Tell Us Dammit

Tell Us Dammit

Tell Us DammitDammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like if you had unlimited resources and time, what kind of video game would you like to design and produce? What is your dream game?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

I was asked this question yesterday and, despite the fact that I found it almost overwhelmingly impossible to answer, I thought it was a good one. So I thought I’d throw it out to you guys: imagine you are a Game Director. You are handed a blank cheque, four years, and a team who are the absolute best in the business at what they do – what game do you make?

Let us know in the comments below.


  • I would honestly REDO ‘Cricket’ for Wii.

    I’m not a huge sports fan or anything like that, but i honestly have no idea how someone can mess up Cricket on a Wii.
    I would remove all actual players as well, they never look legit.

  • I think I’d be tempted to make a massive RPG. It’d be amazing to spend a whole year just planning and thinking and sketching ideas. Plus it’d give me time to play a few RPGs because it’s research :). I would also be sure to add “interesting mechanics” and “unique features” to take the genre to the “next level”.

  • That’s a hard question actually. A lot of the time I don’t know exactly what I want in a game until someone makes something good 😛 (or when they make something that really isn’t good lol).

    As unimaginative as that makes me sound…

  • HA! Awsome pic, one of the best eps. I still want to play BoneStorm. “All I did was enter my name!”

  • Baldur’s Gate III. Isometric, a hundred hours of dialogue, more choices and paths than you could ever hope of even experiencing and tactical combat similar to the previous games. It’d be a long, long game and I’d get back all the previous characters and voice actors in one way or another…. Especially minsc and irenicus

  • I have a wishlist of games that I’d like to see made (mostly sequels), but that aside…

    I thought Heavy Rain was a very interesting step forward in interactive storytelling, and I would like to see this concept advanced.

    All other genres seem pretty well covered by a number of other non-Shane studios at the moment, but Quantic Dream is the only studio I can think of making games like this, so I’d like to lend a hand to this kind of game.

  • I’d have a full-on Army simulator – the combat of Arma with commanding a military force at the highest level of the military on randomly-generated missions and such.

  • Something Zelda-esque. Something so massive, big and grand. Ive always loved the Zelda series so thats the one sort of game
    I’d really love to make.

    • A 3D remake of Zelda, A Link to the Past would be epic. Maybe add in that 3rd world Miyamoto always wanted.

  • Kingdom Hearts series HD remakes (KH1, KH2, KH 358/2 days and KH BBS) on PS3 with Move capability.

  • A third-person real-time pokemon game where you control the pokemon through the trainer with commoands, but the pokemon move, dodge and respond in real time.

    I’d also like to make a game for the Wii U where one or two players use the touchscreen to organise forces while other players, using wiimotes, must fight the foes and defend each other on the main screen.

    • I know, right? This has seemed like a no-brainer for the past 10 years. Basically recreate the cartoon in a game.

      But I guess it would take a lot of work to do right, so it’s easier to keep remaking the same game. Chumps (like me) will buy it anyway.

    • I always thought Pokemon would be a perfect fit for the mmorpg genre. Pvp and pve gameplay is all there. The addiction of gearing up your character is replaced by catching ’em all.

  • I’ve had something floating around in my head for years – “EcoSystem”.

    Takes place in a beautifully immersive backyard/forest/jungle. You pick a creature from a wide range of possibilities, from an ant all the way up to a tiger or an eagle. Then you have to go about hunting or gathering to feed yourself, while simultaneously avoiding the creatures chasing after you, and scoring points based upon whatever metrics make sense for your creature.

    The number of player slots per creature type decrease as you move up the food chain, so your objective is to play well enough that you get to climb the foodchain with each re-incarnation. manage to stay there.

    I guess it’s a MMO action game, though I’ve had this idea since before the term “MMO” was even coined! Whether it would actually work would depend on how much fun it is after balancing out the mundane survival stuff.

    If somebody comes out with this game in 5 years time, you heard it here first folks!

    • “with each re-incarnation. manage to stay there.”
      -> with each re-incarnation. Only the very best players would reach eagle status and manage to stay there.

      • I’d love to see a game make good use of a reincarnation mechanic. So many possibilities.

        I have a doc somewhere for a game set in hell, where you must reincarnate your way back to earth through survival and taking care of your own hell spawn. Twisted, yet divine.

  • Zombie mmofps with fully destructible enviroment, the ability to build heaps of things (eg create weapons like Dead Rising 2, graft metal plates and spikes to cars, set up barricads etc) and free for all pvp.

    • I would LOVE a huge Zombie MMOFPS. No levelling hit points though, just skill upgrades (learning how to use better weapons and build cooler things) – and a real focus on survival i.e. ammo and weapons are scarce. I would even want a hardcore server mode where you lose your character when you die and have to start again.

