The Dude Who Says He Tagged Nintendo Brass

While at E3 waiting to play the new Nintendo Wii U, reader Dustin and his buddy killed time with their Nintendo 3DS handhelds. Then a nice fellow from Nintendo asked them if they wanted to fill their Pokédex with more Pocket Monsters.

"The gentleman from Nintendo opens his 3DS and replied, 'Hey I just tagged Miyamoto,'" wrote Dustin. "Me and my friend were in shock. The very thought that we could possibly tag Miyamoto's 3DS was mind blowing to us."

Dustin's friend opened his 3DS to see he had tagged Nintendo execs Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime. Dustin hadn't tagged anyone, so he hung out in the 3DS section all day, trying to tag them. He was able to get Iwata, Reggie and somebody from Nintendo named "Miah". His 3DS ran out of batteries before he could get Miyamoto—cursed 3DS battery life!

"The gentleman from Nintendo informed us that the only way to know that these Mii's are legit and are not fakes is that they wear gold pants and you cannot create a QR code for them," wrote Dustin. "Meaning you cannot share these Mii's with other people. You can give them to somebody else, but then you would lose them from your plaza."

[Thanks Dustin!]


    I would have cut myself if I managed to tag everyone but my batteries ran out before I could tag Miyamoto.

    IIRC you can hack special golden pants Miis into your Wii plaza with a bluetooth Wii Remote hack. Wouldn't bother doing it though.

    I would love some gold pants.

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