The Control Pad Of Your Nightmares

When I need to use a control pad with my PC, I use an Xbox 360 pad. It's reliable, it's comfortable, and best of all, it's subtle. This controller? Not subtle. It couldn't even tell you what subtle meant, let alone spell it.

It's the Warrior, a USB control pad for PCs that takes a Shogunate inspiration and just runs with it, until it can't run any more, passes out and dreams of running forever.

The creepy face armour can be removed, the guy's eyes light up, the buttons are hard to see and those thumbsticks look like absolute torture.

"Warrior" Monster USB Pc Game Controller Pads for Pc/laptop-red [Amazon, via TDW]


    That's just ridiculous. Ly awesomesome!

    When did 5 yr olds start designing controllers?

    madcatz shits all over this as far as uncomfortable controllers go.

    This thing is smalltime.

    eyes should have been red though

    I think it looks ad ass. Maybe not functional, but its bad ass.

    IS it meant for Shogun 2? Who would use a controller for Shogun?

    That's the tackiest piece of shit I've ever seen. It's like those completely impractical 'memorial knives' they sell on the Bradford Exchange and other mail-order catalogues. ie fake knives covered with engraved eagles and confederate flags.

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