      Hell, even a single player game with a roguelike randomisation and permadeath where you just have to get into the infected zone and get as many artefacts as you can and get out alive for points – I’m thinking the atmosphere of Stalker / Metro 2033.

  • A Space Flight sim that isn’t as complicated as the X Series or EVE Online.

    A Space Flight Sim like X-Wing or TIE Fighter. Simple to operate but awesome none the less – requiring skill rather than 1000’s of automated homing torpedoes fired with one click of the button.

    Between missions, you can actually walk around your Space Carrier, talk to crew and even fight off boarding actions or board suspect vessels. All tied together with a strong narrative of course. The computing power of today’s computers and the fact most of your graphics are a black backdrop, should mean we could build up some absolutely awesome scaled space battles.

  • A unique modern gritty First Person military shooter, where you start off fighting terrorists in the Middle East, who then in turn tie back to some secret group of Russian ultra-nationalists. Who are trying to ignite global warfare. Oh there would also be references to oil or something. And they’d be a mission you shoot a gun from a helicopter.

      • In jest you say? well I never.

        Well this modern gritty first person military shooter will also have ONLINE gameplay.

        We can have the good military versus the terrorist group, and the good military vs the Russian military.

        To make this more enticing to players, I’ve thought up a system of obtaining additional grades. They’ll be called xp (for exposure points obviously), and they can be gained by killing the other players or completing objectives. [this will be a new revolutionary change to the video game market, as no other developer has ever has exposure points].

        I may even have to look into some sort of pre-purchase arrangement, where-is these people are granted additional exposure points or grades just by giving me money early.

  • I want 4 games remade , I’m greedy!
    Carrier Command, Syndicate, Carmen Sandiego and Necromancer (Atari 400).

    As for my own game, I’d love an open world Racer set in Australia, with the Cities all built at a high level of detail and just be able to street-race, cruise etc. around the places I know.

  • I Am Legend type game (the book, not the horrible movie). A true survival RPG. Too much detail to go into while I’m at work! Maybe later ey.

  • The Byond game, Space Station 13.

    It would be amazing if they made it a 3d fps-like game, with a less complicated GUI

  • I would probably just remake minecraft but without all the glitches. Also you have rocketboots and lightsabers and deloreans

  • honestly, i would make a 3rd person pokemon action/adventure game.

    You start off as a low level pokemon and you meet others who may become friends or may want to fight you for food or fun etc.

    you may encounter trainers the want to battle you or capture you and you can either join them willingly and go on to battle for gym badges/pokemon league etc.. or you can resist and try to remain wild to take either a good pokemon path (to help other pokemon) or an evil one (try to take over and rule the forest).
    you may fail to escape the trainer in which your story leads to you to a life of neglect left with prof oak.

    just a few ideas i had rolling around my head whilst at work but not actually working lol

  • I’d probably do something like Carmageddon, mixed with a bit of spore (so you could design your own cars) and throw it all in an open world kinda gta type thing with destructable environments and be able to buy upgrades and new weapons for your cars etc. If you’re driving around and see a car you like, jump out and steal it (providing you don’t get run down and smooshed in the process). Take it back to your garage and ripit to pieces so you can add components of the car to your build list.. stuff like that. Plenty more I could say I’d add aswell, but this post would prolly turn in to a whole design doc if i did that.. i’m sure you get the idea of where I’m going with this though 😉

  • An exact port of the Game boy tetris.

    I swear it would take 4 years and $400 million.

    Of course it all went into development.

    What exactly are you accusing me of?

    How dare you sir!

  • An exact port of the Game boy tetris to the iPhone.

    Of course it takes 4 years and $400 million.

    Of course it all went into development.

    What exactly are you accusing me of?

    How dare you sir!

      • Haha. As soon as I hit the submit button my phone had a spas out and shut down. When I checked back it wasn’t showing up. Of course as soon as I redid it it showed back up.

  • ‘Greyhound Bus Simulator’
    You start off as a metro bus driver working your way up to the last level being a real time drive from Melbourne to Brisbane.

    With a soundtrack of ABC FM and background sounds and dialogue from shit G rated movies.

  • My game would be called ‘Fistblood Champion’

    It’s a third person shooter/action game. You play as Gold Kinkaid, an ex Covert Ops specialist. At the begining your old team mate Lance Strongface kidnaps your beautiful lady friend, Candy, and forces you to under take a brutal mission or he’ll kill her. While doing the mission you recruit a rag tag team of old friends and enemies to fight back against Lance and his team, the Cannibal Commandos.

    Also, he rides a Tiger. With knives for feet.

    And your side kick would be Jose Maningo. He’s a mexican fire ninja.

    Gold has to utilise his extensive firearms knowledge and mad kung fu skills to take care of Lance once and for all. I won’t ruin the ending, but it involves grenades, a nuke, three chickens and a pun, the likes of which you have never heard before.

