Tell Us Dammit

Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like what are your thoughts on what you've seen at E3 so far? Any games that jump out at you? Any disappointing absences?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

The Last Guardian is the one game I was disappointed not to see. It seems like years since we last had any concrete details on that game. Fumito Ueda usually seems to be more active with the press during the Tokyo Game Show - so hopefully we'll have more details then. I'm becoming more excited about Journey - that's probably my favourite game of the show from what I've been seeing. Mass Effect 3 is looking good of course.

And the PSVita pricing! Wow. Although we should probably wait for official Australian pricing before we make any snap judgements.

But what have you guys thought of E3 so far?


    F♥cking Ubisoft. How do they work?!

    Seriously, what kind of bozo hired that moron to host the Ubi conference...

      Doodly doodly doooo!
      And the penis jokes.
      What a champ.
      Not really.

        Penis jokes, really? I want to see this, is it up online somewhere?

          No. No you really DON'T want to see it...

          It was one of the most gross displays of stupidity I've ever seen in my entire life...

            Man that guy was such a douche he made Randy Pitchford's appearance seem modest and humble.

    Bioshock Infinite looks cool.
    Skyrim looks awesome.
    PSVita pricing is low enough to interest me...need a killer app though.

    Otherwise meh.

      Uncharted, 'nough said.

        I love uncharted but I've already played it twice, 3 times before the Vita is out maybe.

          It's a new Uncharted game on PSV, not a remake.

    Honestly - i have no idea

    I haven't had a chance to to look through much of ANYTHING at all...

    I have to play catch up after exams.

    All i know is that i don't know what a Wii U is, but i already hate it's name

    And as a long standing fan of the PSP, i hate the name "Vita", so i'm just going to call it PSP2 or NGP, and anyone who doesn't understand what i'm saying can go drive a truck

      I feel like if they were going to go with something as odd as 'Wii U' why not make it 'Wii Too'. I feel like at least that makes more sense.

    Apart from all the games we knew were coming that I'm excited about (Skyrim, Forza4, ME2, Batman AC) the standout for me was the gameplay trailer for Far Cry 3 - Looks Amazingly good... as well as the gritty "uncharted" look of Tomb Raider

    Vita and WiiU were just meh I'm afraid...

    The best thing announced this E3 for me is the NGP price point

    E3's been good so far for me. Majorly impressed with the Wii U and the creative
    possibilities and options that it could present. Of course Mass Effect 3, the tiny bit of Aliens Ive seen, Snake Eater 3D have made me happy too. Dissapointed that we couldnt see any Wii U games aside from tech demos but i was expecting that. Also, where was Pikmin! i wanted to see it not hear about it!

      How the hell did I forget this, everything Zelda has made me smile with pure joy. Cannot wait for OoT3D and Skyward Sword. And 4 Swords!

    - Mass Effect 3 looks good.
    - Old Republic intro cinematic. Don't have time for MMO's but these trailers have been better than the prequel films.
    - Battlefield 3 - On the fence before, now I'm hooked.
    - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - One to watch.

    - Brothers in Arms: Furious 4, how to kill an IP with one punch. As a fan of the series this was just slap in the face.
    - Wii U, not convinced. I can see the market for families but as a single mid twenties male nup.
    - Kinect - Still nothing jumping out at me. Voice recognition with games like Mass Effect etc just seems like a gimick again. Couldn't I do the same thing with a microhpone headset on any platform?

    Overall opinion - a bit underwhelmed this year.

      Oh yeah, and those Blur CG trailers for SWTOR are just spectacular. MOAR!

        I don't understand why LucasArts don't round up some of their Star Wars EU writers (say, Zahn or Stackpole), get them to write an awesome new movie, then get Blur to make it. Hell, even just adapt the Thrawn trilogy to movie.

    Vita price was good for US, terrible for Europe. And seeing as we're bundled with Europe, I think there's a good chance we'll be screwed.

