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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like Sonic. How can we fix him?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Sonic the Hedgehog: few video games characters have risen so high, and fallen so spectacularly. Each time a new game is announced we hope. We believe, only to have those hopes dashed.

But how can Sonic be fixed? What would be the ideal solution?


    How do you fix him? Like any other animal, obviously. A trip to the vet, followed by a bucket on his head for a couple of weeks.

    Sonic the character is fine, he is living a healthy life in one of the longest running borrowed IP comics over at Archie comics.

    If you mean the game then all they have to do is ACTUALLY make Sonic 4 rather than Sonic Rush 4.

    The last perfect Sonic game (IMHO) was Sonic 3 and Knuckles, two carts together for one of the best sidescrollers ever!

    I also thought Sonic Adventure was fantastic, SA2 sadly started losing it a bit but was still fun.

    After that...meh(YES! Even Bioware's attempt at a Sonic RPG was ...meh.)

      I agree. Although they ALWAYS manage to reel me in. "New Sonic game? Awful they say? But how awful?... I'l just buy it and see..."

    Oh.. wait.. you meant how do we fix THE GAMES?!

    Oh.. that's simple. 2D side-scrolling action and nothing but it.

    Colorful and beautiful levels with a good amount of variation and a tad of fan service..


      Birthday gift wasn't "all that"?
      (except for the console part, I AM SOOOO JELLY!)

      Really, that is all they need to do. Fast paced side scrolling action with an emphasis on good level design. Don't just stick a few loop-de-loops in there and call it a day.

      This. But also, none of his crappy friends should be in it.

        There's nothing wrong with a little Knuckles action

    Whatever happened to those 2D episodic Sonics that were supposed to be going back to the series' roots? I never heard much about them.

      The first one is out. It was a step in the right direction but it wasn't exactly Sonic 3.

      Yeah it feels like they've scrapped those and decided to do Generations instead.

    Just make the bad men stop!

    Make it just like Sonic 3.

    How? That's a doozy. Can we really now? Take it way way back to Sonic 3 and just use that as a template. That was my favourite and pretty much perfect.

    2D sidescrolling, no F$%@ing homing attack, back to the old while spinning = kill on monster. I'd say back to the Sonic 3 and S&K days, they were the greatest.

    Some sort of international law that requires Sonic to move in 2 dimensions and have no more than 3 friends.

    To Paraphrase Horace McCoy "They Shoot Hedgehogs, don't they"

    "What would be the ideal solution?"

    Yahtzee suggested in the past to repurpose him as a litter cleaning device.

    Rest him... for about 40 years.

    Then when the next generation of gamers plays a Sonic game, they've got nothing to compare it against... and as such won't feel the crushing dissapointment of him not measuring up.

    Maybe sneak a reference to him into every game published by Sega in the interim, to build anticipation.

    It's difficult to make 3D work in a sonic game, especially when you're slowing down the action.
    It becomes harder to find that speed groove that you can fire him down and just tweak now and then.

    Sonic as a game needs to have speed and inertia through levels which are ultimately branching corridors.

    While Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was by no means a bad game, it wasn't really a sonic game.
    The inclusion of mechs (tails/robotnic), exploration stages (knuckles/rogue) cluttered the game and drew attention away from the speed sections of Sonic and Shadow.

    I'm a fan of the extended cast, but developers have to realise they can't be the focus. Include them, but make them optional.

    Sonic is speed, platforming, the joy of a well-completed stage and the screeching of red and white sneakers.

    Get the guys who did Super Meat Boy to do it... and don't touch them until the game is done.
    I'm not kidding, no input from Sega.
    No comments on the direction, no suggestions about thematic approaches, no mentions of increased accessability.


        Sonic was always, for me, the hardercore game compared to Mario... that's where they need to go back to.

          Really? The game in which you can't die as long as you have at least one ring and if you get hit you can usually grab a ring from the ones that came out of your body?


            The objective in Sonic wasn't to get to the end... it was to get to the end in the absolute shortest amount of time possible. It's a game built for speed running.

    2D sidescroller with sexy art - none of this CG sonic. It looks like the awkward SONIC figurines that chewing gum used to come in bobbling along without life or character. SONIC was never about the challenge - It was about SONIC looking cool while travelling fast.

