Team Fortress 2 Going Free-To-Play

Today Team Fortress 2 has been re-launched as a free to play game - a move Valve are calling "the most ambitious update in the history of Team Fortress 2”.

In an interview with Develop, Robin Walker discussed the reasons for making the game free.

"Over the years we've done a bunch of price experimentations with the game," he said, "going all the way down to $2.49 in our random one-hour Halloween sales.

"The more we've experimented, the more we've learned there are fundamentally different kinds of customers, each with their own way of valuing the product.

"Now that we're shipping it, it feels like a fairly straightforward next step along the "Games as Services" path we've been walking down for a while now."

It's interesting - the concept of a video game as a service. Valve has been hinting at free-to-play games for a while now, and it has rarely put a foot wrong when innovating in the past - it's hard to see how this won't be a success for them.

At the moment, Valve is clearly focusing on increasing the user base of Team Fortress and monetising the game through Micro transactions. If this move is successful, it may end up transforming the way first-person shooters on the PC are sold long-term.

Free at last [Develop]



      'Don't worry Pyro fans, we only left out the Engineer' ;)

        Did you find the scout update though?

          Someone linked it yesterday.. so I saw it! didn't find it though.

    Perhaps you should change the title of this to something about an interview, as mcwhertor beat you to the announcement.

    McWhertor beat you to it Serrels!

    So is this what they meant by free to play?

    Meet the Medic.

    I paid 20$ for this game I should atleast get a sh♥tty hat or something.

      From the FAQ
      "Q. What do I get if I paid for the game?
      To thank you for your years of support, we will be giving players who have purchased TF2 a special Proof of Purchase hat to wear on any character in-game."
      So yeah, you do get a sh♥tty hat...

        Awesome! (the only hat I have ATM is the Ghastly Gibus - otherwise I am hatless - repeat hatless)

    Nevermind we do get benefits, but they're pretty shit.

    Valve is one of the only people who can pull this off though. So many other games put you at a dead set disadvantage through microtransaction systems. I'd prefer to pay for a game and get content that everyone has access to rather than content that only money can buy. Hopefully Valve keeps up what they're doing currently and not sell non cosmetic items that are exclusive to the store. Now my friends who are too cheap to buy this game can now play it with me for free.

    I know it's a bit too much to ask, but I wonder if people who paid for this game get a little something extra? Couldn't care less though.

      Oh nevermind, I just read the FAQ, we do get a little extra for paying for the game.

    Sweet time to give this game a shot

    Am I the only one who doesnt care about buying hats?

      It's quite hilarious that all the benefits to premium vs free is down to loot drops etc. TF2 was a team based shooter at some time right?

    All the people downloading TF2 are giving Valve's servers a run for their money. Download speeds in the single kilobytes and going up and down. Interesting experiment.

    Here come the free kills!

      I joined a server at random and managed to be in the middle of the pack =) My KDR was pretty dodgy though, so I guess everyone below me were newbies too =(

    Hm. A swarm of new players might be an adequate reason to actually reinstall the game. My knife-finger has been getting itchy.

    i would like to express my feelings towards Team Fortress 2 being a F2P game, first of all i understand that your servers are being attacked at the moment, but there is a reason behind it, and it's the introduction of a paid game becoming a F2P game, i personally spent $50 AUD on the orange box just for Team Fortress 2 (this was a retail version) and i loved every moment of it, even though i was getting smashed by the elite players aka your dedicated players. But what do we get for having brought the game? A hat. I mean seriously? You can buy the exact same hat for $.50 where did my other $49.50 go? Yeah, sure we get more features but they only count for items. What about gameplay? It's exactly the same but now everyone can play it and it includes ALL the maps. Why didn't they get a limited version? Quake Live did a similar thing but you had to pay for all game types and new weapons. Better yet why didnt you give everyone the game but for 24 hours game time meaning everyone can have the game but it expire's after they play the game for 24 hours, and if they wanted to continue, charge them $10 for the full game. So besides getting what we orginally payed for, what else do we get? (besides a stupid hat that does nothing to enhance game play) Nothing. Excuse me for using harsh language but why did you fuck us over? This has to be answered. We are you dedicated fans, we buy your games and fund you to make more. Please don't take this as a harsh e-mail but actually read it and listen to the community. Like a government, your games would not exist without its people.

      Entitled much?

      Do you also complain when you buy a brand new game for $100, and then 12 months later it on special for $25?

      The game was released in 2007, you've had 4 years of playing it already. That's where you $49.50 went. Things price drop over time, that is how economies pretty much work.

      Some people have played this game for over a thousand hours. If those people payed 50 dollars for it, then that means they got every hour of entertainment for 5 cents. More than worth it.

      Don't bitch, 50 bucks for The Orange Box retail is a bloody bargain on PC. I've seen EB recently still wanting 100 for it.

      LMAO, Dom. This is called opportunity cost. Your money went in the TIME you've played since release till now. QQ Less please.

      People like you are what is wrong with the gaming community.

      Take your "You owe me this and that" bs and go hang yourself.

      As the Heavy would say "Keep crying baby!!"
      You do realise that there are more games than just TF2 on the Orange Box right??

      I seriously cant believe that people are complaining about this, but then again what did I expect of the gaming community?

      More players = more fun.

    I got this for $30 as the orange box 2 years ago.

    I think i've got my monies worth now. might reinstall tonight!

    what happens to all the physical copies of the game in stores?
    are they all free or is it 100% profit for the store?

      They will install a premium copy of the game, or can be used to upgrade to premium for people on the free version.

    Not everyone's happy.

    For those who bought TF2 before it became free, check this out:

    Hawwww shitttt I get a shitty proof of purchase hat now + free noob kills its all good :D

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