The Mana Bar Melbourne Opens This July

The Mana Bar is expanding, opening a bar in the suburb of Fitzroy in Melbourne. It's been a long time coming - the bar was originally supposed to open in December 2010, but now co-owner Guy 'Yug' Blomberg and the team have announced a final opening date for the bar - Saturday July 16.

“I can’t wait for Melbourne to experience the Mana Bar” says Mana Bar creator Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg. “It’s been a long time coming, and to finally be able to open to the public is exceptionally exciting!”

The bar is located in Fitzroy, and will be open seven days a week. Apparently patrons be able to head to The Mana Bar to go hands on with an as yet unreleased title. Stay tuned for more info at The Mana Bar's official website, or their Facebook page.


    December 2011?
    It broke street release!

    Finally! Looking forward to checking it out, it's a short drive from our place too. :D

      Don't you mean, 'It's a short ride on your fixie' :D

    Cool, def gonna have to check the place out when I'm in Melbourne in October.

    Oh man.. last i heard there was a sydney one on the horizon - will be ages before that happens now :(

      They were always planning to expand into Melbourne then Sydney. I recall reading an article about the Melbourne location being under construction late last year so I knew it was coming soon.

      I guess they figured Melbourne was lower risk than Sydney?

        Sydney is still on the cards... but right now, the focus is on opening Melbourne.

        One city at a time! Baby steps ;)

    F*** YEAH!!!!!

    Finally a reason to start going out again :P

    So, who else is game to go represent Kotaku TAY?

      Well it's a ways away but if there are any Kotaku peeps going to Armageddon Expo in October we could hit up the Mana Bar for drinks afterwards on the Saturday :P

      Does that answer your question?

      I definitely think we should have a Kotaku get together when it opens. However we'll need a way to identify ourselves, something not too cheesy.

        I'll be the guy in the gutter.


          How will people be able to see the glow in the dark condom unless you're.... oh. Oh my.

        come in cosplay

        We might talk to Serrels about having an exclusive Kotaku event maybe?

    I'm thinking we organise a Kotaku night..

    I hope for Melbournites that it'll be bigger than the shoebox the Brisbane one is...

      But then it just wouldn't be the Mana Bar.

    Mana Bar was a clever name for the chain, but I think "Sausage fest" would have been more honest.

      My girlfriend will definitely be attending whether she wants to or not so they'll be at least one girl!

        Sausage fest + one taco


    We should all wear little 'K' badges so we know who's from Kotaku. And then we can high five each other or something!

    i am super jelly. So when is the Sydney one going to happen?

      Yep. +1. I NEED this.

    Woohoo! :D

    This picture sums up exactly how I feel about this. (SFW)

    Looks like I'll grab some mates and head in when it opens

      LFG: drinkIng

    Hell, it's about time.
    *Smokes cigar*

    I hope they open one in every city... If they were to open one in Adelaide i would be up there every weekend...

    Would love one in Perth!

    I've been waiting for this, should be good. But..what's the crowd like? Does it smell like a LAN?

    I wanted to go opening night but seems everything is happening on the 16th.


    Now I can drink with other socially awkward people! :D

    I've got a lot of love for Fitzroy.

    Cocktails...Sell beer damnit?

      Just because we're a cocktail bar, doesn't mean we ONLY sell cocktails ;)

      We'll have Grolsch and Peroni on tap, a large selection of local, import, and premium beers, and a HUGE back bar full of spirits and liquors.

    Meh, the loser bar.

      Are you still in high school??

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