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Welcome to this week's edition of CheapSkate Gamer, which this week has been renamed The Hitchhiker's guide to CheapSkate gaming. Why? Find out more by clicking 'more'!

Safety is something that all humans crave. Adrenaline, on the other hand, is something a smaller group of people crave. These people will go to extreme lengths to get their fill of adrenaline, doing crazy things which include (and are not limited to) jumping out of a plane with naught but a piece of cloth strapped to your back, or skateboarding at ridiculous speeds in the vicinity of poles. Unfortunately, only a minutely small group of adrenalin seekers have been able to accomplish the feat of satisfying both their adrenalin and safety cravings at the same time. These people are called “gamers”. Sensing a market to sell some books to, publishers have created “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cheap$kate Gaming”, a brilliant guide on how to cheaply become a “gamer”. A small segment from this book has been reprinted here today for your viewing pleasure…

PC Digital Download Adam’s Venture - $5.00 Adam’s Venture 2 Solomon’s Secret - $7.98 DarkSpore - $41.99 DarkSpore 4 Pack - $125.98 Killing Floor - $9.98 Jamestown - $8.99 Tom Clancy’s End War - $4.95 Two Worlds II Castle Defence - $9.59 Vertex Dispenser - $8.99 Worldshift - $4.98

PC Retail Nail’d – approx. $35.15 Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones – approx. $5.89 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – approx. $7.42 Dragon Age Origins: Awakening – approx. $7.42 Metro 2033 – approx. $8.96 Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition – approx. $19.68 Sins of a Solar Empire: GOTY Edition – approx. $7.42 Sid Meier’s Civilization V – approx. $24.27 Prey – approx. $7.42 LEGO Universe – approx. $27.34 Forza 3 Ultimate Collection Classics – approx. $18.15 MX vs ATV: Alive – approx. $27.34 Red Dead Redemption – approx. $27.34 Just Cause 2 – approx. $15.08 Ninja Gaiden 2 – approx. $13.55 Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City – approx. $22.74 Dragon Age: Origins – approx. $15.08 Call Of Duty: World At War – approx. $19.68 Saints Row 2 (Classics) – approx. $15.08 Crackdown 2 - $13.99

PS3 LittleBigPlanet 2 – approx. $27.34 Tomb Raider Trilogy – approx. $19.68 Dead Rising 2 – approx. $19.68 MX vs ATV: Alive – approx. $27.34 Red Dead Redemption – approx. $27.34 Demon’s Souls – approx. $22.74 Skate 3 – approx. $22.74 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Platinum) – approx. $22.74 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - $43.99 LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars - $39.99

Wii Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – approx. $15.08 Bully [Scholarship Edition]– approx. $10.49 NBA Live 09 – approx. $5.89 Overlord – Dark Legend – approx. $10.49 De Blob 2: The Underground – approx. $15.08

Did I leave any deals out? If so, comment below or on Facebook, and tell us where!


    Everyone should get Demon's Souls for that price. Amazing game!

      Hell, for that price I'm tempted to buy a second copy.

        This one comes with free delivery, so works out cheaper

          never knew about that site, but thank you for informing me about it. Need to get the word around, it's great

          Zavvi has free delivery too. The difference is that Zavvi prices in GBP and Ozgameshop in AUD, meaning that sometimes one will have better pricing than the other based on the current exchange rate.

          Seriously though, Demon's Souls is definitely worth ~$23. I paid ~$28 and still think I got good value so ~$23 is a steal!

            I'm quite positive that Zavvi only has free shipping for within the UK.. australia pays a small amount (3 or 4 pounds i think)

            Both times i have bought from there i have been charged freight...

              I just bought Infamous 2 and Alice: Madness Returns from Zavvi and haven't been charged for shipping.

              They used to charge around 2 pounds to ship to Australia, but now their shipping is free.

    Umm... where's 360? lol

      Perhaps we have to purchase the full Guide to see 360.

      I think it's included in the PC section, which is all messed up. (e.g. Ninja Gaiden 2)

        Yeah, a lot seems to have been lost in the transition from email to blog post (busy day today Mark?).
        Forza 3 and the games underneath are all xbox 360 games.
        Also, jamestown isn't on sale anymore, but Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is on sale for $6.80

    'These people called "gamers".'
    Adrenaline also has the peculiar effect of degrading ones understanding of basic grammar, a phenomenon that has been mostly ignored by the scientific community, due to the fact that they don't particularly like these adrenaline seeking folks, and couldn't care less whether they make fools of themselves or not. :P

    You guys have posted dragon age origins: awakenings under pc retail twice for two separate prices

      2nd one is for 360, i think a titale was missed somehow.

      Anyway, cheers for the deals and lols lambo! :-D

    I'll add a couple too

    MvC 3

    Chortle cumsplat CE

    Duke Nukem - all editions including balls of steel

    Dawn of war 2 - complete collection

    Hunted: Demons Forge

    I might update some more later when i have some more time


      So happy its caught on! Cumsplat ftw!

        It's such an awesome title, i couldn't help but steal it shamelessly from you

    I was in Big W yesterday and saw they had specials on a few different games. Including Uncharted 1/2 for about $26 each.

    (I was spitting chips because I paid almost double that a month or two ago :P)

    What is the best price anyone has found to buy Alice: Madness returns on 360, here and/or online?
    Cheapest i have seen here is $100 at JB.

      Ozgameshop have it for $60

      ...but it's out of stock..

      ...BUT they usually get new stock fairly quickly

      Play-Asia have it for $43.55

    DNF is even cheaper again here. $38.50 for PC, $44.50 for 360 and $49.90 on PS3.

    Go on. Buy it. It isn't as bad as everyone seems to claim.

      ...well except for the horrific console loading times. But it's cheaper on PC so you have no excuse really.


      dungeon crawl is one of my favorite games retailers in the melbourne CBD.

      ...on the rare occasion i can actually get there :P

    Awesome Red Dead on my PC (Shame it never was)

    WOW cata is at harvey norman for $27.00 and Jb for $34.00

    I noticed you left out the mention of Enslaved thats been going for hella cheap on Zavvi for a while.

    I can confirm even though Zavvi says it does not ship Enslaved outside of UK in the description, I was able to order it and they despatched it a few days ago. The warning was in the description and not under the title like it usually is on Zavvi; it was probably a typo.

    Um, The price on Metro seemz wrong. It works out to almost double the quoted price, didnt bother checking any other zavvi links after that.

    Will stick with ozgameshop, been using them for ages and have had no trouble, even when entering the banned MKUltra club.

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