The Old Republic's E3 Trailer Is Quite A To-Do List

The official E3 features trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic went out yesterday, courtesy of GameSpot, and it breaks down what the MMO will deliver when it launches later this year.

Personal starships, space combat, sidekicks, and a galactic trade network all ride alongside MMO standards like PvP arenas and good ol' raids. GameSpot went into greater detail about the game with some of BioWare's Old Republic production. See the link.

E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Exclusive Details on Raiding, Tatooine, Mounts and More [GameSpot]


    "Lay down your weapons!"
    "Better idea, you lie down and die!"


    Learn to write, Bioware.

      They used to be able to write better than anyone else in game development..

      I don't know what has happened to them in the last 3 years but it is BAD.

        not sure if we can judge from a few lines of script... but you'd hope they wouldn't choose their worst for a features trailer lol

          I think we can probably agree that this is exactly the kind of writing that best appeals to the mindless MMO drone.

      But really, Star Wars has always had really daggy writing.

        The Star Wars games have better writing than the Star Wars movies, so it's to be expected.

        "I don't like sand. It's course, rough and irritating! And it gets in everything."

    Twi'lek companion sounds exactly like Natalie Portman in that clip.

    Yay TOR =D

    Is anyone else noticing how comic/cartoon this looks? I mean I know it's an MMO and as a result won't be Crysis grade graphics - but the style....


      Because Star Wars is known for being really realistic with a sepia / monotone colour scheme? I mean they shoot and slash colours, what were you expecting?

      That was my overwhelming thought as well. Character models look very cartoony and almost cell shaded. I don't mind these in games were it suits but I think it just gives this game an immature feel.

      Graphics aren't really a big deal for me but I was hoping that this was going to be a more adult and 'realistic' (as realistic as sci fi can get) MMO. Something a little dirtier and grittier to match the stories and storytelling.

        MMO graphics are never the top-of-the-line, because we're talking 10,000+ players per server, a fully-realised world with minimised loading screens.

        Everything has to be rather low tech if the game is to run smoothly. Despite how manky WoW looks, 25-40 player raids brought my computer to its knees.

        It's also necessary to future-proof the graphics as mentioned earlier. A rather cartoony style is somewhat timeless and can mask technical limitations at the time. Eg. Zelda Wind Waker has aged better than Twilight Princess.

      It's to allow the graphics to not look shite.

      you do a realistic world, and in 5 years time you look out of touch. granted graphics aren't moving as fast as they once did, and generally look nicer.

      but it's the same style WoW had and TOR is matching it.

      Also allows for less fine detail in character/enviroments. Which is sometimes a bonus if they want to replicate larger locations

        And... it kind of looks like the KotOR games that it's based off of.

      On the OR/Bioware website they have little videos they've been uploading on the progress of the game and all that hoo-ha. They made the conscience decision to make it "cartoony" because they wanted to move away from where a lot of games are going at the moment which is as life-like as possible. I respect the decision. Don't like it, but respect where they're coming from

    Every trailer that Bioware brings out gets me more and more excited for this game.

    The great thing is that as more details are being unveiled, the more this game is looking like a MMO lovechild of Dragon Age Origins and the first Mass Effect.

    God help my social life...

    The idea of a single player MMORPG appeals to me like crazy.

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