Tetris Hits The 3DS In October

Tetris, which skyrocketed to all-time popularity on Nintendo's first handheld, will be adapted for its latest. In a statement released today The Tetris Company said Tetris for the 3DS will be shown at E3 and will arrive on shelves in October.

The news release also boasted of 132 million paid mobile downloads of the game, making it the all-time biggest seller in that segment. Other games claiming higher figures include paid and unpaid downloads, the statement said.

After E3 The Tetris Company will reveal licensing plans for 12 different product categories hitting shelves by Christmas. Confirmed deals include lottery tickets; deals in negotiation include halloween costumes, in case you want to dress up like the line tetromino.

(Image by bcbomb47 | via DeviantArt)


    Is there a reason why Tetris shouldn't be a simple eshop download? Instead of a $60 boxed cartridge?

    Tetris DS is definitely one of my favourite games on the previous handheld. I'll look forward to see what this reiteration has to offer ^^

    put it as a 3dsware title, i would never pay full price for a game that's extremely old and has been done a billion times, i don't care what new stuff you've added, nothing could make me pay full price

    If there was a development as dramatic as TetriSphere, done well, familiar yet innovative and using the 3D creatively rather merely as a gimmick, I can see that this would do well. But not for $60. $40-50 maybe.

    Wow. So apparently its the 1980s again and tetris is big time for a console. Oh wait, its 2011 and the 3ds has no other games.

    Hold up...you mean "I" could be the L shape for halloween? Oh and Tetris on 3DS? Sounds great! Just do it right!

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