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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like retro remakes. Yay or nay?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

I've been enjoying Ocarina of Time on 3DS, and one of my most anticipated games this year are the Metal Gear Solid HD remakes. It's got me wondering - is it right for me to be so excited to replay games I've already played before? Shouldn't gaming be about new experiences?

And as a side question - what other classics would you like to see get the remake treatment?


    I think it depends on the remake. Something that's more or less a straight port, then generally nah. Especially if we've seen it multiple times before. Which is part of why I'm not so hyped for OoT, but I'm totally hanging out for Lylat Wars.

    The best remake I've ever played was Metroid Zero Mission. It had a perfect balance of familiar faces, places and sounds, all done up with a shiny new coat of paint, and then added a whole stack of new content without compromising what made the original so great. I love it so so much.

    If done correctly a remake can be the best thing. But most of the time, it's done poorly. Would love to see a remake of Earthbound.

    As someone who just bought a 3DS to play Ocarina of Time (loving it btw!), I would like to see some faithful remakes. I don't want a reboot, or a re-imaging... I want unchanged HD upgrades where I can flick between the old and the new graphics, ala Monkey Island and the upcoming Halo Anniversary.

    I don't want Goldeneye on the Wii with Daniel Craig as bond, you bastards did that release for the money, not the fans.

    I like it simply because there are some games I just get a headache from if I played them now, or I just can't play because they're the wrong format (Damn you No Ps2 BC). Hence why I can't wait for the Ico Team Compilation, the Splinter Cell Comp, and the ZOE Comp.

    But what I'd like to see with a HD Remix would be the Ratchet and Clank games. They rock and Tools of Destruction and Crack in Time look fkn Spiffy.

    Having just recently bought the original MGS on the PSN, I'm currently playing through it and am at the point where I'm about to face down Metal Gear Rex himself.

    I don't think it's necessary that we experience new things in the world of gaming. I think it's important for us to see where games have come from.

    MGS is still, despite it's pixellated graphics and some truly woeful dialogue, a brilliant game. It deserves its place in the history of gaming and it truly a landmark in video games development. To call it anything less it to sell it short.

    Of course though, everything should be in moderation. Old and new, please?

    Oh, and as for classics I'd like to see remade - Starwing. I would love to have that up and running smoothly on a modern device. The fresh coat of paint and stuff would be nice too. Even nicer still would be if they bundled it with Starwing 2!

    I missed the PS2 era as I was fairly busy building my career, so the remakes let me live the backstory to their PS3 sequels.

    I think the HD remakes are great. Gives me a chance to get my hands on games I no longer own the discs or platform for and I think with the graphics boost it can help introduce new people to some awesome titles.

    I don't know bout YAY...but I can give you a HELLS YEAH !

    Metal Gear Solid Collection, Ico Collection , I'm kinda more looking forward to playing these gems again than some of the new games comming out. These games still seem fresh and exciting despite having played through them many a time.

    The problem with older games is while they're still good, they generally look awful on modern technology in their original form.

    When playing my N64 10 years ago on a 34cm portable TV, Banjo Kazooie looked great, but if I hook my N64 up to my LCD I get a blurry ugly mess. So when they had High Def ports on the 360 I was all over those because I wanted to replay the game with clearer visuals.

    One of the things I'm hoping for with the Wii U is the inevitible re-release of Gamecube (or even Wii) games in HD. I want a Wind Waker HD with a couple of extra dungeons.

    If they keep the core gameplay intact, then yay. But only should be done once per retro, a HD remake is all we should ever need

    If there's really something to be gained by doing then yes. E.g. I'm looking forward to playing SotC again (in case you hadn't noticed) because this time I'll get to play it with a steady framerate.

    Plus, with the move to HD TVs a lot of the old SD games really don't look too good if you play them in their original form. So there's definitely something to be gained by fixing them up a little so they don't look hideous on a modern TV. But that's really a one-off thing - they won't be able to get away with this with the next gen of consoles i.e. there's no need to "upgrade" already-HD games from PS3/360 for the next gen of consoles. Although obviously Nintendo will probably give it a go given they're going HD for the first time. If only they had some more Wii games actually worth the upgrade.

    Some experiences are just that good that they can be replayed many times over. And with technology change being what it is, it can actually be hard to go back to some of those experiences because you don't have the necessary outdated tech any more.

    There is a massive slew of great PC titles I would love to see just polished up for current OSes, control schemes and higher-res presentation, rather than having them "re-imagined" or "re-booted".

    The current rumours of a Syndicate remake have me salivating.

    I am going to go completely old school and say Rise of the Triad. The new Apogee is doing a retro remake.