    There would be a cover system, but you won’t need to use it. Gold is THAT hard. Also, there would be a designated pun button to push after kills.

    There will also be a movie made later. It’ll suck, but I’ll have enough cash for ‘Fistblood Champion II: Face Smash!’

    Gold would be voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    Lance would be voiced by Kurt Russell.
    Jose would be voiced by Danny Trejo.

  • I want to make a mod for C&C4 which would be essentially a remake of KKND, or even better a remake of Blood & Magic.

  • Battlefield: NYC an FPS game with a single multiplayer map for all players.

    this map is all of new york, GTA 4 style fully re-created and transitions seamlessly between areas.

    vehicles exist in game but require an operators licence to pilot, ensuring basic piloting skill. like AA medikits require completing the first aid course. and pilots licences can be revoked by popular vote in-game.

    realistic persistant damage to the cityscape terrain, reset weekly as new york goes from urban combat to full-scale war over a demolished city.

    combat intencity scales up over the week as each army starts with paratroopers and SEALs and is slowly provided air support, naval re-enforcements and tanks as they arrive over the week.

  • A proper GTA open world game where I play as a cop, using the good cop/bad cop mechanics of True Crime.
    Random events would be everywhere – me patrolling the streets looking for law breakers and arresting them – people running red lights, doing back alley drug deals etc and me handing out justice incorporating some of the LA Noire interrogation aspects so that an arrest is more like an epsiode of ‘COPS’

    • Make that multilayer, with the option of being a bad guy or hitman/mercenary as well – I’m sold 🙂

    • WOW Scatter, I didn’t even read your post.. look at mine below! We should work on it together IMHO – great minds 🙂

      • Absolutely 🙂
        Unfortunately I was expecting some of these elements in LA Noire… someone needs to make this game, please – myself and Stamperrific will intern 🙂

  • A hard-core, open-world zombie survival game. Scavenging in a city for food, manipulating objects to build barricades, raiding parties, the works!

  • I would make a 4p coop PC-only metroidvania title with heavy RPG systems, loot systems, a map approx. 12 times the size of Super Metroid’s, with a branching s-no!-a procedurally generated map and storyline! The gameplay would be ala metroid but the surrounding systems would be roguelike; the final boss each time is the last person who played through the game!

    That, or just translate the most recent Super Robot Wars into english for us all to play… I always wanted to put a Giga Drill Breaker into that wuss Shinn from Destiny.

  • Other ideas:

    DBZ Kinect game which has you do the power poses and shout to increase your power. Or a Naruto Kinect game which focusses the whole of the camera’s resolution on your hands; the game is about using the right handsigns to cast the right techniques.

    Infinity Blade 360 (Kinect OPTIONAL!!) – As on iOS, but with 10x the content (that’s enemies and rooms, not items, people!), and multiplayer.

  • A stratagyRPG game similar in style to the original dune where you start off as a prince/princess who’s family is being slaughtered by a rival kingdom and you are forced to flee into exile making you the underdog (like the Atreides).

    During your time in exile meet encounter some dragons (a species that is nearly extinct at this time) and form a strong bond with one of them giving you an advantage the other factions cannot match (Like Paul’s prescience).

    You and your dragon proceed on a quest to retake your homeland as the tutorial level. You then get to make decisions to guide your kingdom as you and your dragon proceed to shape the future of all the kingdoms in the know world. You can dominate with fear, looting and pillaging your way through your enemies killing all who stand against you. Be a leader of honor, defending your people and your allies and bringing justice to the world or anywhere inbetween.

  • A proper police simulation game.. not all about shooting, but one that starts you off in the academy, then working the beat/general duties, then the ability to choose out of all the different specialisations and explore them. For example, becoming a detective or Crime Scene operate would require serious investigation and analytical skills, or if you want more action you could join a SWAT team role or similar.

    Probably a 3rd person game but with RPG elements.

    Given unlimited resources and time, I would flesh out an entire city (complete with country areas) with awesome graphics, physics and state of the art behavioural models for all NPCs – criminals, civillians, police, etc.

    A meaningful rank up/promotion system would be nice as well. It would be cool if you could take on a supervisory role rather than just being a grunt all the time – there’s an opportunioty to bring in resource management/RTS type elements to such a game.

    Also have an ethics model, so you can work your way to being the city’s shining white knight or a corrupt kingpin of justice.

    Oh man, I’d love designing a game like this!

  • Re-Do and update the Sierra Adventure Games for PC, Mobile and consoles.

    Example: Look at the new Tomb Raider coming out soon

  • 1. Something like Spore or Populous, but not gimmicky or dumbed down.

    A proper attempt at a life/evolution simulator – with today’s tech and a bunch of money I think it’d make something pretty awesome. It’d need to include dynamic weather and an ecosystem model, etc. Not cartoon-y style evolution, but a proper attempt at simulating natural selection (obviously with a huge fast forward button). Pretty much a physics/chemistry/biology simulator that just lets things run for a while to see what happens.

