasnt as good as I hoped, and the acting on the most part is as good as it can be. I just think the writing is really ordinary, so the actors didnt have much to do. Except for Magneto and Prof X, who are pretty great at times. So yeah, worth watching for those two I suppose.

      My fave scene is with Magneto in Argentina. Was pretty darn good...

        I agree with the statement about Prof X and Magneto. The actors playing them did great jobs.

        My biggest critique with the film would be those times they had the lame footage of nuclear explosions. It just felt really silly.

        It was good but not great. Mags and Xavier were incredibly good, the rest of the cast varied from meh to "what an odd choice".

        Story wise, it makes about as much sense as X-Men 2 and there were many times where I struggled to work out how things worked into what I knew was canon in the original films, or how things worked in the comics. There's one thing in particular, a very spoiler heavy thing, that I knew was simply impossible under all known versions of the X-Men.

      First Class was okay, but didn't have the epic badassery that the other X-Men movies had. Several cameo appearances (especially when Charles is using Cerebro).

      They make great use of their one 'F**k', though.

        It was amusing... until the two guys behind me repeated 'That's awesome' for literally the next ten minutes.

          Oh man, there were these people behind me...

          Now, I'm a little obnoxious, in that I make snide comments to one particular friend throughout films, but I do it quietly. Very quietly.

          There were these people behind us, who felt the need to state the most obvious possible statements at every moment, in a really loud voice. SO MUCH RAGE.

      Ok, so people, there is a real hellfire club in Sydney and it totally has nothing to do with x-men.
      This is why people should read posts from the top down.

      Nearly fell off my chair again.

        It's based on the original English one... I think.

          The Hellfire Club in X-Men, that is.
          Although I suppose the Sydney club has similarities.

      I'm seeing it later on today, it looks OK...

      I (and most of my friends going) haven't really seen many of the other movies/know much about the X-Men lore, will our blinds be totally mown? Or is the story pretty easy to pick up?

        It holds your hand and walks you through it like you're in primary school. You are safe.

    Hmmmmmmm, I don't think I like where this could be heading. Looks like Apple are patenting a code which can cripple your phones recording capabilities. Would be good for use at concerts, or perhaps at the beach. But should our rights to record be taken away? What if lousy cops are given the this tech to stop the recording of them?

      Can't say I'm surprised by this move by Apple. They mainly like dictating to customers what they can and can't do, like replacing memory or your SIM... oh wait you can't do that without going to a "professional", it's sealed in afterall :P

      There's something seriously wrong with post-sale interference with devices.

    I just had an awesome idea. Only problem is I lack the technical know-how and skills to build it. But I can see a massive market for it... How would one go about pitching an idea to the filthy rich to get some backing? Like the Dragons Den thing.

      I'm in!
      As long as it doesn't involve sexual favours. I giggle far too much.

      Tell it to us and we'll steal it for ourselves help you build and market it.

      Three main options:
      - Government grants: the area of the idea dictates which department (either state of federal) you approach
      - Angel investors: Your most likely option, might give you up to 250K or so if they think they'll make money off their investment with you. See here or here.
      - Venture capital: This is the big bucks, but you probably only want to speak to these guys once you have something that is already making decent income, and you need more money to take it to the next level. See this for more info.

      That should be enough info to get you started. Probably more detail than you were expecting :)

        Awesome! That gives me plenty of places to start looking into it. :-D cheers!

    Team Sp00ky should run this stream, then it wouldn't drop out all the time.

    1st exam is now over!!!

    Accounting down, and next is business info systems on friday! so i have another full week of study fun!!!

    I actually THINK i may have done OK on the accounting one, so hopefully it's enough to get me a pass mark...

    In other news, in some mental rest time during a weekend of study, i went to EB to spend a $70 gift card i got for the b-day... i picked up spide man shatterd dimensions for $30 and heavy rain move edition (i don't have move nor do i plan on it) for $40... all in all i'm pretty chuffed with that.

    Now all i gotta do is study like a madman for my next exam on monday and then it'll be a monthish off for R+R...

