The iPhone, Not The 3DS, Brings These Kiddy Cards To Life

The iPhone, Not The 3DS, Brings These Kiddy Cards To Life

Bandai’s Carddas series of kiddy card games is going AR. Its newest One Piece and Kamen Rider cards are AR enabled and can be played with an iPhone.

AR is the holy shit moment for the 3DS; however, these cards apparently do not work with Nintendo’s handheld.

Here’s how it works: scanning a card causes a 3D character to appear on screen. Players can battle other characters and go on missions. The Carddas app also allows players to collect all the characters.

As website Hobby Media points out, the first series of AR Carddas cards will be out this July in Japan. Carddas are incredibly popular in Japan, selling over a hundred million cards each year.

“I tried the games and I was positively impressed,” Hobby Media‘s Frankie tells Kotaku. “It’s incredibile that Bandai didn’t publish this on Nintendo 3DS but so far there are 4.75 million iPhones in Japan and only a million 3DS…”

And remember it’s Carddas, not Carddass. Though, Carddass looks way hotter.


i card game di One Piece e Kamen Rider su iPhone in realtà aumentata [Hobby Media]

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