    Microsoft - Thoroughly unimpressive. I really don't care about Kinect. I can understand them making it and talking about it a lot, but they need more first party titles. At the moment, all they've got is Halo, gears 3 and Forza 4.
    Sony - Disappoint at no Last guardian details and lack of new games (except Sly 4) being announced. I suppose that's probably because of the focus for Vita.
    Nintendo - Meh? It sounds pretty cool, the Wii U, but then again, so did the Wii, and I still haven't bought one of those. And the 3DS sounded cool last year, but there is a distinct lack of any titles that interest me. Sure, MGS, OoT, Super Mario and Mario Kart, but two of those are remakes, and haven't really heard much of the Mario games, so can't really judge.

    Overall, it's actually been kinda boring. And I'm getting bored of this pissing contest between EA/Activision with their BF3 and MW3.

    I'm over the moon at the announcment of Halo 4 and Halo:CE in HD. Also loving the screenshots and videos of Skyrim, ME3 and Uncharted 3. Can't wait to play those games.

    I'm disappointed there was no God of War 4, Heavy Rain 2, that Fable: The Journey isn't Fable 4 but rather a lame Kinect game and that there's still no release date for SW:TOR.

    Also a bit disappointed that the Wii U is just going to be another casual/kids/old people console but can't say I'm surprised. I'd just hoped Nintendo would try and broaden their market a bit.

    Plenty of things that are interesting.

    Very few things that are amazing.

    I think Nintendo screwed up the announcement of WeeYou... I think I said it earlier, but by the end of that conference I honestly thought it was just a HD controller for the Wii. Everything else was just their same old stuff on new hardware.

    Some of the Microsoft stuff was interesting to me... but then I don't actually mind Kinect... and Minecraft is something I'll get. Also their 3 core exclusive games looked really appealing... and HALO4 got me all kinds of excited.

    Sony was a bit bland for my liking... but some of their exclusive deals were pretty canny, and goes to show that anyone can play the DLC game.

    Ubisoft not only persisted with those accents but then wheeled out some kind of ADD afflicted spokesman. I'm not even sure they announced anything... Ghost Recon and Tomb Raider I was going to get anyway.

    EA... getting Al Pacino to host was an interesting move. Battlefield 3 looked beautiful, but I'd have liked to have seen it on a console as that's how I'm buying it. The Insomniac game seemed interesting...

    I don't know... there was nothing so far that's made me scream "I need it now"!

    Good things: that Bioshock Infinite trailer ending excited me to no end, BF3 content (but I expected that), wasn't really into Skyrim until I saw a developer preview. World looks fantastic.

    Bad things: that awful, awful Wii U trailer. And a lot of cinematic trailers, but a lot less gameplay trailers :(

    PS Vita has me excited. I'm willing to overlook the name. As long as most games give you the option to use normal controls and ignore the gimmicks then I'll be happy.
    Wii U is not really my cup of tea from what I've seen, but I've never been a big Nintendo fan. It has some groovy features though, so it will be interesting to see where they take it.
    Looking forward to seeing what Ubi has to offer.

    They really are calling it the Wii U?
    I see a lot of "Wii on U!" jokes coming.

    Vita.. oh joy I'm playing games on a giant vitamin pill...sounds like I'm sticking to NGP !

    I'm being a fanboy, but I'm excited about Halo. I do feel like the series is getting stale, but I am still happy to have another game. I don't think it will be the blockbuster the previous games have been and I fear that being a 'new' group working on it they will stay safe and stick to the formula, but I'm really looking forward to the continuation of the story.

    Also Halo CE remake looks like a lot of fun. I spent countless hours playing it on my xbox and I will happily go back and play an updated version for nostalgia. The only disappointment is apparently the multiplayer isn't coming too? Just the maps are being put into Reach? That is really disappointing as I wanted to have some old school games with the old weapons and vehicles. I guess campaign will have to do, Silent Cartographer Warthog Chicken was always fun.

    GOOD: Skyrim, Far Cry 3, Luigi's Mansion 2, Once Upon A Monster, Reggie starting the Ninty conference with LOOK WE HEAR YOU, SF3 Third Strike and surprisingly, MW3.