    In the realms of 3D Sonic needs massive expansive worlds that aren't racetracks - but obviously feature bottlenecks with these tropes. Ring challenges, Boss Challenges and Timed challenges would all work well. I dream about sonic cutting laps of a crater sized sand trap with a robo worm in the bottom - all at the centre of a sahara sized desert.

      Your 3d sonic must not be allowed to happen, this is exactly what developers would do and exactly what would be super disappoint.

      For another game, yes, cool even. For sonic, please no.

    I think my love for Sonic died a long time ago..i really dont think i can envison a game that would get me back into hedgehog loving..

    At Least one that would be realistically made..

    Some people hate me for saying this, but I actually liked sonic colours. It wasn't perfect but it worked! I can't wait for generations it looks fantastic. Also wtf SEGA not even a happy birthday on your website or Facebook page! Slack

    Wasn't there a fan made sonic short a while back, it wasn't a game so much as some guy built a 3D rendered world and animated sonic through it.

    That little clip got so much press it was a clean crisp sonic it was 3d sidescroller and it looked awesome.

    Failing that just let him rest, as much as I love him, you only hurt him more by trying to capitalise on the brand and failing. Maybe even shelve him for a coupla years and see what new tech brings to the table.

      It was this:

    Try keeping the course sideways, have the same original length of levels... that sort of thing. Nintendo's mascot Mario can make the side-scrolling transition to 3D because it is still the core of the Mario game, and still as fun. The point A to point B theme of Sonic, can't really make the change well, because there needs to be more than that to it, except collecting rings.

    They probably need to keep things classic, or the series might go downhill further. I don't think Sonic can take much more of the 3D adventures.

    A lot of people don't get why Sonic was good. It was a good platformer. Not speed, 2d, or stupid gimmicks. Platforming.

    Another thing developers always miss out on. Momentum. They think it's top acceleration and top speed. The original games gave Sonic momentum. When you were running at top speed and let go of the d-pad Sonic would slow down until he stopped. Now when you let go of the d-pad he immediately stops. No slowing down, just stops right when you let go.

    Have a look at the latest trailers for the "new" Sonic game. When running as "classic" Sonic there's no momentum. Even whilst running you can see Sonic immediately stopping and doing the spindash WHILE RUNNING. The original Sonic games had you rolling when you press down, and you could only do the spindash when you weren't moving. Now he can do it while running, completely taking out momentum.

    and that "homing attack" of "modern" Sonic is stupid. There's no momentum in it, you just pop out of where you are and pop out of where the enemy is. No momentum of any kind.

    Sonic doesn't need a story...


    Anyways, I could go on telling you what I THINK should happen...but that's just pointless, because you have to big of a division in people who've actually played sonic games to actually get good advice that would work. Sega can just keep doing what they're doing....I would recommend not basing a lot of their games on what forums dedicated to whining have to say, because the internet doesn't always represent the customers as a whole...and there were still complaints after the release of sonic 4.

    I WILL SAY THIS: If you ever decide to make a video game character that hits success, and then possibly "remodel" said character, be advised to not DEVELOP their personal/social characteristics....Like, look at Mario. You don't see a TON of complaints directed at the characters involved with him. That's because the details about their relationships, rivalries, etc are not revealed. Mario sticks to a pretty simple background WHICH allows for sooo much versatility...revealing a bunch of crap ruins the character.

    Sonic...he is a great character, but there was too much attention focused on the bystanders. Too many characters were being treated as "main charaters." Mario games are typically limited in "main characters" unless the game is designed to be multiplayer. The same is not true for sonic.

    Maybe ONE (JUST ONE) issue (out of the many) that could have caused sonic's dilemma could be the the constant TV shows, and comic book series. A lot of fans moved away from the games and concentrate more on the story of sonic; which is, to say the least, a jumbled mess. Sonic has no strong story. He definitely has that rivalry foundation (like the bowser vs mario thing) BUT any four year old would realize that sonic has no true story when going from the comics to the games. AND this is important because this can trigger fan fictions and other fan type obsessions (not that it's bad, but people obsess over this stuff more than what sonic was FOUNDED on; games). I didn't read over what I's really late here in the U.S., but I really can't generalize my opinions any shorter than that...haha sorry.

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