The Japanese Earthquake's Unexpected Impact On Pokémon

March 11's earthquake has impacted car companies and electronics makers. That's expected. But it's also had an unforeseen effect on Pocket Monsters, namely Pokémon branded noodles.

Coming in flavours like soy sauce and seafood, Pokémon Noodles feature small slices of kamaboko with characters faces on it, such as Pikachu.

The earthquake and tsunami wrecked havoc on many factories in the country's northeast. Not all factories were damaged however.

The supply of Pokémon kamaboko has been impacted by the earthquake, causing Sanyo Foods to substitute the cute kamaboko with chashu. Sanyo Foods is working as fast as it can to replenish its Pokémon kamaboko supply.

ポケモンヌードルの中身がポケモン度ゼロになる [Rocket News]

(Top photo: ダガシヤ画報)


    I wonder what those pikachu bits are supposed to taste like. And the texture :S

    This is a deeply troubling issue. My thoughts are with japan during this tough time.

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