The First Game Gear Games For The Nintendo 3DS eShop

Game Gear and the Turbografx are coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. According to Nintendo, here are the first Game Gear titles, all with a (northern) "summer" release window: Columns, Dragon Crystal, Shinobi, Sonic Drift, Sonic The Hedgehog: Triple Trouble.


    In elementary school my mother bought me a Game Gear for the long bus rides to and from school. It was expensive and awesome looking and outdid the gray-brick Game Boys in every way... except games. :-P

    I remember asking if she could take it back and exchange it for a Game Boy. She could... It's a happy memory.


      I had a close cousin who had a Game Gear growing up, I was jealous of him because dayum those games looked good compared to the Game Boy.

      Then I realised there was a reason why his parents only let him play it while plugged into the car charger... People complain about the 3DS battery life but oh boy was the Game Gear a whole new ballpark.

    Australia too?

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