Team Fortress 2's Scouts Get An Update


    Oh no..... just what we didn't need, something to make the Scouts of gamearena's TF2 servers more annoying. We get a sniperwar happening on 2fort then the next BONK! or the blam of the FoN start knock 'em off. Same with the Heavys boxing or having a sandvich party on the bridge. Scouts' annoying things till HUNTER spawns as spy!

    *checks website*
    *slaps Luke*

    Sniper and Demoman, small entire-article-typo there? =P

      Whoops, clicked the wrong link. Ignore this comment and the previous haha =/

    it's not even on the TF2 website yet... how can you possibly know this? -_-

      Click the empty Bonk can at the bottom of Day 2.

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