The Beautiful Fighting Game Art Of Stanley Lau

Stanley Lau has been asked by Capcom to provide the official artwork for the upcoming Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition. Being both an accomplished comic artist and a Street Fighter nerd, his work does not disappoint.

In addition to the stuff he's done for the game's upcoming re-release, Lau is something of a Capcom fanboy, having done previous pieces based on fighting game characters either for business (like art books or trading card games) or simply for pleasure. We've even featured some of them on Kotaku previously.

The gallery below mixes his Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online work with that of earlier projects.

For more of Stanley's work, visit his Deviantart page here.

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    Who's the 4th picture down of?

    Seen it before as a demote but neither the artist nor character was listed, so have been looking for a while now.

      That Mai from King of fighters. They've given her short hair.

    Um. Capcom up to it's old tricks again.

    Let's all wait for Super Street Fighter 4 Mega 5th Strike Turbo Championship Edition. The fact that the super part wasn't even just a dlc add on is terrible.

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