The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Has A Cloth Map, Naturally

It's not really a fantasy role-playing game unless it ships with a map, preferably cloth, charting the mystical, magical regions of such and such. Thankfully, Bethesda Softworks won't leave aficionados of the cloth map wanting with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

That is, if they pre-order. Bethesda has confirmed today that anyone who pre-orders Skyrim will "automatically receive a premium quality world map with their copy as a no-extra-cost-to-you bonus". The developer adds that the map of Skyrim is made of a "high-grade material that has a feel similar to burlap, and will be available in North America and Europe".

Those who don't pre-order the next Elder Scrolls will have to slum it with a second-class paper version of that map, a rather pedestrian way to look around the world of Skyrim. No one wants to settle for that.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ships for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 11.

Get a premium Skyrim map with your preorder [BethBlog]


    Very, VERY tempting...

      I'm waiting for the UBER-MEGA-EPIC edition to be unveiled. I want THAT one! :D

        I'm almost tempted to wait for UBER-MEGA-EPIC-COMPLETE-GOTY version. Almost.

          I would never be able to wait the 2 weeks extra for it to be declared GOTY. I'd need my Skyrim fix before then!

          OH! Just had an idea...I'll pre-order, get the cloth map and make it into something. A Skyrim map corset top. Yay!

          I'm waiting for the PC mods to fix the presumably bug ridden, unpolished mess that Bethesda are going to ship to gamers.

            Haven't you heard, Senor? Bethesda have moved on to producing shitty obvious console ports instead.

            Porting process:
            "Did you remember to replace any examples of giant multi-coloured xbox buttons with a default keyboard-bind key instead?"
            "Yup! It's really not hard to draw a square key and put a letter on it."
            "Sweet. Ship it."
            "Oh, I think I missed a couple... And, uh, weren't we going to do something about the interface, checkpoints, graphics settings, increasing textures, adding anisopteric filtering, maybe som--"
            "I dont think you heard me. I SAID... sweet. Ship it."

        My hope is that this will come with a real, life dragon.

    Why did I put a comma in there?

    Is there actually going to be an uber CE released? Or is this it?

    Looks like this is non-Australia.

    Going to wait for Special Edition, please be in stores :|

      I still don't understand, surely it can't cost them that much more to ship a piece of cloth to Australia... you'd figure the ridonkulously inflated PAL prices would cover it.

    I'd like to think that one day when games have come a bit further that you'd need 4 friends and a really large room to unfold the map.

      It comes as a special painp roller that you use to paint the map on the walls.

    It's not cloth... it's Vellum, which is kind of like hide I think.

      Actually, it's a tablet that helps me sleep

    "available in North America and Europe"

    Lookslike we have another reason to buy it online.

      No. You don't.

      Europe generally = Australia

      We get the same stuff they do

        Usually, but not 100% of the time, always make sure first.

        OK, I'll just buy online because of the 50% discount then.

    Could I have another septim or a sword letter opener?

    They should call it the "Fan Service" edition.

    Next up, bring back huge manuals. Not Falcon 4.0 ring binders necessarily, but at least something meaty.

    So by pre-ordering the STANDARD edition you can still have the cloth map? That's pretty sweet - better than an extra weapon or armour that most developers/publishers offer.

    +1 to Bethesda for a change.

    -2 to Bethesda if us Aussie's aren't eligible.

    I have a feeling aus will also get the map. I read in a maganzine which was free at the counter of game and it said pre order and get a free game map. Im not 100% positive that it will still be made of cloth but the picture it showed was the same from up the top. And lets face it. Who wants a crummy paper map to be a preorder bonus. It should always come with the game.

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