Team Fortress 2's Scouts Get An Update

Still no "Meet the Medic", but continuing the festivities this week, Team Fortress 2's Scout class has gotten an update, adding three weapons to the smart-mouthed guy's arsenal. [TF2]


    Oh no..... just what we didn't need, something to make the Scouts of gamearena's TF2 servers more annoying. We get a sniperwar happening on 2fort then the next BONK! or the blam of the FoN start knock 'em off. Same with the Heavys boxing or having a sandvich party on the bridge. Scouts' annoying things till HUNTER spawns as spy!

    *checks website*
    *slaps Luke*

    Sniper and Demoman, small entire-article-typo there? =P

      Whoops, clicked the wrong link. Ignore this comment and the previous haha =/

    it's not even on the TF2 website yet... how can you possibly know this? -_-

      Click the empty Bonk can at the bottom of Day 2.

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