The Man Behind Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII Jumps To Level-5?

Yasumi Matsuno, the Japanese video game creator best known for his work at Square Enix on titles like Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII and Tactics Ogre, may have a new home: Professor Layton and White Knight Chronicles developer Level-5.

Good news? Maybe. It's still not officially confirmed, but early reports stemming from the latest issue of Japan's Famitsu magazine say that Matsuno has joined Level-5 at the request of boss Akihiro Hino. Andriasang passes along reports that Matsuno may make "speedy" games, "something that his fans' nieces and nephews can enjoy" at his new employer.

Bad news? Maybe, if you were hoping for a spiritual successor (or true successor) to Vagrant Story, Square's fantastic PlayStation action-RPG. That said, Level-5 is no stranger to the grand, Japanese role-playing game, having worked on titles like Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest VIII and IX, and Ni no Kuni.

Matsuno hasn't said anything about his current or future plans on Twitter, only reminding fans that he no longer works at Square Enix.

Yasumi Matsuno Reportedly Joins Level-5 [Andriasang]


    They made galaxy quest too, that was a really nice looking game and fun combat. just a bit too much grinding.

    I want dark cloud 3 plz

    Vagrant Story being my all time favourite game I shall go where Matsuno goes!

    FFXII is the only modern final fantasy that I've ever truly liked (and finished!).

    Looks like the Square Enix ship is truly sinking.

    Good thing Matsuno got out, I love everything he's been involved with.

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