The New Age Of Empires Is Looking Sharp

The New Age Of Empires Is Looking Sharp

Age of Empires Online, which is a lot more enjoyable than it sounds on paper, will be out in August. Here’s a damn fine trailer to go with that announcement.

I never thought I could be sold on a war game with a trailer showing nobody being killed, and yet here we are.

AoE Online differs from previous games in the series in that rather than being linear campaign-based games, you own a persistent city-state from where you can upgrade and equip your troops and select quests.

It’s out on those quests where you engage in traditional AoE fare, mining trees and killing men in armoured skirts, etc.

The game will be out on August 16, available both online (where it’s free to play) and at retail, where your money gets you upgrades online purchasers would have had to pay for.


  • Been playing the Beta on and off for the past few weeks. It’s clearly going to be a lot of fun I just hope there will be a big enough community to keep it going past the first 6 weeks after release.

  • The update has fixed the spam-idiots, but has also brought a few new bugs, looking forward to the finished product.

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