    BAD: Fable with Kinect, ME3 with Kinect, Star Wars Kinect

    UNDECIDED: PSVita, Wii U

    Disappointing show so far. Haven't seen any interesting new games announced that I didn't already know about. Highlight so far for me I guess has been the Uncharted 3 trailer. Already knew it was coming, of course, but it still looks nice.

    Biggest surprise so far has been the reasonable price of the PSV - very un-Sony-like. Wii U looks to have been unveiled 6-12 months early with no games, no pricing and (from me at least) no interest. I guess they rushed it to this year's E3 because they're worried that Sony and/or MS might reveal their new consoles next year, which would have left Wii U looking rather poor in comparison.

    So for me overall - Sony's PSV announcement was impressive (although it's not a platform I have any interest in actually buying), Uncharted 3 looks awesome but other than that there was a lack of interesting PS3 stuff. Lack of Last Guardian REALLY sucked. Nintendo showed off something half baked that may or may not be interesting when it's done. MS... distant third, can barely remember what they showed off. Whole thing passed in a haze of "blah blah Kinect blah blah Kinet blah blah Halo". Although they were at a slight disadvantage in that they didn't have any new hardware to attract attention.

    I think publishers may have caught onto the idea that it's not a good idea to announce interesting new games at E3 because they end up just getting lost in the general noise of all the other stuff on show. The end result being that if you don't have new hardware to show then you're not likely to have much else new of interest to offer.

    I'm actually more excited by building a visual pinball cabinet than by anything at E3.

    Stuff that interested me: Forza 4, the Wii U, Halo,

    Stuff I'm disappointed I didn't see: Half Life, Last Guardian, Journey, Syndicate, Carrier Command, more 3DS titles, anything that used the Kinect in a new way, no new IPs worth getting excited about.

    Stuff that didn't interest me: The NGP/Vita.

    Overall it was good to see Nintendo attempt something totally new (no it isn't playing catch-up with the iPad, this is integrated with a console and allows far, far more possibilities), I was worried nextgen consoles were just going to have slightly better graphics and awful motion controls. At least Nintendo is shaking things up and making developers think about new ideas for games. We could use something new rather than just more standard FPS, Driving and fighting games.

    PS Vita.... really? getting a little too close to MS Windows vista for my liking - and we all know how well that worked out for everyone :D

    Quick time events in NFS: The Run was a surprise, was definitely something I wasn't expecting. Let's hope they pull it off well, cause it could make the game a whole lot more interesting. And OverStrike, that was something I wasn't expecting. It looks hilarious, let's just hope they make it for PC.

    Wii U looks like they had leftover shells for that crappy wii draw pad thingy.
    But it will have Zelda so it will sell.
    Mass Effect 3 was always going to look intriguing, but it really better be a step up from 2 if we have to wait til early next year.
    PSP2 is the business. (I don't like Vita either)

    Nothing really grabbed me with the Sony conference. Uncharted 3 was probably the only thing that made me go "Ooooh~".

    The announcement of Luigi's Mansion 2 (and probably Smash Bros as well) was pretty much the only thing that got me really hyped up with Nintendo. Mario Kart and Kid Icarus were good too, but expected.

    I like the amount of features the WiiU has though, but I can't really get excited for it until I see some cool (full) games that take advantage of these features. I hope that at next years E3 Nintendo go all out with launch game announcements.

    For my money, Sony has won this E3, as much as winning is possible. Microsoft had no real core announcements to speak of. Their focus on Kinect is frustrating.

    The Wii U looks pretty crappy to me, though they haven't released enough info for me to really make a judgment on it yet. I suspect the tech will be too backwards to really capture the core market. Even if its slioghtly better than the PS3, it'll still be based on tech that 6 years old, and I'm really starting to notice the limitations of this generation as compared to PC in terms of scale. The 3DS still lacks the support necessary for me to consider buying it, though I was going to hold out for the next model anyway due to the battery.

    The PSVita looks awesome. I had no interest in it before, but the product, price and the third-party support make it look like a must have. Also, Sony's game lineup looks pretty sweet with all the exclusive core titles. Uncharted for the win.

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