The Oatmeal Totally Understands Angry Birds

You may hate Angry Birds. You may love Angry Birds. Most likely you either love to hate Angry Birds or you hate to love it, but one thing is for sure - The Oatmeal, which features some of the most hilarious comics around, completely understands Angry Birds.

I frickin' hated those boomerang birds.


    The description of the boomerang bird is just so apt

    The Oatmeal is one of my fav timewaster websites.
    Seeing as my iPhone 3G couldn't run Angry Birds properly (kudos to the Apple update team) I can now finally play it properly on my WP7 phone which runs it smooth as silk...

    I bloody love the Oatmeal

    Came in here with the promise of oatmeal and was let down.
    I am disappoint.

    I like the boomerang bird. For me /that's/ the one that makes me feel like there's strategy involved rather than simply flinging birds willy nilly.

      I barely even use it for its boomerang tbh. Just normally it's stronger than most of the other birds anyway.

    The egg bird is way underrated. It's the only bird that can hit twice.

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