      There's a good lad! Must have been the community pep-talk! I'm so proud of you. *wells up*

    I was speaking with Mr. What on the trip home from the mini-meat on Saturday night, and it got me thinking...

    I wonder if there is a market for boutique PC building? Given the ridiculous 15k rigs out there, I wonder what sort of profits could be had to the cheap-to-middle-of-the-range rigs with a bit of well chosen overclocking and cooling mods...

    Given that I pulled an extra ghz out of my 3.2ghz i7 for under a hundred, and my gtx470 now performs better than a 570 (also for under a hundred), I wonder what a non-geek would pay for similar build services?

    Potential business plan?

      If you know where to look, you can find places that do this already. Just need to find a decent place that sell parts.

      I went to school with some guys who have pretty much done this.
      Their front page advertises systems from $3000+. Their most expensive base model is $6000ish, and you can push it up to $11k with extras. It started out as a labour of love, but they seem to have been going strong for at least 4 or 5 years now, so I guess they seem to be doing pretty well, and even managed to get an Atomic PC mag award.

    I started playing trials hd last night man it's alot harder than I thought. I got gold medal on all beginner and easy tracks the last ones on easy are fairly tricky. Then I started medium. Holy koala testicles it's difficult I could barely finish the first track before I quit. But it's really addictive. I also watched dr who and got really confused at the end. Was Amy controlling one of those skin things while i'n the weird time hospital???

      Another one has been sucked into the vortex that is Trials HD. Let us have a minute's silence.
      Now insert obligatory "You think medium is tough? Just wait till you hit the extreme tracks" comment.

      Amy was strapped into a machine somewhere controlling the ganger in the same way as the engineers on the island. Difference was that a) she didn't know it had happened and b) it was being controlled by a crazy-powerful signal that worked across time and space and inside the TARDIS.

      The bad peoples who took Amy replaced her with a flesh version to fool everyone. The real Amy was pregnant and in the creepy white place where the eyepatch lady kept looking at her but her consciousness was in the Flesh. Even Amy didn't realise she was a Flesh clone.

      Trust me the Trials HD pain is worth it. I am still playing this game more than any other game, 18 months after i bought it. And whats even better is that I am still able to improve. Only this weekend, I took a few seconds off a few tracks...

      Best investment of your life dude...

      Also, you will go through a number of emotions. Just stick at it and dont break too many controllers... and as always, ask if you have any questions.

      I actually think you are doing it the right way. Going for gold on all tracks before progressing. I think this is a good way to start.

      What I would do not however is stop that and start just getting bronze on each medium track. Then go for silver on mediums, then bronze on hard, then silver on harrd then gold medium and so on...

      The learning curve is steep, so if you keep going for gold now, you will get too frustrated (good luck if you can)...

      As Batguy said, just wait til you get to the extreme tracks.. and worse still, the platinum medals!!!! they are another level of hard!

      GT: FatShady Live

    supply of coke (THE DRINK!) in the fridge: check
    100 boxes of easy mac: check
    pants off: Check

    BRING IT ON E3!!!

      You're like the brother I always wanted... but never got.

      Last time I made easy mac it came out fluoro orange. I decided to eat it anyway. Needless to say, it was the last easy mac I have eaten.

        I can't make custard.
        If I cook it in a pan it burns, and if I cook it in the microwave it explodes...

      Easy Mac? Pfft.
      Mi Goreng is where the love's at.

        The Cracks speaks the truth. Nothing beats Mi Goreng. Until it becomes a pile of MSG in your lower intesines.

        easy mac just takes that litle bitless effort than mi goreng,i don't have time to boil water damn it!

          Pro-tip. Cook your noodles in hot tap water in the microwave. Just as easy as easy-mac but a billion times more tasty.

          Mi goreng are the bomb, if you like baked beans however cook your noodles up add the flavour sachets mix in baked beans ( heinz are the best) I like ham flavour personally. Heat on element serve up and you got yourself a bonafide tasty feast

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