    It's all about nostalgia I guess, as for potent remakes....
    As for remakes:
    -Ratchet & Clank collection
    -Kingdom Hearts collection
    -Armored Core collection
    -Jax and Daxter collection
    ...hmmm there's plenty of other games, but I can't remember from the top of my head

      How could I forget a remake of Majora's Mask for the 3DS :P

    Games are tied to the platform(s) they're released on.

    I see no problem in re-releasing them so that those who didn't have those platforms can have access to them, and those that did can relive the past memories.

    Ignoring the cost, I think it's a bit like releasing classic films on VHS (and now DVD/BluRay). Before you could only see them at cinemas, now they're in the current format so that people can actually see the damned thing.

    As for being excited, well, I'm looking forward to the eventual BluRay release of The Lion King. If it is something truly awesome, seeing it in the latest format is definitely something to get excited about.

      This is how I see it. A re-release (maybe with slightly tweaked textures) is a far, far better option than a ground-up remake (ala Twin Snakes).

    Ask me when they remake mutant league football and rock n roll racing...

    I think they can be a really good thing.
    A lot of people REALLY love these games, but have trouble going back to the outdated graphics and controls (not me, personally, but still).

    I think ocarina has been a bit done-to-death, though.

    There really are sooo many games that would be awesome in HD remakes on newer systems.... so so soooo many...

      Rock and Roll Racing was the shit.
      Best.. Soundtrack.. Ever

    Games for the remake treatment?

    Oni. Please remake Oni.

    I would do terrible sexual favours. I've watched Japanese and German adult movies. I know what may be required.

    Also Shogo. And Blood 1/2. And... and... wow. This could be a long list.

      Yeah, I can't see them remaking WoW anytime soon...

        I meant 'wow' as in an exclamation, not as in the game.

        I wouldn't be touching that game with an 80 foot giraffe on stilts after experiencing the socially inept genetic backwash that I was forced to play with.

    If I want to play an older title I'll dust off the older console and play that. I'm not paying more money for a game I've already bought.

    If there's any new content I might make an exception, but if all I'm getting is an up-resed version of the exact same thing I'm not going to bite.

    Now that they've done Ocarina, I want Majora's Mask...

      Yea I think retro games look better with rose tinted glasses. Especially the Prince of Persia HD remakes they released a couple of months back. That was my all time favourite platforming game of the last generation, but when I played the remake all I could see was how annoying and broken the combat mechanisms were. And how the Princes hand was basically a cube.

    I'm a victim to sentimentality, it's never the same. I always play the remake for an hour tops and then realise the gameplay that was groundbreaking then is just that, in the past. The graphical improvements don't compete with modern titles. Although the an improved frame rate in a possible Goldeneye HD would be great.

    I agree with MrTaco, the answer is always going to be "it depends".

    For example, I think the MGS Twin Snakes remake was somewhat pointless, having just a one generation gap since the original. However, the Resident Evil REmake really brought out the best in Resident Evil; it was still a one generation gap, but REmake was completely different, and looked light years ahead in terms of graphics.

    Having said that, I'm generally a sucker for most remakes, I'll probably be buying all MGS HD, Silent Hill Collection and ICO Collection.

    Generally speaking I have no problems with remakes, provided that the remake doesn't lose the feel of the original game. I don't personally like the look of the Ocarina 3DS remake for example, because of the bright cartoony colors. The original game didn't look like that. Conversely I'm very excited for the Ico/SotC remake pack. Though it pains me to call those 'retro'. Hell, referring to Ocarina as retro makes me feel very old.

    I think if you're going to change / update things beyond increasing eg. texture resolutions, then you need to go further and really *remake* the game. The PSP remake of Tactics Ogre is a good example of what I mean, where they've added content, streamlined different parts and added new features in addition to a graphics overhaul.

    As for older games I'd love to see revisited... the first things that jump into my mind are Bungie's old game Pathways into Darkness, and TIE Fighter.

    I vote yes to remakes - but I like remakes that add something new - like Bionic Commando Re-Armed. I too am looking fwd to the Metal Gear remakes, mostly because I haven't played much of MGS2 and haven't played MGS3 at all.

    As for remakes I'd like to see - Mace: The Dark Age - an old fighter from the N64, kind of a cross between Soul Edge (sword fighting) and Mortal Kombat (fatalities). Also I'd love a GTA San Andreas remake using RAGE/Euphoria

    PLEASE remake Harley Davidson - Road to Sturgess, went to replay it for nostalgia reasons, but it wasn't as good as I remembered it... But a remake, with lots of shiny would make me smile.

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