    2. KoTOR 3 (or at least the old d20 gameplay style) with the graphics of Mass Effect and an unlimited budget. Hellooo 100 hour epic space RPG.

    • Hey, I loved that game 🙂

      A pity it wasn’t what Chris Roberts promised, but it was still really fun.

      It’s a shame the space sim genre (well, the non MMO space sim) has kinda died in the past decade. So much potential with current tech.

  • I would make a Borderlands with more RPG-ness:
    Infinite levelling and playthroughs, weapon-crafting, magic loot banks, more diverse enemies and better vehicle sections…
    Hell, Gearbox, just make Borderlands 2, please. You hinted at it at the Community Day.

  • The intrusive and loud adverts you have put on your website that suddenly start playing when i go into a story are a mistake. If they continue, i will leave. I stopped going to 1up because they did the same thing. Please reconsider your advertising policy.

  • I always thought that if you could get the fighting mechanics right, a first person martial arts action RPG in a ‘crouching tiger’ type environment would be cool. First person fighting games don’t really work though unfortunately.

  • So many dreams, so little time!

    1) a Star Wars game where the Wii controller is the lightsabre. I mean isn’t this what we ALL want and still haven’t really got?

    2) World of Warcraft II – To be honest WOW was a great game. You get really sucked into it and for a reason (it took 1 year of my life away). It would be grand to work on something that would blow WOW away in terms of grandeur and epicness

    3) Zelda MMO? Zelda 3d? Anything Zelda will do!

    4) Something for iPhone that will make me a millionniare

  • I would probably go for a great survival horror along the lines of the early Silent hill game. Mine would be more of a mind mess and less of a “boo!” game. I have ideas and I’m an artist but without a programmer I’ve never been able to even attempt it. As you can tell I already know what I would do, I think about it all the time.

  • Rollercoaster tycoon 4.

    I would also like to play a game similar to dead frontier but avaliable free on the playstation network (and xbox too sure :)).

  • I’d love a GTA style game set in Melbourne.

    I even have a title picked out
    “Some would build a prison, they built a nation…”

    Apart from the usual open world fare, side missions would include such notables as

    – Flinging sneakers over power lines, to indicate your drug operations are open for business
    – Doing Burnouts down quiet streets
    – Operating the counterfeit Wii Games stand at your local market
    – A Fare Evasion stealth mini-game
    – Tram Surfing
    And loads of other stupid unsavoury activities that I hear and see on the news almost daily.

    Also instead of Wanted stars or a Notoriety meter – if you commit a crime, all the witnesses light up on your mini-map – you’ve got a grace period (depending on the severity of the crime) but you’re basically wanted until the witnesses are dealt with.

  • An open world pirate adventure, with sea battles, hidden treasure filled islands, dodgy saloons, and a rag tag crew that you recruit in order to prepare you for the endgame, an assault on Admiral pincklebottom’s impenetrable fort, thereby insuring your dominance over the high seas.

    A third person giant monster game, similar to Rampage, where the destruction of famous landmarks is your ultimate goal. Take that Sydney Opera House, RAAAgh!

    And finally, a really good ninja game. I’m thinking also open world style. Imagine the red dead redemption environmental engine, complete with the dynamic Eco system, set in feudal Japan. In the beginning your family is slain by a rival clan, who you later learn were under the orders of the shogun. The game is about your revenge mission. I think it should have a slightly mystical element too. Not dragons or anything like that, but more elemental powers and a spirituality system that influences your super moves.

  • An assasination game. More of a life simulation in FPS perspective. You are the average Joe and get a knife and a target description. Observe, follow, kill. Dump the body in the river or somewhere else. Try to maintain your normal life while leaving your wife/husband/friends suspicious about your long “walks” in the evening. More of an art game with FPS, RPG and simulation parts.
    You have the choice how to approach your targets and how to deal with their suffering.And injuries are as realistic as possible, you target tried to defend itself and stab you in the leg with a butter knife? You will feel that, like limping and pain is always present. You need to regenerate your wounds, you have no COD like regeneration.
    Different outcomes of the game i.e. Super Cult leader who plans and orders kills, Fanatic
    Zealot who acts as the hands and fist of hist cult master, Badass fugitive( you flee either from the law or the cult) or you land in prison with all that sadistic guards, cons who scratch the number of kills in their muscular arms stuff. Ofc realisation would be difficult, but like i said more of an artsy game( not for assasins creed fans, well maybe there is freerunnig stuff, not for hardcore fps gamer, more for rts experts, longterm planning with rpg streaks) you really get to know your victim and ask yourself if you should really kill some one with a loving family or generous benevolent guy who is loved by all beggars and so on.

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